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DrySpec™ D28 Dual-End motorcycle dry bag & D38 Rigid motorcycle dry bag by Twisted Throttle

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Smart, Adaptable, and Super Durable

Whether commuting or trekking cross country, it is imperative that you keep your cargo dry. Dry bags have been used by adventure riders for many years, but dry bag technology hasn't kept up with the demands of serious motorcycle riders...until now.

DrySpec™ D28 and D38 dry bags

Inspired by military tactical gear, DrySpec™ dry bags are the toughest and most versatile dry bags on the market. DrySpec dry bags come in two configurations; the D28 “Dual-end” dry bag and the D38 “Rigid” dry bag. Save some money by buying both bags at the same time with the D66 Dry bag Modular Packing System.

DrySpec™ D38 waterproof motorcycle dry bag by Twisted Throttle

DrySpec™ D28 waterproof motorcycle dry bag by Twisted Throttle

DrySpec™ D38 waterproof motorcycle dry bag by Twisted Throttle

What makes the DrySpec™ D38 motorcycle dry bag better than other dry bags on the market?

Unlike other dry bags, the D38 features a rigid core, which means that the bag functions more like a topcase than a traditional dry bag. You can mount the D38 onto any motorcycle whether it has a rear rack or not. The D38 can be mounted even when the bag is completely empty. Try that with a traditional dry bag.

The rigid construction, in conjunction with the unique Slip-Lock Strap mounting system, allows access without loosening straps or removing the bag from the bike. The D38 slip lock strap system consists of four straps that feature a soft tie on one end for attachment to the motorcycle and a slip lock buckle on the other end that attaches to the sides of the bag. Cinch the straps and you’re off.

Another nice feature of the DrySpec™ D38 is the Contour Roll Top Seal that rolls down to a fixed point with no excess material from the end of the roll. This ensures a clean look and a perfect waterproof seal.

Included is a 4-in-1 Utility Strap that acts as a compression strap to help compact your contents, a cargo strap to affix additional gear on top, a carrying handle, and a shoulder strap. When not being used, toss the Utility Strap inside the bag.

The D38 is designed to accept the D28 Dual-End dry bag to create a modular unit capable of carrying up to 66 liters of gear. Perfect for those longer trips, all without the need for top or sideracks.

DrySpec™ D38 Features:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Measures 13"wide x 9"tall x 22"long
  • 38 Liter capacity
  • 18oz vinyl
  • Coated Cordura
  • Retro-reflective logo
  • Infinitely useful daisy chain tie-down strips

DrySpec™ D28 waterproof motorcycle dry bag by Twisted Throttle

Traditional dry bags have a single access opening, which makes it difficult to get to all of your stuff. The D28 features a Dual-End roll top design that allows access to contents without detaching the bag from the motorcycle. Select which end you want to open and then simply release the two clips that secure the rolled end. Unroll the bag and reach in to get what you need. Either end is accessible. No need to loosen the mounting straps. Just unclip, unroll, grab, reroll, secure the clips, and go.

A 4-point Quick Connect Soft Tie Strap System is used to attach the bag to the motorcycle and allows quick and easy mounting and removal. The D28 can be used on any motorcycle whether it has a luggage rack or not. You can mount the D28 parallel to the direction of travel or perpendicular across the passenger seat or on a rear rack. You can also mount the D28 on top of existing side cases or atop the D38 Rigid dry bag . Whatever way you choose, the result is a clean, low profile look.

DrySpec™ D28 Features:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • 9" wide x 9" tall x 22"long (average packed dimension)
  • 28-30 Liter capacity
  • 18oz vinyl
  • Retro-reflective logo
  • Infinitely useful daisy chain tie-down strips

DrySpec™ D66 Dual-End waterproof motorcycle dry bag Modular Packing System

Save $20.00 when you purchase the D28 and D38 together as the D66 Dry bag System! The DrySpec™ D66 Dry bag Modular Packing System by Twisted Throttle combines the D38 and D28 dry bags together for 66 liters of waterproof storage.

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