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GIVI E370 -Topcase mounted on a 2006 Vespa GTS

Posted on Jpm5000000pmTue, 02 May 2006 14:11:05 +000006 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

Here we have pictures and a brief review of an eye catching bright red Vespa GTS with a GIVI E370 topcase.
These photos were provided by Jim Watson who recently purchased a GIVI E370 topcase from us in beautiful Ducati Red (color code R300) and mounted it to his 2006 Vespa GTS.
April 27, 2006

Here ya go...

I provided captions for each file so that they're pretty self-explanatory. I didn't figure you needed all the gory details of splicing into the harness, etc., so I didn't include those.

The E370 is a new case that they came out with this year. The E370 seemed to be a good compromise on size and capacity. I think it "fits" the bike really well. The case will hold two Vespa 3/4 helmets, 1 full face helmet, or two to three bags of groceries. Also, the softsided briefcase I carry my laptop in also fits without problem, so it's cleaned up my commute as well.

The E370 is a Givi Monolock case that is detachable. If you notice on the rear of the case, there are two red buttons separated by a lock. Without the key in the lock, you can't open the case or remove it from the scoot.

Insert the key and give it a quarter turn and you use the top button to open the case or the bottom one to remove it. (It just snaps right onto an adapter plate that stays attached to the luggage rack.) They have a very slick wiring harness that allows the case to detach without having to mess with cable connectors.

Thanks for the great service,
Jim Watson

This is the bottom view, rearview, and top view of the adapter with the mounting brackets.

This is what the finished adapter looks like.

A couple of snapshots of the brakelight wiring in the upper and lower parts of the case.

Jim added reflective tape under the lenses. Notice the effect this has on the topcase when coupled with the brakelight kit. It looks pretty visible to other people on the road!!

Check out the finished product. This topcase looks excellent on this Vespa GTS.

Many thanks to Jim from the team at Twisted Throttle!! We encourage everyone to submit any photos and stories about products purchased from TwistedThrottle.com!!!

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