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Honda CBR600F4i (2005) with SW-MOTECH sidecarriers, Five-Star topcarrier, & Givi cases

Posted on Jam9000000amSat, 15 Sep 2007 00:22:35 +000007 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

Here we have an article on installing luggage on a Honda CBR600F4i.
Michael Mims originally added SW-MOTECH sidecarriers and Givi E41 sidecases to his bike. SW-MOTECH and Givi do not offer a topcase carrier that's compatible with the SW-MOTECH detachable sidecarriers, so Michael modified a Five-Star topcarrier to allow the addition of a Givi topcase to his bike. Here's how!

"I just received the SW-MOTECH siderack and GIVI bags from you and mounted them up. Here are some photos that you can use if you like. I also adapted a Five-Stars rear rack to work with the SW-MOTECH mounts. Now I have a 3-case Givi setup on my 2005 CBR600F4i!

Basically what I did was make four additional spacers like the ones included with the SW-MOTECH side case mounts for the upper mount that goes on the rear hand rail. I used them under the
Five-Star rear rack to get it spaced up the proper amount.

Then I used the SW-MOTECH spacers on top of the Five-Star rear rack to mount the SW-MOTECH bracket. I had to use a UNI bit to drill a large hole in the top tubing of the Five-Star rack so the Quick-Lock fastener can twist into the bracket and then down into the tube on the Five-Star rear rack.

As far as the integrity of the tubing on the Five-Star rack it still seems very strong (even with the hole in
it) because of the additional tube that Five-Star welds along the bottom of the main tube. I will take one side apart and take a few photos and send them to you.

They may help understand what I did. It was pretty simple really but did involve a little time in the garage."

-Michael Mims, May 12, 2007

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