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Honda XR650L - Twisted Throttle and Honda Canada Dakar Rally Rider Patrick Trahan Team up.

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Honda Canada Dakar Rally Rider Patrick Trahan plans to circumnavigate Africa for the Kids.

Twisted Throttle has come on board to fabricate a slew of custom components to outfit Patrick's 2011 Honda XR650L for the roads and lack of roads in Africa. This dangerous effort is being undertaken as a charity run to support the Children's Wish Foundation. Watch as Twisted Throttle builds in a series of mini episodes chronicling the design and build process to transform this bike into a robust desert rider.

Blog Entry: Patrick Trahan - Ride Africa for Wishes. (April 25)
Tragic Stop

First of all i want to thank everybody for their kind word, it gave strength to go over the pain an sorrow about the end of the adventure!! i am writing you from my bed in hospital waiting for an emergency transfer to south Africa! the conclusion is 12 fracture. a new record for me ) i have a dislocated elbow with 3 fractures, 4 fracture in my upper arm, 2 finger broken, a major fracture of the femur and 3 small fracture of my ankle… all on the left side.That is the result of hitting a pick-up head on at 120kmh. But I think I have a guardian angel, because I hit and broke the windshield and the force of the impact was so hard that I lost one of my boots that flew over the bridge and in the bottom of the river with the crocodile! I was riding on the highway and just before a bridge, I did not see a pick-up coming in the opposite direction of he highway!!Ii did not even stop it was so sudden. I did not expect that…I will be emergency e vac to Johannesburg to be operated there, because I cannot have a long flight, too risky.the have to fix the femur asap because their risk of complications, a doctor will be on board of the special air ambulance So the dream stops here and i am sorry for all of you who supported me and were counting on me to finish the tour. but I will get back on the bike and finish it.. but do believe in dreams and i will continue the fund raising when I am at home. and

even if all doesn't go according to plan… do not stop dreaming

Blog Entry: Patrick Trahan - Ride Africa for Wishes. (April 24)
Really bad news ...

He Was riding in Nigeria and Had a very bad crash. We Received a call very early this morning from Patrick.A truck Decided to travel the wrong way in Patrick's lane, and There Was A head-on crash. Patrick's femur is broken in multiple places, has a broken arm, and Aisha (the bike) IS Destroyed. The Impact was so hard that one of Patrick's riding boots cam flying off and went Into the adjacent river.

Requiring immediate attention to the badly broken, He has-been in touch With The Canadian Embassy and They Are Trying to get him back home to Montreal for medical attention. He Is stable in a local Nigerian clinic.All of this Said, The Dream Is Over. We'll know more in coming days and weeks.

More to come.


Twisted Throttle would like to say Thank You for following Patrick's travels and ask that you consider donating to his cause. If he cannot finish the journey physically maybe we can help him to finish it financially.

Current Update: Patrick is now In Africa! Log onto Ride Africa 4 Wishes. and follow Patrick around the African continent. A GPS tracker will be updated every 30 minutes so you can see his progress, and he will update a blog every night for your reading pleasure.

This is going to be an amazing trip, an adventure full of highs and lows and everything in between. So

make sure you keep Patrick in your thoughts and prayers everyone!

Current Update: Scruffy Films present "The Mission" featuring Patrick Trahan.

Current Update: Completed Honda XR650L: The Honda XR650L Desert Destroyer is complete! The build team here at Twisted Throttle worked hard to get the build done and it looks great.

Look for Patrick to be taking off for Africa in March. Keep checking Patrick's project website for updates and details about the trip - www.rideafrica4wishes.com for more info.

Episode 6: Completed Honda XR650L

Current Update: OH NO!!! Here is a message we received from Patrick after his unfortunate automotive incident. Don't worry Patrick, that will buff right out! (here is what he said)

Hi Guys,

After the border crossing, which went very well, I kind lost a wheel at 70mph...

yup, first test for the bike... Did not move an inch!! So Saturday night, I took

the last money I had and a little help from a credit card and bought another Piece of crap

truck and I am back in business....

The first thing in my mind when the truck touched the ground was ... s#!t the bike!!! But everything is fine...

Thanks again for all your work!

Patrick Trahan

Don't worry folks, the bike is just fine and so is the truck. Well maybe not the truck but that's neither here nor there. What matters is that Patrick and the XR are ok. and they are!

Sorry for your loss Patrick.


Current Update: Derek and Nate are putting together the final design and fabrication features on Patrick's Bike. Check out the video to see what's going on!

Episode 5: Charging System and Navigation

Current Update: On the Road Again: We have to halt fabrication for a while to produce the final components and allow Patrick to promote his ride. It is for the kids don't forget! You can see the bike and Patrick in person at the Honda Canada booth during the Toronto Motorcycle show taking place December 10-12. Bring Patrick a Red Bull and you will have a friend for life.

Episode 4: That's a wrap! (for now)

Episode 3: Sidecase Racks

Episode 2: Topcase Rack Design & Fab.

Episode 1: Introduction.


check that weld!

Welding up a top plate.

Really sweet grind.

Bend that bar!

Leaving the design lab.

Top and side racks fabricated and ready for production.

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