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How to install Barkbusters Storm plastics on a full-wrap aluminum handguard backbone

Posted on Jpm8000000pmWed, 12 Aug 2009 19:42:39 +000009 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

Here we have an article about installing Barkbuster handguard protection.

Barkbusters Storm Handguards on Full-Wrap Aluminum Backbone

Here's how to safely mount the plastics with the hardware provided by Barkbusters.


1x Storm plasticTo mount a Storm plastic shield, you'll need the following hardware as shown above:

  • 1 x aluminum backbone
  • 1 x plastic 'U'-clip
  • 2 x silver buttonhead screws for 'U'-clip
  • 1 x black lenshead screw for front of guard

Barkbusters Storm Handguards on Full-Wrap Aluminum Backbone. Correct position for 'U'-clip shown.

Step 1: Place aluminum backbone into groove on inside of Storm plastic so that it fits snugly. Install one plastic 'U'-clip on curved/bar-end side of Storm plastic as shown above. Do not fully tighten screws yet. NOTE: You will NOT use the two mounting holes on the straight portion of the guard (bottom left in the above picture). These holes are provided for single-sided mounting of Storm plastics on tubular handlebars.

Barkbusters Storm Handguards on Full-Wrap Aluminum Backbone

Step 2: Turn guards over and line up hole in Storm plastic with hole drilled into the aluminum backbone as shown above. Install black lenshead screw and fully tighten.

Barkbusters Storm Handguards

Step 3: Finally, flip guard back over to tighten the screws holding the 'U'-clip in place.

Step 4: GO RIDE!

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