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Installing the GIVI Z228 key unification kit for 3 cases

Posted on Jam12000000amSun, 29 Dec 2002 01:32:00 +000002 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

Here we have an installation article for the Givi 3 Case Lock set.
  1. First, open the Givi case and look at the bottom of the lock cylinder. Note how the key is oriented and how the locking tab is positioned. Making a sketch is helpful, because it is important that you reassemble it the same way.
  2. Remove the old lock cylinder by removing the small circlip ("C" shaped clip) that is on the small square end of the lock cylinder. Using a small screwdriver or scribe (pick) is helpful. Be careful because it's easy to apply too much pressure and send the circlip flying across the room.
  3. The lock cylinder core will now fall out. Typically, you can reuse the outer cylinder shell and the circlip (if it didn't get lost when it flew across the room), even though new ones may be provided with your new lock set.
  4. Replace the new lock set and the old locking tab in the same position as the old unit. Use the sketch you made in step #1. If you didn't make a sketch, put it back together as best you remember and hope it works (it's easy to reassemble later). Use a small screwdriver to slide the circlip (gently!) back into place while holding the cylinder core and locking tab in position. This is all tough to do with big meaty fingers, so you may want to enlist the help of a lovely assistant with small, diminutive hands and steady nerves.
  5. Once it's all together, test the lock to make sure it works by closing the case, locking and unlocking it, and actuating the red case release button. Don't force anything! You could break the lock. If it doesn't feel right, disassemble it, study your sketch (don't you wish you'd made one?) and try it again. It is possible to assemble the lock in several wrong configurations, however, the case will not close properly if you do so.
  6. Repeat for remaining cases. Save all your spare parts in case you need them for replacements one day. Now go ride!

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