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Kawasaki Concours GTR1400 (2008) with Coocase S48 Base Plate Installation

Posted on Jpm4000000pmWed, 01 Apr 2009 23:43:00 +000009 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

Here is an article on fitting the universal plate included with Coocase S48 Astra to the Kawasaki Concours 1400.
The following was provided by Gary Tidwell. Thanks Gary!!

"1. Place the 4 screws and diamond –looking washing in the locations on the Coocase attachment plate as shown in the picture. These will be the four areas toward the back of the attachment plate. Set the Coocase attachment plate on top of the Concours rack so that the screws fall into the holes in the Concours rack with approximately 31/2 inches of the Coocase rack protruding off the back of the Concours rack. Position the Coocase attachment plate where you want it, you have a inch or so of adjustment and tighten the screws. HINT: Remove the to screws at the back of the coocase plate (back of bike) but leave the washers in place so you know where the screws go . Move the plate toward the back of the bike until the two screws in the middle of the plate are accessible, place the washers and nuts and start to tighten but leave them loose enough to move the plate into the correct location. Put the back two screws through the plates and place the washers and screws and slightly tighten the screws.

Coocase S48 Base Plate Installation on Kawasaki Concours GTR1400, '08-

2. Make sure the plate is centered and in the position you desire then tighten the four screws.

3. To add an additional screw, place the oblong washer in the hole at the front of the plate (toward the front of the bike) drill a 7mm hole through the washer and opening of the Coocase plate through the Concours rack. Place a screw through this opening and place a washer and nut and tighten.

4. Place the cover of the Coocase plate on the plate and attach the Coocase trunk. Check to ensure everything is attached properly and will not come off.

5. To hook up the brake light on the Coocase, remove the seat, tool box (4 screws) and the Control unit. Look toward the rear and you will see the wire coming from the taillight. Follow this wire to the connector. Connect the yellow wire to the blue wire and connect the black wire to ground and the red wire to a always on power source."

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