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Kawasaki Versys with SW-Motech Trax Alu-Boxes and Stebel Air Horn

Posted on Jam11000000amFri, 07 Nov 2008 02:49:05 +000008 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

Here we have an article showing some great touring accessories for all you Kawasaki Versys riders out there.

Greg Payne's new Kawasaki Versys fully outfitted with SW-Motech Quick-Lock Sideracks, black powder-coated 37-liter Trax Alu-Boxes, and Stebel air horn!


We recently received these photos of a brand new Kawasaki Versys decked out in Twisted Throttle gear, and we were blown away by how well the Trax boxes from SW-Motech work on this bike. The black powder-coating on these cases, which is applied both inside and outside of the case, not only protects the cases, but also provides a sleek alternative to raw aluminum.


Kawasaki Versys with SW-Motech Trax Alu-Boxes

The Trax boxes attach to the SW-Motech Quick-Lock Sideracks for the Versys, so the whole luggage system is removable from the bike. These racks are designed to keep the cases as close to the centerline of the bike as possible, while still allowing basic clearance for things like exhaust cans.


Kawasaki Versys with SW-Motech Trax Alu-Boxes: rear view

This rear view shows that the 37 liter cans, while providing ample storage space, are only 9 inches wide, which makes for a relatively slim profile for all you lane-splitters out there.


Kawasaki Versys with SW-Motech 37 liter Trax Alu-Boxes


Kawasaki Versys with Stebel Air Horn

Here's a nice way to install one of our coolest safety items, the 139db Stebel Air Horn.

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