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Kawasaki W650 Five Star Rack and Givi Luggage Equipped

Posted on Jpm7000000pmFri, 07 Jul 2006 18:08:58 +000006 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

Here we have detailed description for adding luggage to the Kawasaki W650.
Raymond purchased and mounted the Givi Monokey topcase hardware, Five Stars rear luggage carrier, and Five Stars sideracks for use with GIVI E21 side cases.

Here is what he had to say about his installation process...

> For simultaneous use of the Five Stars side racks with Five Stars toprack, the toprack must be installed first. The toprack will not fit over the siderack brackets at the mount location near the rear of the seat. Also, for dual rack installation the round washer that originally caps the side of the shock absorber mount must be eliminated to provide enough threads to secure the mounting nut against the brackets at the shock mount.

Mounting the toprack moves the siderack brackets
further apart. The rear bracket is then about 1/2 inch short on each end where the connections should be made to the siderack brackets.
The rear bracket license plate carrier mounting holes do not conform to the USA model. Rather than bend the rear bracket, (which will stress the chrome finish), and drill the bike's license plate carrier bracket (an abuse that diminishes the collectable value of this rare bike), some simple fabrication can be implemented to adapt the rear bracket.

Spacers should be implemented to span the distance between the side rack brackets and the rear bracket. Even a stack of stainless steel washers would be more suitable than bending the bracket. An intermediate plate should also be fabricated to attach the rear bracket to the license plate carrier. It isn't any more difficult to drill 4 holes in a small plate and relocate the bolt pattern, than to drill more holes in the license plate bracket. Preserving the integrity of the original license plate bracket is the right thing to do.

Lastly here are a few comments about whether attaching the rear bracket to the license plate carrier is suitable for your bike at all. Most of us 2000 Kawasaki W650 owners know the original rear fenders were constructed without adequate bracing along the edge of the fender. This manufacturing defect caused the fender to crack on both sides where the bracing ended. The new replacement fenders are manufactured to correct this problem. If your bike has the original fender and it hasn't cracked yet, attaching the rear bracket will transfer weight, stress and vibration from the cases to the fender. If the smaller E21 cases are being mounted, it may be more suitable not to use the rear bracket at all. With E21 cases I experienced no vibration, stability, or support issues when operating without the rear bracket installed. However I installed a new replacement fender at the time of the racking installation and
consequently have decided to use the rear bracket. Incidentally the installation is much easier with the rear fender removed. (And by the
way, there are quick disconnects for the wiring under the license plate bracket).

All in all these Five Stars sideracks are the nicest finds for my W650. The GIVI E21 side cases silver finish is a perfect complement to the tank paint. I am planning to add a GIVI V46 topcase to finish out the setup.

I live on my bike 365 days per year here in Phoenix, AZ so I'm happy to finally have my lockable luggage needs satisfied. And oh yeah! The racking installation does not have to be done with a solo seat! It works perfect with my Corbin Gunfighter and a Lady seat, complete with backrest and optional rear glove compartment. Hope this information is helpful to others. Later, Raymond

Many many thanks to Raymond for his story! This is excellent information! As always, we encourage our customers to send us photos and instructions about the products they purchase from Twisted Throttle, Ltd!!!!

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