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SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock Siderack Basics

Posted on Jam1000000amMon, 06 Jan 2003 01:21:48 +000003 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

The SW-MOTECH "Quick-Lock" sideracks are unique in that the racks themselves can be quickly removed from the bike without special tools in only a few seconds. Here we have a tutorial.

Karel Vanek's '02 VFR800 with Motech Quick-Lock sideracks and Givi E41 Keyless sidecases.
The Quick-Lock racks are SW-MOTECH's answer to the frequent demand from riders who want functional, secure hard luggage cases but who do not want bulky, unsightly luggage racks and hardware cluttering up the look of their motorcycle when the cases are not mounted. Compact, discreet, and sturdy, the Quick-Lock racks are the perfect answer for the rider who values form as much as function.

Whatever your needs, the SW-MOTECH racks provide an excellent solution. Leave the cases and racks on for weekday commuting, and then take it all off for weekend sport blitzing. Or just the opposite -- leave the racks and cases off during the week (perhaps using the ALU-Rack toprack instead), and mount the racks and cases for a weekend trip to your favorite adventure destination.

Motech Quick-Lock sideracks (Suzuki Bandit model shown) remove in only seconds thanks to special quick-release fasteners. Note relocated turn indicators.
The racks are constructed of high-quality steel with a rugged black enamel finish. The welds, hardware, and fittings show the quality and design features that you would expect from German precision engineering and construction -- think Mercedes, BMW, or Heckler & Koch.

The SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock racks are custom fitted for each particular model of bike supported. These are quite different than the Five Star or Givi racks. The SW-MOTECH racks have a very adaptable design that allows them to carry just about any kind of luggage case made.

The Motech Quick-Lock sideracks (DL1000 V-Strom model shown) release in seconds, leaving only discreet mounting tabs. (Discontinued Quick-Lock Sidecarrier shown)
The SW-MOTECH racks are ideal for the occasional weekend tourer who desires a "stealth" look during the week. We also offer accessories for the Quick-Lock racks to help deter theft -- including keyed locking fasteners which lock the racks to the bike (without sacrificing convenience), and Torx-head bolts to secure the upper Givi mounting lug.

The flat metal construction of the Motech Quick-Lock racks presents the narrowest possible profile, as shown on this VFR800.

The Quick-Lock sideracks typically require relocation of the stock turn indicators using brackets included with the kit. Typically, there is enough slack in the stock wiring that splicing is not necessary, but if so, wiring material is included.

The remainder of the installation is typically straightforward, consisting of fitting the mounting tabs and the quick-lock fasteners to the rack braces. No welding or cutting of the frame or body components is required. Most installations work best with the stock OEM fender assembly, as most applications use the rear fender to support the rear cross-brace. In light of this, "fender eliminator" type modifications may not be compatible with the Quick-Lock siderack kits.

A typical SW-MOTECH ALU-Rack toprack (pictured without the a detachable top-plate). Alu-Racks can be used with or without SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock sideracks.
The SW-MOTECH "ALU-Rack" aluminum toprack design nicely complements the Quick-Lock sideracks. The ALU-Rack consists of a shaped piece of thick aluminum that bolts to the bike (typically using the passenger grab handles or mounts). On some models, the ALU-Rack fits over the existing passenger grab handles, and on others, it replaces them. The ALU-Rack is the only type of toprack that is certified for use with the SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock sideracks. The toprack can be used as-is to bungee items to, or it can be fitted with a hard luggage topcase.

Quick-release Givi top-plate for the SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack toprack.
A Givi topcase can be fitted to this rack using a special mounting plate (available separately), which also has the unique quick-release design that allows it to be quickly removed from the ALU-Rack. The ALU-Rack is available for selected models -- see the product listing for more details.

We would recommend either the Givi E45, E460, V46, or E52 topcase for use with the Givi adapter plate and the SW-MOTECH ALU-Rack.

The SW-MOTECH top-plate releases from the Alu-Rack toprack in seconds thanks to special quick-release fasteners. Discontinued style of plate shown.

The flat metal construction of the Motech Quick-Lock racks presents the narrowest possible profile, as shown on this VFR800.

The secret to the Motech Quick-Lock sideracks -- the quick-lock fasterner, which latches securely with a quarter-turn. Older hex-style head shown.

The Givi/Kappa Monokey luggage case fitting hardware for SW-Motech Quick-Lock sideracks.

A typical Motech Quick-Lock siderack dismounted.

The Motech keyed lock (left) is available seperately for theft-prevention. The red key (right) locks the Givi case both closed and to the rack.

Removing the Motech Quick-Lock racks from an SV650 is a snap using only a coin!

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