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SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock sideracks and GIVI E36 sidecases on the KTM LC4 Adventure

Posted on Jpm3000000pmWed, 12 Mar 2003 22:20:42 +000003 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

Here we have a review of the SW-Motoech Sideracks For the KTM LC4.

Glen Smith on his 2002 KTM LC4 640 Adventure. Of all the bikes he has had or ridden, he says this one is the most fun.
The SW-MOTECH rack(s) are high quality hardware. The installation on my KTM was basically a no brainer once I figured out the pictographic instructions. Plain language instructions (what little there was) were in German and English. I was able to follow the directions with one exception. The bracket that mounts to the rear fender uses the existing license plate holes. Well, on the Adventure, the license plate holes are not there. So, after I mounted all the other brackets, I simply attached the racks and it was easy to scribe where the new holes needed to be. Quick work with the drill and viola! Proper mounting holes. Of course that kinda messed up the existing license plate mount, so I had to drill a couple holes in my license plate too.

SW-Motech rack and GiVi E36 cases - rear view.
The next surprise was finding out about the “Quick-Locks”. These nifty devices allow you to mount and unmount the racks with just a few twists of a flat head screwdriver. I can have both racks off the bike in less than a minute. Luckily, no thieves have figured this out. If you get the Quick-Locks, defiantly get the locks for them as well. This is an excellent set up for me since the Adventure is a true on and off-road bike. When I’m commuting or sightseeing, the racks and cases are on. If I decide to hit the trials, the cases and racks are off in record time. The permanent mounting brackets are fairly stealthy and haven’t gotten in my way yet.

SW-Motech rack only - left side.
Along with the racks came hardware that allows mounting of GiVi Monokey cases. Since there are various different holes on the mounting plate, I’m assuming there are a number of different mounting kits available. Again, high quality bits and easy to attach.

There lies the rub in all of this. At least on my bike, neither the racks nor the cases are very theft proof. Simply due to the fact that the mounting hardware is standard hex head and metric bolts, a planned theft would only take a few minutes.
Bolts that hold locking point. Very easy access!!
I’m especially dismayed that the wedge used to lock the GiVi cases onto the mounting plate is simply bolted to the rack with two conventional bolts. I would have expected “tamper proof” torx bolts at a minimum. Even the studs that the base of the case attaches to are standard nuts. So really, all someone would need is a pair of pliers to take your cases and pry them open at a later time. Needless to say, I’ll be hunting down some of those tamper proof torx bolts real soon.

Since I’ve had GiVi cases and racks in the past, I’m not surprised at the quality of the E36 cases. I’m dismayed that even though the picture in the owners’ manual shows two full-face helmets in a E36, I can just get one full face Aria in after removing the document holder. They must have used XS helmets for that picture!

SW-Motech rack only - rear view.
Overall I’d rate the SW-MOTECH racks 8 out of 10. Some additional theft/tamper proofing in regards to the mounting bolts (especially for the case mounting points) would bump my rating up to a 9½ .

SW-Motech rack and GiVi E36 cases - right side.

SW-Motech rack and GiVi E36 cases - left side.

SW-Motech rack removed - full bike - left side.

SW-Motech rack removed - full bike - right side.

SW-Motech rack only - right side.

Rubber bushing on left case doesn't make contact with case - other 3 do though.

Rubber bushing on right case doesn't make contact with case - other 3 do though.

SW-Motech rack removed - right side.

SW-Motech rack removed - left side.

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