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The Twisted Throttle Difference

Posted on Jam3000000amWed, 28 Mar 2012 00:03:07 +000012 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

 Riding should be fun. Installation should be painless. Gear should do what sellers claim.

Seal of Approval

Installing our products is easy.
Unless we say so in the installation instructions, we guarantee you won’t need to:

  • guess which item will fit your bike;
  • cut, weld, bend, drill, or grind parts of our kit or original parts of your motorcycle;
  • crimp, solder, tap or otherwise hack any wiring; or
  • take a trip to the hardware store to get something you need that we left out of the kit.

If you have any problems with an installation, call our gear experts at 855-255-5550 and we will walk you through the process and share any tricks we've learned to make the process easier.

Likewise, we stand behind the claims we make on our gear.

Marketing Manager, Adam tests just how waterproof Erik's Macna motorcycle gear is. (Lucky for Adam that Macna gear is TOTALLY waterproof)

Every item in our website has been tested by a member of the Twisted Crew, often for months or years of personal riding time. If we say it’s waterproof, we know it because someone in our office probably rode 300 miles in a hurricane just to make sure. If we say it’ll handle 30 amps of power, it’s because Dereck loaded it up with more and more widgets until he blew the fuse. If we say a crashbar will handle a crash, it’s because Matt played crash test dummy in the Alps with his boss’s Versys and we caught it all on film.

We don’t carry everything from every manufacturer, but if it’s on our website:

  • It fits
  • It works
  • It does what we say it will.

End of story.

Items you buy from us might not be the cheapest on the planet, but they’ll probably be the last ones you ever need to buy for your motorcycle.

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