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Original Mini Foot Pump Tire Inflator by MiniFootPump - case of 50 pieces


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Wholesale Special: Case Quantities of 50 Mini Foot Pumps! Weighing half as much as the AirRevolution, the Original MiniFootPump is our choice for bicycle tires, soccer balls, and other home uses. The retail price of this foot pump is $16.99. The unit cost for each of the 50 pumps in this quantity is $6.80. "Happy Pumpin!"

Shortcuts to the good stuff:

Why use a foot pump instead of an electric pump?
  • No electrical cord = faster, easier setup and use
  • Our foot pump is lighter and smaller than most compact 12-volt electrical pumps
  • Foot pumps have fewer moving parts so there's less that can wear out or malfunction

The MiniFootPump has a black nylon base with rubber footing which holds an aluminum cylinder construction, with a standard o-ring equipped piston (stabilizing bypass design).

Looking for a heavier duty, faster foot pump for powersports applications or mountain bike air suspensions? Check out the AirRevolution MiniFootPump!

  • 0 - 140 PSI gauge
  • Foot stand locks pump into compressed position, ensuring the smallest footprint possible - only 5.75” tall x 3.5” wide x 2-5/8” deep!
  • Only 9 oz in weight!

In our tests, it took Matt about two minutes to pump up a motorcycle tire to 30-36 PSI from 0 PSI (e.g., a flat tire you've just repaired).

Available options: (sold separately)
  • 0 - 70 PSI replacement gauge (ideal for powersports use)
  • lossless valve replacement hose (ideal for use with motorcycles with disc brakes)

  • Original MiniFootPump
  • Nylon storage bag with 3 velcro straps (allows attachment to most bicycle frames)
  • 3 additional adapters, including a steel needle valve for shocks and balls, a brass Presta adapter and a plastic needle valve for air mattresses

Pump Comparison - electric vs. foot-powered

We wanted to show just how awesome our MiniFootPumps are, so we decided to run a comparison between the Original MiniFootPump, the AirRevolution, the 12V Slime Power Sports Tire Inflator and the 12V Cycle Pump.

Size Comparison:

Pump Weight (lbs) Height (in) Length (in) Width (in) Packed Size (in3)
Cycle Pump 12-volt Tire Inflator 2.30 10.25 5.50 2.25 126.84
Slime Power Sports 12-volt Tire Inflator 1.20 6.25 6.50 2.00 81.25
Original MiniFootPump 0.56 5.25 3.50 3.50 64.31
AirRevolution MiniFootPump 1.06 6.00 3.50 3.50 73.50

Pulling the results of the "12 V Mini Pumps Battle!" from the November 2006 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News, we tested the performance of our pumps on a similar rear tire. We used the 17" rear tire of a Triumph Tiger 1050 - they used the 17" rear tire on a Buell Ulysses. Both bikes use the same tire size and shape (180/55 ZR17).

We tested the inflation times to 30 PSI, 36 PSI and 44 PSI. The results? (Note: some times are missing because the MCN article did not record times greater than 5 minutes)

Pump 0 to 30 PSI 30 to 36 PSI 36 to 44 PSI Total Time & Final Pressure Rear Tire Tested
Cycle Pump 12-volt Tire Inflator 3 minutes - +2 minutes 5 minutes@44psi Pirelli Scorpion Sync 180/55 ZR17
Slime Power Sports 12-volt Tire Inflator 4 min :17 sec* - not reached within 5 minutes - - not reached within 5 minutes - 5 minutes@31.8psi Pirelli Scorpion Sync 180/55 ZR17
Original MiniFootPump 5 minutes +50 seconds +60 seconds 5.8 minutes@44psi Avon Storm ST 180/55 ZR17
AirRevolution MiniFootPump 4 min : 30 sec +45 seconds +54 seconds 6.1 minutes@44psi Avon Storm ST 180/55 ZR17

*Slime pump inflation time to 30psi based on linear interpolation between the pressures measured at 3 minutes (26.7psi) and 5 minutes (31.8psi).

Most 17" front sportbike tires or 19" front dual-sport tires can be inflated in about 60% less time than a 17" rear sportbike or dual-sport tire, as a front tire's volume is about 60% lower. To prove the point, we tested front tire inflation speeds on the Avon 120/60-ZR17 front tire on our shop's Suzuki SV650. MCN did not test front tires, we don't have data for our competitor's pumps.

Pump 0 to 30 PSI 30 to 36 PSI 36 to 42 PSI Total Time & Final Pressure Front Tire Tested
Original MiniFootPump 2 minutes +35 seconds +38 seconds 3.2 minutes@42psi Avon 120/60-ZR17
AirRevolution MiniFootPump 1.5 minutes +25 seconds +25 seconds 2.3 minutes@42psi Avon 120/60-ZR17
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