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Power Plate fuse block by Electrical Connection

SKU: EC.02202

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With 6 fused outputs, this 30 amp fuse block will organize and simplify your bike's electrical accessories.

If you're looking for a simple but very rugged fuse block, you've found it. The Power Plate from Electrical Connection is built like a tank and will protect your bike's electrical system like one too. The Power Plate uses a metal buss bar rather than a circuit board allowing more current to be passed with less resistance. It also has 10 gauge wire for the main power wire and is fused for extra protection.

There are 6 individually fused outputs which use standard ATC fuses and the entire unit is rated for 30 amps. The Power Plate is relay controlled (replaceable) which turns all your accessories on and off with your bike's ignition.

It includes a port for your battery charger that is automatically disconnected if the key is turned on which is important because a battery charger can go as high as 17 volts in order to overcome a deeply discharged battery. That's no-big-whoop for the battery but that much voltage can damage computers, relays or even your charger.

Dimensions: 4.625" L x 2.375" W x 1.25" H (117mm x 60mm x 32mm)



  • Power Plate fuse block
  • 6 spade connectors
  • 30-amp main fuse
  • quick connector
  • Instructions
  • Legend sticker to mark fuse functions
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