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Price Lists

Supported Dealer Management Systems (DMS)
These DMS receive monthly item list updates and/or daily stock status updates from us automatically. Specify whether you need the USA or Canadian price file when adding our data to your system.

  • ADP Lightspeed or CDK Lightspeed Call 800-521-0339, extension 0 or email lightspeed.sales@cdk.com. Ask your Lightspeed sales rep to add source code "TH" to your monthly CD or internet-based update subscription. We'll reimburse you for one year of pricefile updates ($10/month) in the form of a  $120 credit on your account upon placing your first qualifying wholesale order and receiving proof of your ADP pricefile subscription (a screenshot emailed to dealers@twistedthrottle.com is ok). You may submit a credit request once every 12 months.
  • Ability by Adam Systems (formerly Shamrock) 800-331-2326 (add supplier code "TT"; products with greater than 17-character skus are omitted from this data feed due to limitations in Ability)
  • Dominion DX1 (Follow the instructions here, or call 877-944-6766 or email dx1@dominionpowersports.com and request our pricelist to be added to your system. Data feed includes daily stock status)
  • DealerTrack (formerly Arkona) 866-462-1186 (call DealerTrack tech support and ask them to add supplier code "TW" to your system for the U.S. dollar feed)
  • MIC Systems and Software Inc. (Commander) 800-326-6162*

Other DMS
If you use any of the DMS below, please contact your dealer rep at dealers@twistedthrottle.com for help in setting up our data feed.



Download our product list

The product list contains part numbers, product names, brand names, stock status, retail and dealer pricing, and more. This CSV file can be used to import our products into order management systems that are not specific to the motorcycle industry, such as Xsilva Lightspeed for MacMail Order ManagerMonsoon Stone Edge, or other business systems. Our part numbers have a maximum of 18 characters.

Dealers in the USA may only purchase for shipment from Exeter, RI using USD prices.

Monthly Price File Update

As we add products and make changes regularly, these CSV files will help you identify the SKU's effected:

  1. Newly Added - Identifies new products added by date.
  2. Price updated - Identifies product price changes by date.
  3. Discontinued - Identifies products that are discontinued by date.


Download our kit definition list (CSV format)

Some items in our product list are noted as "Kits". A Kit is a virtual part number used to make ordering a group of individual items easier. When you order a Kit, you'll be invoiced for the Kit price, and we'll physically ship you the component skus, invoicing each component at $0. The kit definition list contains three fields: SKU, ComponentSKU, and Quantity. "SKU" is the Kit part number you'll order. "Component SKU" is the component we'll physically ship; the ComponentSKU will show up on packing slips.


Application Information / Fit Charts

While many of our international suppliers provide fit charts on their websites, these fit charts are spelled out in terms of foreign motorcycle model names and years. We do not recommend using fit information from Europe, Australia, etc. to predict compatibility with North American model years.

We provide audited fit information for USA and Canadian model names and years through our website as follows:

  • Each product's website title contains the names of makes, models, and years of bikes the product fits.
  • The product website title is also available in our CSV product list.
  • We audit application information for every product annually in Q4 (October - December).
  • As of January 1, 2015, we've completed an audit of all products through the 2014 model year.
  • Audited bikes have closed model year ranges (i.e., KLR650 2008-2014) in the product titles.
  • Model years capped at 2013 should be considered the "end" of the fit list (i.e. items shown as fitting an '06-'13 bike will NOT fit 2014 and later, as far as we know)
  • Model years capped at 2014 may or may not fit the 2015 model; we won't know for certain until we do our 2015 Q4 audit. Until then, if there are specific models you have a question on, please email the URL to dealers@twistedthrottle.com.
  • If you see an "open" model year range (i.e., -2009 or 2013-), it means we missed it in the audit. Please email dealers@twistedthrottle.com the URL and we'll provide an update with a closed model year range on our website.
  • If an item fits more bikes than we can fit in our product title, you'll see words like "fits many Suzuki sportbikes..." in the title. If you see words like "many" in the title, please refer to the web description of the product on our website for additional fitting information. Otherwise, you should NOT need to look at the web description for model year fit qualifiers.

As you discover new info that differs from ours, please email the updates (and supporting evidence/photos/part numbers) to dealers@twistedthrottle.com. This way, we can keep our records in sync and provide consisten information across the market.

If you are interested in a summary table of application data, please email dealers@twistedthrottle.com. We are currently developing a database-driven system for tracking such data and appreciate your input.


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