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RAM Mounts HOL-GA23U mount for Garmin Nuvi 600, 610, 650, 660, 670, & 680

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Includes RAM-HOL-GA23U mount for Garmin Nuvi 600, 610, 650, 660, 670, & 680

Compatible with all 1" RAM receptacles.

The RAM-HOL-GA23 RAM Mount High Strength Plastic Cradle is designed to hold the Garmin nuvi (n�vi) 6xx Series, including the following GPS units,

* Garmin nuvi 650
* Garmin nuvi 660
* Garmin nuvi 670
* Garmin nuvi 680
* Garmin nuvi 600 (European Version)
* Garmin nuvi 610 (European Version)

The cradle will fit around the Garmin cradle that is included with the purchase of the Garmin nuvi 6xx series unit. This will allow you to connect a USB Cable to the Garmin cradle when required.

All cables can stay connected to the unit while in the RAM cradle.

The Garmin nuvi (nuvi) 3xx Series, including the nuvi 350, nuvi 360 , nuvi 370, nuvi 300 and nuvi 310, WILL NOT fit this cradle. These units require the RAM-HOL-GA21 RAM Mount Cradle for the Garmin nuvi 3xx Series.

First you need to attach the round belt clip button that is included with the purchase of the GPS unit, to the back of your unit. Next, place the bottom of the GPS into the cradle, and then clip the top of the cradle over the round button (previously attached) on the back of the GPS.

The cradle includes a set of two nuts and bolts (RAM-S-HOL) to connect the cradle to any RAM-compatible mount.

One RAM-B-238 Diamond Base Plate with 1-inch diameter ball mount (sold separately) and is required for attachment of all RAM GPS holders to any RAM mount system.

In addition, you will also need a RAM base with 1"-diameter ball (i.e., RAM-B-202 or RAM-B-231) and at least one RAM-B-201 extension arm.

All RAM components are sold separately.

CLICK HERE to see Twisted Throttle's Comprehensive Guide to RAM mount Products.

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