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  1. SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Engine Guards for RnineT '14-'16

    SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Engine Guards for RnineT '14-'16

    The SW-MOTECH crash bars engine guards for RnineT '14-'16 provide protection in the event of a tip over, slide or crash to minimize damage and safeguard the vulnerable cylinder heads. Sturdy tubular steel mounts directly to the frame with no drilling, cutting, or welding. Installation is 100% bolt on with all necessary hardware included. These attractive crash bars are powder coated black for durability and corrosion resistance. Designed and over-engineered in Germany to keep your Bavarian beauty safe. Invest in top quality protection for the RnineT with these crash bars from SW-MOTECH! Learn More

  2. SW-MOTECH Blaze Sport Saddlebag System for Yamaha YZF R3 '15

    SW-MOTECH Blaze Sport Saddlebag System for Yamaha YZF R3 '15-'16

    The SW-MOTECH blaze sport saddlebag system adds utility and up to 42 liters of storage capacity to the Yamaha YZF R3 '15-'16. Aerodynamically shaped bags maintain a slim profile for a low drag coefficient at speed while also maximizing lean angle and cornering clearances. These versatile saddlebags are constructed from semi rigid 1680D ballistic Nylon that is durable and won't flap around in the wind at speed. Stainless steel support rods tuck into pockets to stabilize and secure the bags from movement so they don't contact the rear tire or other moving parts while underway.

    The ingenious mounting system allows the whole set-up (aside from small mounts on the passenger pegs) to be removed in seconds so the bike retains a stock appearance. Arrive at your destination and remove the blaze system without tools to go exploring without any extra "baggage." This lightweight luggage system is perfect for the sport rider who needs storage space without giving up the agility or aerodynamics that their bike was specifically designed for. Maximize the miles and smiles with the YZF R3 and the Blaze saddlebag system from SW-MOTECH!

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  3. SW-MOTECH Blaze Sport Saddlebag System for Yamaha XJR 1300 '15-'16

    SW-MOTECH Blaze Sport Saddlebag System for Yamaha XJR1300 '15-'16

    The SW-MOTECH Blaze sport saddlebag system adds up to up to 42 liters of storage space on the Yamaha XJR 1300 in an attractive, easy to use luggage system that doesn't require a luggage rack. Durable 1680 Ballistic-Nylon construction is semi rigid to maintain shape when empty even at speed. RC-Fused zippers secure all compartments while also allowing expansion for an extra 7 liters per side. The versatile Blaze bags are secured by tubular steel support rods that prevent the bags from moving around at speed while keeping them from contacting any moving parts. These support arms are fastened using Quick-Lock quarter turn fasteners that mount to the passenger foot-pegs allowing fast and easy removal of the system so your motorcycle looks stock for local cruising.

    Once the foot-peg brackets are mounted, simply bolt the arms into place without tools, insert the arms into the little pockets on the back of each arm, fasten the hook and loop top straps and finally click the buckles from each bag to the mounts. Increase the utility of your rig with this lightweight luggage system that is specifically designed for sport touring by the engineering experts at SW-MOTECH in Germany!

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