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SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Non-Electric QUICK-LOCK EVO Sport Tankbag for SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK Mounting System

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Review by 05K1200S
Perfect size for day trips and to keep important items up front. The best feature was the adjustability of the bag mount to tank ring. My filler is located to the rear of the tank. The full length channel under the bag allowed me to fit the bag perfectly. Also the bag itself is a very good quality, including zipper placement, there are no tight spots or binding. I purchased a less expensive bag ($100 less and returned it) but it was not adjustable. Overall a great value. (Posted on 10/6/14)
Review by Mikec1115
If you load up all the options this bag can cost you over $400. It's a nice bag but not a $400 bag. The real problem is that the locking mechanism that attaches the bag to the bike is faulty. It has a problem in that it sticks resulting in not being able to remove the bag from the bike. And since it sits on top of your gas tank when it sticks you don't get gas... do the math. On top of that when I called Twisted Throttle to try to get a replacement they wanted to sell me a new attachment at retail price. How's that for garnering repeat business, sell a defective product then sell another when that part breaks. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM THIS PLACE! (Posted on 8/7/14)
Review by Khelton
Great bag. No problem with installation like a couple of others have reported. Strong mount, bag and fabric, does not flop from side to side, extremely quick and easy to use at fuel stops, large enough to carry all I need and want to carry in a tank bag, very well made. W uld have lied rhe side pockets to be just a bit larger. (Posted on 7/7/14)
Review by Alex
Great tank bag, easy installation, and the quality of the product is top notch. Great seller too, quick and easy process (Posted on 7/7/14)
Review by Akael
First up to address the issues, which I think are important considering the high price of the bag:
-You will need to drill 4 holes in the bottom of the bag, to attach the EVO ring. This was not obvious to me until I received the product, and although doing so is relatively easy with the included template, it was a surprise and I didn't appreciate that.
-When you unzip the bottom to extend the size of the bag, it will most likely flop about as you ride, unless you have packed it evenly and fully. I am only able to fit my 13" Macbook Air at an angle, so other contents on top of that push the weight to one side or another. This weight imbalance has caused the bag to lean further than when I installed it, and has pressed the kill switch of the bike when doing slow, tight, right turns. Be sure to pack it so the weight leans to the left, which would only turn on your bright lights, rather than kill your bike's engine. Alternatively install it so it's further back towards you, but this may be impractical on some bikes.

Good stuff:
-As long as you don't pack too much (over 3kg I believe), the EVO ring will keep the bag off your tank like a champ. On day rides where I'm just carrying a few things, I zip up the extender and the shell remains firm and steady.
-I carry a thin cover in the main compartment, with a few personal items (+ pillion's items) for the day. In the side pockets I carry the rain cover, the shoulder strap, my disc lock (xena), cable locks, and money for toll booths (this is a great feature if you use tolls a lot).
-Very easy attachment + detachment, just press it down and wait for the clunk. Perfect for petrol stops/day rides. Just attach the shoulder strap and you can walk around with it no problem.
-Map pocket is a nice addition but if you're in a hot environment don't put your phone in there for GPS, it's like an oven (not blaming them for this, just a heads up).
-Internal pockets are useful but only if the main compartment isn't full - if it is then the top won't be able to close properly if you have solid things inside (phone/pens/ipad etc) and it will only fit an ipad mini/kindle, not a full ipad. (Posted on 7/7/14)
Review by Jeremy
The key here is the obvious...No straps! Easy as can be on and off. You will definitely want to protect the paint. This of course makes it a little more of a project. I got some small repairable scratches before I went with 3m's paint defender spray. I've installed it on a 2013 Street Triple R. It's not a huge bag but it's as large as this bike can reasonably accommodate. I recommend this sturdy well made bag. Looks good to. (Posted on 7/26/13)

6 Item(s)

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