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Macna Dry Cooling Vest

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Review by Sherm
After having the side panels tailored I was
Able to try the vest (Posted on 7/10/14)
Review by Nancydiner
Brought this on my ride to the southwest. Tried it out in northeast Texas. Doesn't work. Going back. (Posted on 7/10/14)
Review by kevink
Last week rode to Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Brice, and Zion national parks with vest on in temperatures that ranged from 100-117 degrees. The vest felt a little cool in some areas but most of the time at the end of the day felt like I was wearing a piece of plastic....not sure anymore how much water to put in it but followed the commercial and seemed to little...I put in more than half a liter and seemed to work better. By the end of the trip, felt better with it off. Not sure I would recommend unless I am completely using it wrong...not even sure it works in temps that high. (Posted on 7/10/14)
Review by Comanche
I bought a Macna in April and had my first chance to test and evaluate it on May 12 during a 475 mile ride from McAllen, TX, to San Antonio and back. I had a second chance during an 800 mile round trip from McAllen to Houston on June 7-8.

First - sizing. Some people have expressed problems with sizing when ordering. The Twisted Throttle web site tells you to order your t-shirt size. Two friends did so and the vest was way too small for them. I emailed Kevin, the spokesperson on the video from Twisted Throttle, gave him my t-shirt size as "large", and he advised me to get a XXL-3XL. It fit perfectly. That would be my first recommendation to TT - change the sizing advice on the site.

The conditions during the May 12 ride weren't the best to really evaluate the vest. Here in deep south Texas, it is a tropical and very humid environment and I wanted to see if the Macna would perform in that weather. When I left the house at 7am, the temp was 78 degrees with a dew point of 73. In other words, very sticky. But, most of the day was spent riding under cloud cover and the temps never got to typical south Texas levels. It was in the mid-80s in San Antonio and the highest temp I rode through was only 90. But - it was humid the entire ride. When I got home at 4:30 pm, the temp was 87 with a dew point of 75.

However, I took another ride on June 7-8 - an 800 mile round trip to Houston, and this time, the weather was more typical. When I checked into my motel room in Houston, the temperature was 95 with a dew point of 73. Both legs of the trip were in high heat and humidity, with the highest being 98 in the small town of Falfurrias, Texas.

Next caveat - I wear mesh. My Motoport Kevlar mesh jacket is the only riding jacket I own. Many people recommend riding with a textile jacket and keeping only the arm vents open. That all makes sense to me as that keeps the cool air inside the jacket rather than escaping through the mesh. (Think about keeping the windows open when riding in an air-conditioned car). But the budget will have to wait until next year before buying another jacket.

I wore the vest over my synthetic base layer during both rides.

I didn't expect the vest to perform as well in high humidity as it would in the desert, but I also wanted to know if it would function at all.

Bottom line - it does work in high humidity. And - there is no sense off moisture on the skin. In other words, it’s not clammy.

But keep in mind, I don't mean you will be chilled, but the vest does work. There is a difference between being comfortable and being safe. The Macna vest will not replicate being in a cage with air conditioning, but it will help keep you safe by lowering your core temperature.

During the first ride, as I was going home, the vest didn't feel very cool. I stopped and took the vest off for a while and I began to feel hotter. After another hour (or so), I stopped again, recharged the vest with more water, and immediately felt cooler. On the second trip, I didn't remove the vest, but when I stopped to refuel or drink some water, I noticed the vest was cool to the touch.

A thought for Macna:

The instructions are quite specific that the wearer should not overfill the jacket - but it is very difficult to tell when the vest is empty. Perhaps some sort of "gauge" that would measure the moisture in the vest would be an objective way to indicate when it is time for another refill. Perhaps just a strip of material seen through a window. I refilled the vest once during the first ride, but I was not sure if it was indeed empty. I did not refill it during the six hour return leg of the second ride because I could still feel some liquid in the vest. I assume the evaporation process is just slower in the high humidity.

Now that I've had a chance to test the vest under humid conditions, I assume it will work better in dryer conditions. When used in combination with synthetic underwear designed for riding, and staying hydrated, the Macna is a keeper. (Posted on 7/7/14)
Review by Tim
This is the best cooling vest I have ever used.

A great purchase. (Posted on 8/15/13)

5 Item(s)

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