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Denali D2 Dual Intensity LED Lighting Kit with Full Wiring Harness and M8 Mount

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Review by TA49
I have equipped 3 bikes with these lights, two BMWs and a Honda. They add to my visibility, both day and night, and the installation is straight forward and foolproof.

The compact size gives more mounting options than a bigger light. (Posted on 9/1/14)
Review by Dfreeair
Bought a set of D2's for my 2012 vstrom 650. Worked as advertised. Wired them to the high/low headlight switch. On low they make for extra visibility during daytime running and at night on high beam unbelievable how they light up the sides of the road as well as how far down the road they illuminate. Easy to install, good instructions. Definitely buy the Denali Power Hub 2. Cleans up everything nice. Also if you have a new vstrom 650 I would buy the SW-Mototech brackets. High quality, fit perfect, and march the lines on the bike. (Posted on 8/1/14)
Review by GaryS
They work as they are supposed to work and look great. Unscientific, but it seems cars pull out much less often with these lights on. And only on low beam. (Posted on 7/31/14)
Review by Guest
I shop with you guys because you have some of the best products around. This is the second set of D2's that I purchased. I bought the second set for my wife after having my set for over a year. I have them on my Sportster with an after market LED Harley headlight. The headlight is good, in that it throws a well defined box of light way down the road, but it leaves a gap lower and to the sides of the beam. I set the Denalis top edge of the beam parallel to the ground and the inner edge straight ahead. On my trip down Rt 66 last year I did some back road riding at night. With the high beams it was like daylight and the colors of things were not orange like you get with stock headlights. I could see the critters on the side of the road, long before I got there.

I was turning on to our street yesterday and noticed a motorcycle coming at me about a half a mile away. It was bright! It wasn't obnoxious, but you couldn't miss it. I thought, "man those are the lights that I should have bought; I wonder what type they are." As we got closer I recognized that it was my wife and those were the Denalis. I am glad that I bought them and I am really glad that you guys continue to bring products like them to the market.

Twist that throttle grandpa;
twist it on and on.
Twist that throttle grandpa;
we'll miss you when your gone.

(sounds better with banjo accompaniment.)

Thanks again
Ivo (Posted on 7/23/14)
Review by Dean
Note that this LED light set shows a 20 Amp fuse in the instructions as supplied with the kit. This is an old illustration and these lights do not draw this much current. These lights come with a 5 Amp fuse which is plenty for these 10 Watt lamps. High beam only draws 1.52 amps and low beam draws only .25 amps. (Posted on 1/8/14)
Review by Kenneth H
Boy William must be doing something wrong. I have the Denali D2 Single Intensity (now discont'd. I understand) installed on my R1200RT and WHOA! it's daylight! I can't imagine needing dual intensity D2's. I'm a very picky person when it comes to my toys, and I didn't find the installation difficult at all, and only another $70 or so for the BMW RT mount kit and CAN-BUS adapter. Thanks, Twisted Throttle for great products and service. (Posted on 8/21/13)
Review by Kenneth
I plan on riding early mornings before the sun is up. So I wanted a aftermarket LED light that would meet my needs. I selected the Denali D2 with dual intensity.
Why I like this light is because its compact, Has a wiring harness premade (so I don't have to make one), comes with a switch, and low amperage draw.
Installation is a BREEZE. I have a HONDA NC700x w/DCT and I have the optional subharness on the bike. I was able to tap into the subharness for the wiring to trigger the high beam circuit and also a 12 volt switch circuit. I used a sumitomo connector so I didn't have to HARD vampire tap it. Ran the wires and it was all done. I can say it was HARDER to remove the skin (plastic) from the bike than installing the Denali's. If you have any kind of electronics, automotive, computer hardware background then it would be easy for you to install. Works great !!! (Posted on 8/4/13)
Review by William
These lights are super bright and perfect for daytime safety or extra night time visibility. However, they are not so easy to install. So, unless you are great at electronics installation yourself, count on another 150 to 200 bucks to get these things on your bike. Still worth the 500 bucks plus? Yep. (Posted on 5/30/13)
Review by James
Just got my Denali D2D's installed on my 2002 BMW R1150 GSA......... Outstanding!!!!!!!!! Had them installed while I waiting at the Daytona Speedway. The ride home was unbelievable, these little but powerful lights throw it down the highway. The tech adjusted them perfect so even when I've got them on high beam, I'm not blinding oncoming traffic. Thank you Twisted Throttle............ (Posted on 3/18/13)

9 Item(s)

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