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SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Non-Electric QUICK-LOCK EVO Engage Tankbag for SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK Mounting System

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Review by Detours
With a couple of caveats, I really like the 'Engage' tankbag. Other brands offer a tankring bag in this size, but this is the only bag of its size that conforms to the steep tank on my V-strom 650. The side pockets are good for sunglasses, the rainfly or an energy bar or two. It's a small bag to begin with, but the main compartment is unfortunately smaller than it looks. At the cost of interior volume, the floor vacuum-molded floor takes up a lot of room, but it allows you to flush-mount the quick-lock at the front or back of the bag to custom fit your tank. The velcro divider makes it even more cramped, so I tossed it. Still, there's enough room for a quart of oil and a light jacket (make that a very light jacket), with some odds and ends in the curved section.

The quick-lock mechanism is very solid and holds the bag securely, but make sure it engages cleanly after you gas up. A solid tug will tell you if it's on tight. To release the bag, you have to reach under the front of the bag and pull a wire loop with your finger, which is a pain even with my XL hands. Mounting the quick-lock closer to the front would have made this easier, but then the bag wouldn't lay as close to the tank, which was the whole point of paying more for this bag ... so yeah, a little annoying.

The rainfly is 100% waterproof (which I've tested in about an hour of medium rain) and has about 10" diagonal clear plastic. But even without the rainfly, the bag is very, very, very water resistant. I got caught in a 45 minute rain without the rainfly and the water just beaded up on the fabric. I'm sure the windshield helped some, but not a drop got through the fabric or zippers. Leave the rainfly at home unless you're touring in the Pacific Northwest.

So all in all, a 4 star bag. I took away one star for its high price (compared to other brands that mount to the tankring) and the difficulty reaching the release wire under the bag. (Posted on 10/10/14)
Review by Tom
I had used a Cortech tank bag on my BMW K1300S and was very disappointed in the quality, design and mounting system. Tossing that, I've now purchased and installed this SW-MOTECH bag and couldn't be happier. Aside from the fact that this particular bag fits my K-bike bike tank perfectly---it's style and fit seem custom designed for this bike---the quality is superior: design, materials, features, mounting system, and detailing are all exceptional. It simply couldn't be better. Whenever I need similar products in the future, SW-MOTECH will be my first, and likely only, stop. (Posted on 9/13/14)
Review by EGreen
For the money, I expected much nicer. My bag is not symmetric at the back... not even close. Terrible workmanship in that area. The drilling and mounting using the template is a complete pain. Does not line up well with 2014 Vstrom 1000. I recommend getting another bag for this bike, plain and simple. Very disappointed. (Posted on 9/5/14)
Review by GTz2254
I carry lots of "stuff" on my '13 Concours and I like a small tank bag for items like wallet, phone, ear plugs, etc. Strap-on bags are not suitable for the Concours and I do not like magnetic bags as I have not found one that did not mar the paint. The SW-Motech Engage is exactly the right size and mounts to the gas cap, leaving a gap between bag and tank that will not harm the finish. It clip on easily and removes in a second for fill-ups. Also I am able to clip my Gerbings heated jacket controller to the compartment on the left side. My only complaint is that the installation instructions for the base plate are a little tough to follow. Otherwise, great product. (Posted on 8/5/14)
Review by Anonymous
I have a Bags Connection system on my 2010 F800GS and is very functional. The new mechanism is very finicky and I spend an extra 2 minutes at every fill-up trying to be certain it has latched. In order for the contour to even come close to matching lines of tank the tank bag needs to be forward which results in the horn being activated every time it is in tight quarters with bars to left as in backing against curb. I am ready to start rigging the so it works which will likely involve washers to remount the ring on the tank and a sharp knife to cut the little pockets off the side of the tankbag. (Posted on 7/7/14)
Review by Bill
Installed this tank bag on my 2014 Suzuki DL650. Fits perfectly and looks great. Does not interfere with the handlebars. Very functional, just the right size to hold wallet, sunglasses, keys, earplugs, and all the other bits you carry. Excellent quality. (Posted on 7/7/14)
Review by Sherrill
I purchased this for my BMW K1300S and the fit and function are perfect. I use this for day trips and the pockets and internal divider keep everything organized and easy to find. The bag is secure on the bike and easy to remove for gas fillups.
I like this EVO Quick-Lock concept and have now ordered the 'City' version for longer trips when I tend to over pack! (Posted on 9/24/13)
Review by christopher
Very easy on and off. Quality construction but I wish it held a little more stuff. The shape looks really nice but restricts what can be put in it. (Posted on 9/5/13)
Review by James
Been riding with this bag on my BMW R1200GS for a while now. I needed to fabricate a wedge to get it to sit properly on the tank but once installed it looks and works great. The quick release mount is great when gassing up or leaving the bike in "questionable" areas. I holds everything I want but could use some more compartments. (Posted on 3/31/13)
Review by Z26 Cao Viet
I have just bought it for my BMW S1000RR, its the best match to tank curve but you need to mod another mount tank ring base for the best position on tank. (Posted on 10/3/12)

10 Item(s)

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