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Denali DM Micro Single Intensity LED Lighting Kit with Full Wiring Harness & M8 Mount

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Review by Jeff
I'm very pleased with the overall kit and the performance of these lights. The sealed connectors and sheathing over the individual wires show the attention to detail when producing this kit.

The light output of these Micro LED's is truly amazing. Flipping on the high beam on my headlight doesn't add much to the overall illumination. The daytime conspicuousness is great as well. I have no hesitation to recommend this kit to anyone looking for auxiliary lighting for their bike. (Posted on 9/24/13)
Review by Anthony
Maybe the only item I've purchased that truly performs as advertised. I installed them on my 2011 Kawasaki Concours 14 and they really brighten up the road at night and drastically increase bike visibility during the day. (Posted on 7/25/13)
Review by MARK
Very pleased with the performance, appearance, and total kit assembly. Small and bright! Good fit for my F650GS. BMW shop that installed was amazed at how well designed the Can-Bus adapter was. Virtual plug-and-play design, well engineered. Custom GS mount kit completes the system. And good price point. Well done Denali and Twisted Throttle! (Posted on 5/23/13)
Review by Brad
I replaced PIAA 1100X lamps with the Denali DM1 “Micro” LEDs, mainly to increase clearance to front fender. I have them mounted under my oil cooler, on my BMW R1100RT, and have encountered a few touches during high-speed dips. Reducing load from 110W to 10W, was not a big concern, but may help improve gas mileage.
In side-by-side comparison, the LEDs are very similar, with only slightly less range and spread (with 25° lens) then PIAAs. Viewed head-on they are again very similar, but are less visible perpendicular to bike, since LED lens is recessed.
I use them mainly for daytime running lights, and at night to increase low beam spread; so I have them aimed down and to the sides a little. Probably not as good as PIAAs for high beam range, but LEDs have longer range then my standard H4 halogen low beam.
Construction seems to be top notch, but I found that the M6x20mm mounting bolts were not long enough to fully engage locknut for M8 mount; so I replaced them with M6x25mm bolts. Wiring harness is very robust, with the wire gage probably intended to also handle other lamps with higher loads.
(Posted on 5/6/13)
Review by John
Put them on my DR200 and my DR650. Also installed an on/off toggle for my headlight. That frees up 35 watts so heated clothing is an option on these two wattage challenged bikes and, so far, this satisfies the daytime lighting requirements. (Posted on 4/7/13)
Review by Mark
These lights are great. Night or early AM riding just got brighter. I put these on my r1200rt down on the engine guards, easy install for a guy who rarely picks up a wrench. I did get some help getting the bundle of wires finished off under the seat. The lights paid for themselves as a deer jumped out and with the added lighting I was able to see it in time to stop. (Posted on 2/9/13)
Review by Dan
Denali DM1 "Micro" (Single Intensity) LED Lighting Kit with Full Wiring Harness and M8 Mount (Posted on 1/24/13)

7 Item(s)

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