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TraX 38-liter EVO ALU-BOX topcase, powdercoated black or aluminum

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Review by Chris
The SW-Motech system is cool, I love this top box, it fits my needs well, though I didn't save much by not buying OEM.

It comfortably fits my giant cheap XL helmet, gloves, rags and tool kit with room to spare. The boxy shape makes it seem less "scootery" than other models. Also this box (and my bike specific mount) is very sturdy and I can easily trust it to stay on at high speed and stay secure enough to make the thief walk past my bike for an easier target.

Everything is a la carte with SW-Motech and Twisted Throttle in America. To get this box on your bike, you need the bike specific rack, adapter plate, locks and keys, and top box, all sold separately. Figuring this out and paying for each part of the whole is a pain to figure out and ends up being pricey. Don't get me started on the side cases (they're sold separately as if anyone just wants to put on one pannier). The keys suck, you get a tiny metal part that goes in the lock, it sticks out of a plastic bit that juts out at a right angle from the metal bit with the hole to go on your key ring. That would only be moderately annoying if the plastic wasn't so thin in one part that I broke it putting it on my key ring. That was an easy fix though, a quick trip to the locksmith, and a couple dollars got me two proper all metal keys that fit.

All included I'm happy with my purchase, The SW-Motech alu box is really practical and looks great, and the key issue is quite easily overcome. (Posted on 10/26/13)

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