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Scottoiler Standard Temperature Blue Scottoil 500ml Chain Lubricant

Scottoiler Standard Temperature Blue Scottoil 500ml Chain Lubricant


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Keep your Scottoiler ready to lubricate with Scottoiler Standard Blue Scottoil 500ml Chain Lubricant.

Designed specifically for all Scottoiler Chain Oilers, the Standard Blue Scottoil Chain Lubricant is specifically blended to offer correct flow rates and lubrication in even the most extreme riding conditions. Scottoil chain lubricant contains only 5% tack additive. Competitors have formulas that harbor a high level of tack, meaning the lube collects dirt and grit which over time generates fling and creates a "grinding paste" (see image above) that is detrimental to the lifespan of your chain and rotor. Using Scottoil improves transmission efficiency, minimizes fling and reduces chain and sprocket wear. If your motorcycle adventure encompasses riding from one temperature to the next, feel free to top off your Scottoiler with the High-Temperature Red Scottoil chain lubricant.


  • 500ml of traditional Blue Scottoil
  • The original Scottoil
  • Formulated for average ambient temperatures of 32°F to 86°F (0°C to 30°C)
  • Compatible with High Temperature Red Scottoil chain lubricant
  • Only 5% tack added to formula

What's In The Box:

  • 500ml bottle of Scottoiler Standard temperature Blue Scottoil chain lubricant
  • Spout

Standard Blue Scottoil chain lubricant is ideal for average operating temperatures of 32°F to 86°F (0°C to 30°C). For average operating temperatures of 68°F to 104°F (20°C to 40°C) we recommend High Temperature Red Scottoil chain lubricant.

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