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  1. R&G Racing Bar End Sliders For KTM Adventure 1190 '13

    R&G Racing Bar End Sliders For Husqvarna FS450 '17, KTM 1190 Adventure '14-'16, 1290 Super Adventure R '17 & 1290 Super Adventure T '15-'17

    These bar end protectors are simple to fit and replace the OEM bar end weights. Helps to protect levers and clipons in the event of a tip over. Includes a replaceable end "slider" or puck. Learn More

    $46.99 $34.57

  2. R&G Fork Protectors For Husqvarna FS450 '15

    R&G Front Axle Sliders Fork Protectors For Husqvarna FS450 '15

    Save yourself from costly repair bills, and priceless riding time with these R&G Fork Protectors. A small spill or slide will no longer end your ride with damage to your fork, front axle, and brake calipers. 

    Learn More

  3. R&G Engine Case Guard Set For Husqvarna FS450

    R&G Engine Case Guard Set For Husqvarna FS450 ’16 | Silver

    Your Husqvarna FS450 Supermoto is your investment in fun, so protect one of its most vulnerable components, the engine case, with the R&G engine case guard set. This pair of guards is manufactured using durable 3mm powder coated aluminum. They cover the exposed motor casing, wiring and other critical components of your motorcycle. Performing akin to a bash plate, the R&G engine case guards prevent debris kicked up by your front tire from damaging these valuable and integral parts of your motorbike. Learn More

  4. R&G Boot Guard Kit For Husqvarna FS450 ’15-’16 | 4 Piece Kit

    R&G Boot Guard Kit For Husqvarna FS450 ’15-’16 | 4 Piece Kit

    Prevent unwanted and unsightly scuff damage to your swingarm or footgear with this R&G boot guard kit.  The uniquely designed texture was designed to be durable and provide the rider with a buffer between their boot and the exposed areas of the swingarm and frame.  The rubbing that occurs between them during cornering and braking maneuvers causes wear and damage to the swingarm and footwear, both potentially expensive to repair.

    Theses precision cut self adhesive pieces are specifically manufactured for the Husqvarna FS450.  The backing is coated in a high-strength adhesive that stays where you stick it, so there is no messing around with icky sticky glue.  Additionally the adhesive was formulated to not cause any damage your paintwork.  This kit includes four pieces that will accurately fit your motorcycle and keep you in the groove by covering exposed spaces above the pegs, and protecting your swingarm.

    Learn More

  5. R&G Tank Traction Grips For Husqvarna FS450 | 2 Piece Kit

    R&G Tank Traction Grips For Husqvarna FS450 '14-'15 | 2 Piece Kit

    The R&G tank traction grips will enhance your braking and maneuvering skills on your supermoto machine. Simply peel off the backing and stick the pads to your side plastics on your Husqvarna FS450. The textured surface on the grips gives your legs something to hold onto, helping you maintain your seating position without tearing up your gear. R&G uses a paint-friendly adhesive on the reverse side of the pads to ensure your plastics finish will not be damaged. By not having to constantly adjust your seat not only will you be able to concentrate more on the road but feel less tired and have less pain. Grab the R&G tank traction grips in either black or clear to give yourself a comfort and confidence boost on your motorcycle. Learn More

  6. NEW
    R&G Swingarm Sliders for Husqvarna FS450

    R&G Swingarm Sliders for Husqvarna FS450 '15-'17

    The R&G swingarm sliders for Husqvarna FS450 provide critical protection in the event of a fall or slide. Impact absorbing and abrasion resistant HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is used to prevent direct contact with the ground and avoid costly repairs. This essential swingarm slider safeguards the swingarm itself, the rear axle, drivetrain and rear brake. The hollow rear axle is utilized with expanding hardware to fit securely without the need for modifications. Invest in top notch protection for your FS450 and install swingarm sliders from R&G!

    Learn More

  7. NEW
    Motion Pro Enduro Pro Tire Iron Set

    Motion Pro 08-0051 Enduro Pro Tire Iron Set

    Whether you are riding the ISDE or just looking for tire levers that you can easily pack on your motorcycle or toolkit, the Motion Pro Tire Iron Set will get the job done. Constructed of hot-forged chrome-vanadium, this lever set comes in it’s own vinyl carry pouch, weighs only four and a half ounces, and measures eight and a half inches long. A curved spoon end as well as flat pry end on each bar provide the right amount of bite and leverage needed to mount or remove the toughest tires. Designed for professional off road racers, the Enduro Pro Tire Iron Set by Motion Pro is a lightweight and easy to stow option for any motorcycle. Learn More


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