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  1. AdMore Lighting High Output Premium LED Light Bar with Running, Brake, Progressive Turn Signals & Smart Brake Technology

    AdMore Lighting High Output Premium LED Light Bar | Running, Brake, Progressive Turn Signals & Smart Brake Technology

    Built-in accelerometer helps reduce the risk of rear-end collisions

    The AdMore Lighting high output premium LED light bar with running, brake, progressive turn signals, and Smart Brake technology is an essential piece of safety equipment on your motorcycle. With the programmable accelerometer, this new light bar is one of the most advanced motorcycle safety accessories on the market. It's also some of the cheapest insurance you can buy.

    *Photo does not illustrate white LED strobe lights which illuminate in center of bar when deceleration is detected. Used for demonstration of brake/running lights and turn signals only.  

    AdMore has upped the ante with this Smart Brake technology. Significantly reduce the risk of a rear-end collision with a sophisticated accelerometer that activates brake lights with no input other than rapid deceleration via throttle release or downshifting. Command attention with 81 retina burning LED's that feature progressive amber turn signals. The brake light ignites with a flashing strobe upon initial application to capture the awareness of drivers behind you with a consistent strobe of white LED's that are sure to be seen. The unit also works with the hazard (4-way flasher) lights of your motorcycle by activating both progressive turn signals to increase roadside visibility.

    This LED light bar is pre-configured with the most popular settings and options, and is primed to go out of the box.  If you like to tinker, and tweak, the AdMore light bar allows you to customize its pre-set status. Simply connect it to any computer using the included Micro-USB cable, and the AdMore Configurator Software Suite helps you modify the brightness level, deceleration sensitivity, brake light modulation, white strobe light, license plate light and more!

    The AdMore premium light bar is easy to install using the strong universal black powder coated aluminum mounting bracket. All hardware and premium connectors are included in the kit.

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  2. Clear

    MRA X-creen Touring Bolt-On Variable Windscreen Spoiler Blade Windshield Extension

    MRA X-Creen Bolt-On Variable Windscreen Spoiler Blade is available to fit most original motorcycle windshields. This bolt-on style requires you to drill holes in your existing screen. Available in clear or light smoke. Learn More

  3. SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Slipstream Tail Bag

    SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Slipstream Tail Bag

    The Slipstream is a small, compact, 13-liter tail bag suitable for day trips. Fits the passenger seat of most bikes. Includes integrated backpack straps and bungee net.

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  4. Clear Lens

    AdMore Lighting High Output LED Light Bar with Running, Brake and Progressive Amber Turn Signals

    Share your intentions while you share the road with the Admore Lighting LED Light Bar.

    Designed to provide additional running, brake and signal visibility to your motorcycle, the Admore Lighting LED Light Bar is now 60% brighter. Available in clear or smoke lens, the 78, high-intensity, bi-color LEDs provide red running lights, bright red brake lighting and progressive amber turn signals. Built in brake modulation starts the brake signal with three bright flashes to help alert motorists to your intentions.

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  5. SPOT Satellite Connect (Discontinued)

    SPOT Satellite Connect (Discontinued)

    Note: The SPOT Satellite Connect has been discontinued and is no longer able to be ordered.

    No cell signal? No problem. Turn your smartphone into a satellite communicator with the SPOT connect. Simply pair your smartphone with SPOT Connect, and get connected to a global satellite network that lets you send messages and GPS coordinates from virtually anywhere on the planet. Learn More
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