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GSX-R1000 '01-'02

GSX-R1000 '01-'02

GSX-R1000 '01-'02


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  1. DrySpec Motorcycle Tool Tube Kit

    DrySpec Motorcycle Tool Tube Kit

    This DrySpec Motorcycle Tool Tube Kit attaches directly to the outside of any flat-sided sidecases and can be used to carry our MSR 30 oz. Fuel Bottle and any other gear that can fit inside of it.

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  2. SW-MOTECH Motorcycle Luggage Cable Lock. Black. With combination lock

    SW-MOTECH Luggage Security Cable with Combination Lock

    The SW-MOTECH Cable Lock Lock is ideal for for securing the contents of any tankbag or rearbag. The ultra-compact design makes these locks easy to carry. Simply slide through any compatible zipper pulls and the frame of the bike and engage the lock.

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  3. Oxford Underseat Tool Kit

    Oxford Underseat Tool Kit

    A compact tool kit with carrying case designed to fit under most motorcycle seats. Dimensions: 4"” x 7" x” 1.25"” Learn More

  4. Oxford First Aid Kit for Motorcycles

    Oxford First Aid Kit for Motorcycles

    The Oxford Products First Aid kit fits under the seat of most motorcycles (4” x 5.7” x 1.8”) and contains hygienically sealed medical supplies. Learn More


    RAM Mounts B-342U Fork Stem Mount Base for 12-33mm Fork Stems

    The RAM fork stem mount is one of the cleanest ways to mount small electronics on your motorcycle. Simply slide the assembly into the hole of the stem and tighten the machine screw to create a tight fit. This part is designed to fit into the cylindrical bore wall of fork stems and will work with stems that measure from 12 -20mm and 28mm or .5” – 1.10” at the following intervals: Learn More

  6. JJCyclePass Holder for New Smaller EZ Pass, M-Tag, IPASS and Smart-Tag Toll Passes

    JJCyclePass Holder for New Smaller EZ Pass | M-Tag, IPASS and Smart-Tag Toll Passes

    This JJCyclePass is designed to mount the New Smaller EZ Pass, M-Tag, IPASS and Smart-Tag toll passes to motorcycles. Each part is crafted from ultra-lightweight, yet durable ABS resin ensuring long time use. This Ram-Mount Holder securely mounts to your handlebars giving you the convenience of taking the 'toll pass only lanes'. The less we have to put our feet down, the better. The JJCyclePass will let you say goodbye to the days of fumbling with change, taking your gloves off, putting your bike in neutral... yawn. Learn More

  7. R&G Indicator Adapter Kit For R&G Micro For Select Suzuki Motorcycles

    R&G Indicator Adapter Kit For R&G Micro Indicators For Suzuki GSX-R1000 '01-'06, GSX-R600 '01-'05 & GSX-R750 '02-'05

    Clean up those gaps left over from removing your original signals and adding the R&G micro indicators with the R&G indicator adapter kit. This indicator kit includes four pieces that are designed to fit select Suzuki motorcycles and can be used on both the front and rear indicator mounting points with the R&G micro indicators (RG.RG370, RG.RG371, RG.RG372.BK or RG.RG372.SI). Grab the R&G indicator adapter kit to finish the job of making your turn signals look sleek and streamlined.

    To ensure a proper flash rate when installing a set of the R&G micro indicators get either the RG.RGR0001 - 9.8 Ohm each or the RG.RGR0002 - 21.5 Ohm each. These turn signal resistors require no cutting, crimping or soldering. Plug n play!

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  8. R&G Motorcycle Rim Tape - Green

    R&G Motorcycle Rim Tape | 16 Piece, Both Wheels

    This R&G motorcycle rim tape is a 16 piece modular system designed for adding a touch of bad ass and visibility to your bike. Available in many colors to suit your aesthetic, the wheel stripes are easy to install in whatever configuration works for you. The tire rim tape is designed to fit 17" motorcycle wheels with precision. No special tools or techniques required for installation, just place and go! Learn More


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