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Motorcycle Riding Apparel

Keep yourself comfortable, stylish and safe with protective and functional motorcycle riding apparel designed for street or adventure motorcycle styles. Twisted Throttle carries a large assortment of protective motorcycle gear from trusted brands such as Macna, NoNoise, Klim, Dianese, Gyde Powered by Gerbing, Arai Helmets, HJC Helmets, Schuberth, AlpinestarsSIDI and Gaerne. With motorcycle riding apparel including motorcycle helmets, jackets, boots, gloves, pants, hearing protection, heated gear and base layers, Twisted Throttle will have you covered in style, comfort and protection.


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  1. Covert Balaclava Black

    Covert Balaclava Black

    The Covert Balaclava will keep you warm and dry while helping you handle riding deep into the season. The Covert will give you the ultimate protection against the elements. 


    Learn More

  2. Klim Neck Warmer

    Klim Neck Warmer

    Breathable, moisture-wicking polyester fleece. Learn More

  3. Klim Balaclava

    Klim Balaclava

    The lower half is constructed using WINDSTOPPER for complete protection from the wind while the upper half is constructed with Coolmax reducing heat under your helmet and controlling moisture from sweating. A Lycra stretch back panel along with ergonomic patterning has created a perfect fitting balaclava.  The most comfortable balaclava you have ever worn.

    Learn More

  4. NoNoise Ear Clean & Care Set

    NoNoise Ear Clean & Care Set

    This NoNoise Ear Clean & Care Set includes everything you need to keep your ear buds clean and ready to use. Learn More

  5. Klim Deluxe Suspenders

    Klim Deluxe Suspenders

    The Klim Deluxe Suspenders attaches to Klim Integrated Loop System or by high tension removable clasps. These suspenders are comfortable on your shoulders while ensuring your pants stay up. The Klim Deluxe Suspenders are generously thick and soft while remaining strong and supple all day long, day after day. Learn More

  6. SALE
    Macna Connection Zipper Adapter

    Macna Connection Zipper Adapter

    Connection zipper adapter to connect a Macna Jacket to Macna Pants. Learn More
    $47.99 $18.95

  7. NoNoise Work Plus Noise Filter Hearing Protection with Protective Carrying Tube

    NoNoise Work Plus Noise Filter Hearing Protection

    Designed specifically for loud work environments, NoNoise work plus noise filter hearing protection will help protect your hearing from harmful noise levels while allowing lower level noises such as conversation, machine alerts and horns to be heard. So much more than ear plugs, NoNoise utilizes ceramic filtration technology to filter higher sound levels that may result in hearing damage while still allowing lower sound levels to be heard.

    Factory and construction machinery often produce noise levels up to 120dB. Permanent hearing damage can take place at just 85dB making it important to protect your ears when on the job.

    Learn More

  8. NoNoise Replacement Aluminum Carry-Canister

    NoNoise Replacement Aluminum Carry-Canister

    Replace a lost or damaged NoNoise carrying case with the NoNoise Replacement Aluminum Carry-Canister. This handy container allows the storage of any of the NoNoise earplugs. You don't want to leave these guys rolling around in a top case or in a grungy pocket.

    Learn More

  9. Klim Rambler Men's Glove

    Klim Rambler Men's Glove

    Classic styling and ready for action, the Klim Rambler Glove just plain works in every condition. From grabbing an axe to twisting a throttle—not both at the same time, unless you're a serious badass—the Rambler will be your go to glove for all of your adventuring needs. Learn More

  10. Klim Zephyr Men's Wind Shirt shown in black

    Klim Zephyr Men's Wind Shirt

    The Klim Zephyr Wind Shirt is your go to mesh jacket for all hot climate adventures. It can be worn over Klim base layers or under Klim jackets for those cool nights or windy days, and it's a fantastic light jacket for those times when the weather gods are smiling upon you. Be ready for whatever is thrown your way with the Klim Zephyr Wind Shirt mesh jacket. Learn More

  11. SALE

    Twisted Throttle Heavyweight Classic Black Youth T-shirt

    Now your kid can be as cool as you are with a Twisted Tee sized just for them. Learn More
    $15.99 $5.99

  12. SALE
    Smartwool Men's PhD Ski Medium sock, BLACK

    Smartwool Men's PhD Ski Medium sock, BLACK

    The PhD® Ski Medium features a medium-cushioned shin and foot, as well as a superior fit, durability and versatility. Learn More
    $25.95 $5.99

  13. SALE
    Macna Men's Summer Talik 2 Leather Motorcycle Glove

    Macna Men's Summer Talik 2 Leather Motorcycle Glove

    Macna's Talik 2 summer motorcycle glove for men features soft, perforated leather and a mesh liner for warm weather comfort.
    Learn More
    $96.99 $40.99

  14. Klim Duffle Bag

    Klim Duffle Bag

    This carry-on sized duffel bag by Klim delivers KLIM’s gear-bag toughness and style in a compact bag size. Learn More

  15. Klim No Show Sock - White

    Klim No Show Sock - White

    The Klim No Show Sock wicks moisture and dries quickly to keep the rider dry and comfortable. Soft mesh allows for maximum moisture wicking and ventilation.

    Learn More

  16. Klim Hydrapak Reservoir Cleaning Kit

    Klim Hydrapak Reservoir Cleaning Kit

    Keep your water clean by cleaning the reservoir with this easy to use, purposely built brush. Learn More

  17. Klim Belt

    Klim Belt

    Wearing belts help keep trouser with waists that fall to a lower line on the body attached to you during rides and even while off the bike! Learn More

  18. SALE
    Macna Cord Puller Kit

    Macna Cord Puller Kit

    Easily operate your zippers while wearing gloves with Macna Cord Puller Kit Learn More
    $9.99 $4.95

  19. Back

    Twisted Throttle "DUST TO DAWSON 2015" T-Shirt | Small

    The Twisted Throttle "DUST TO DAWSON 2015" T-Shirt shows your support for the annual ride that brings riders together on the unpaved streets of Dawson City to enjoy games, friends, and epic riding. Where three iconic highways junction, memories that last a lifetime are made. Celebrate Dawson in this Yukon Blue 100% preshrunk cotton T-Shirt. Learn More

  20. Klim D3o Replacement Back Pad Level 2 Viper

    Klim D3o Replacement Back Pad Level 2 Viper

    • High quality performance shock absorption
    • Trusted protection 
    • Maximum flexibility 
    • Extremely comfortable 
    • Tested to highest standards
    Learn More

  21. NoNoise Ear Hearing Protector Cord with Acoustic Connectors

    NoNoise Ear Hearing Protector Cord with Acoustic Connectors

    The NoNoise Ear Hearing Protector Cord assists with removal of the hearing protectors while also reducing the decibel level by 2 additional points. Simply insert them into the filter on the outside to connect the two units which lowers sound and noise levels while making them easier to handle. The connector cord is a great accessory for those that use NoNoise hearing protectors frequently.

    Learn More

  22. Klim Inversion Glove - Dark Gray

    Klim Inversion Glove

    Take on the trickiest trails and fire-roads in confidence and comfort with the dexterity and wind-stopping ability of the Klim Inversion Glove. These gloves have been a staple of serious riders for years. Now with a high-grip synthetic palm and a refined fit, this is the lightest Gore® Windstopper® glove available. These gloves keep your hands warm (without being super bulky) by letting very little air flow through and work really well with heated grips. Grab a pair of the Klim Inversion Gloves to enhance your next motorcycle adventure. Learn More

  23. SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Biker Scarf - Microfiber Neck Tube

    SW-MOTECH Biker Scarf | Microfiber Neck Tube

    Not just any old neck scarf, this microfiber tube doubles as a doo rag or a really, really tight tube top. Helps you just say "No" to wet willies, wets down for evaporative cooling in the summer, and keeps the wind out in the winter. Don't leave home without it!

    Learn More

  24. Klim Reviex Spray | 5oz

    Klim Revivex Spray | 5oz

    With the Klim Revivex Spray you can restore hydrophobic properties to your outerwear. Apply this water repellent solution to Klim Gore-Tex® and Windstopper® garments, and head out in the rain with confidence.

    Safely coat all types of synthetic fabrics, and breathable laminates to restore or create durable water repellency. This prevents the material from getting saturated with water and interfering with the breathable, and insulating properties of the garment. Revivex Spray is intended for any outdoor apparel that can be washed and tumble dried.  Grab your jackets, rain gear, hats, and soft shells and apply this non-toxic, non-flammable and long lasting spray.

    This water repellent formula is activated by heat to provide superior performance. There is enough liquid in this 5oz bottle to treat two garments to give you all season comfort.

    Learn More

  25. Klim Suspenders

    Klim Suspenders

    Stay comfortable with pants that stay put and use a pair of Klim suspenders for your next ride. The three-point design allows adjustment of dual front straps for the perfect tension that prevents wedgies and exposed backsides. Keep your butt covered with a set of high quality suspenders from the apparel specialists at Klim! Learn More

  26. Klim Women’s Savanna Jersey - Black

    Klim Women's Savanna Jersey

    The durable and versatile Klim savanna jersey is designed and engineered specifically for women. The pattern of the shirt is sure to fit and look fantastic. It comes available in black and blue with subtle Klim branding. Grab whatever color suits your style and stand out on the track! This eye-catching garment is comfortable and functions in varying temperatures and levels of exertion thanks to the semi-ventilated design. This jersey is lightweight and suits the off-road motorcycle lifestyle. The mesh fabric under the arm, on the side of the body and back center ensure optimum airflow. For added comfort open cell breathable foam is used in the elbow, and the drop-tail design ensures this shirt stays tucked into pants. Other fantastic features include moisture wicking and a two-way stretch that keeps you dry and unencumbered. The low profile stretch cuff and collar increase breathability and also enhance comfort. Get noticed on the track or on the street with the clean, simple and stylish styling of Klim. Learn More

  27. Twisted Throttle "Retro" Motorcycle T-Shirt

    Twisted Throttle "Retro" Motorcycle T-Shirt

    Throwin' it back to the early days of cool, this Twisted Throttle "Retro" motorcycle t-shirt pays homage to the classic bikes we still ride and love. With a distressed vintage graphic and text that reads "Twisted Throttle - Shiftin Gears for All These Years," this garment truly captures the nostalgia of riding. By wearing this "Retro" motorcycle t-shirt, you'll be helping to preserve the rich history of the riding lifestyle and standing out to other die hard vintage motorbike fans. Learn More

  28. Twisted Throttle "Bike Show" Motorcycle T-Shirt

    Twisted Throttle "Bike Show" Motorcycle T-Shirt | Limited Edition

    Pretend like you were at the best vintage show on the planet with the Twisted Throttle "Bike Show" motorcycle t-shirt. On June 4th, 2016, we hosted our first ever vintage showcase where locals got to show off some of the coolest and oldest bikes in the area. Needless to say, the turnout was pretty epic and many people bought the "Bike Show" motorcycle t-shirt to remember one of the cooler motorbike-themed events to take place in 2016. It doesn't matter if you attended or not, vintage motorbikes will always be a great and thrilling conversation starter. Represent the good ole' days! Learn More

  29. HelmetLok Generation II Helmet Lock and Extension T-Bar

    HelmetLok Generation II Helmet Lock and Extension T-Bar

    Secure your jacket and helmet to your motorcycle while it is unattended with the HelmetLok Generation II Helmet Lock and Extension T-Bar. With an opening large enough to clip through a 1.5 inch bar and an extension T-bar designed that will securely fasten to any helmet D ring, the choices for locking your gear are almost limitless. Pick up a HelmetLok generation II helmet lock and extension t-bar and keep your helmet and jacket where they belong. Learn More

  30. Twisted Throttle "Classic" Ladies Motorcycle T-Shirt - Limited Edition

    Twisted Throttle "Classic" Ladies Motorcycle T-Shirt

    Add some vintage-cool styling to your wardrobe with this Twisted Throttle "Classic" ladies motorcycle T-shirt. Sporting a super-cool distressed retro graphic on a charcoal gray background, this apparel will probably earn you a double take or two. The relaxed, yet form-fitting apparel hugs you in all the right places with an always flattering scoop neck. This ladies "Classic" motorcycle T-shirt is lightweight and thin, made from polyester cotton blend for a super soft feel. Perfect for the gal who lives her life on two-wheels! Learn More

  31. Klim Dakar Pro Glove (Black)

    Klim Dakar Pro Glove

    Note: This product is no longer able to be ordered in the USA but is available in Canada. Please use the toggle button on the upper right of your screen to switch to our Canadian website. Prices will be converted to Canadian Dollars.

    The Klim Dakar Pro glove provides protection and comfort in an armored leather glove designed for riders who prefer to take less than perfectly manicured roads. Poron XRD inserts on each finger and the knuckles safeguards against impacts while remaining comfortable and flexible. Integrated stretch panels on these well equipped Dakar Pro's conform to your hand while also having a little give to increase comfort. High-quality leather construction stands up to off-road abuse while perforated zones maximize air flow to keep your hands cool. Ride with confidence and in comfort in the dirt with the Dakar Pro gloves from the apparel experts at Klim! Learn More

  32. SW-MOTECH Biker Scarf | Microfiber Neck Tube

    SW-MOTECH Biker Scarf | Microfiber Neck Tube

    The SW-MOTECH biker scarf microfiber neck tube is great for protecting your exposed skin from wind, sunburn, bugs and dusty road debris. Soft and stretchy 100% Polyester keeps you comfortable on a motorcycle or out on the town. This elegant scarf is a staff favorite in the colder months when you can stay cozy by tucking one end up into the neck-roll of your helmet, and the other inside of your jacket collar. Sophisticated good looks are a natural side effect that may be experienced with a garment of this caliber. Whatever you do, order one of these microfiber neck tubes from SW-MOTECH and you can thank us later! Learn More

  33. Klim Glove Liner 4.0

    Klim Glove Liner 4.0 Insulated

    The Klim Glove Liner 4.0 Insulated has been designed for ultimate cold weather riding with all the features to turn an ordinary riding glove into an insulated glove. Combining 80 grams of 3M™ THINSULATE™ platinum insulation with a leather palm for superior slip resistance, this glove is sure to elevate any glove to the next teir of cold weather protection. Use the Klim Glove Liner 4.0 Insulated for ideal protection from the elements, recommended use with any Klim Gore-Tex riding glove.

    Learn More

  34. Klim Revolt Pullover, Front Black

    Klim Revolt Pullover | Black, Orange & Blue

    The KLIM Revolt Pullover is designed to allow for more comfortable off-road riding in the elements. Featuring wind and water resistance in a pullover designed to fit over baselayers and armor for those cooler rides or short sprint races. The KLIM Revolt Pullover is the perfect piece to add to any gear closet to keep you riding comfortably.

    Learn More

  35. Klim Sundance Jacket Aqua Front

    Klim Women's Sundance Jacket

    The Klim Women's Sundance Jacket is a mid-layer for women built for performance, with stretch fleece fabric it provides warmth and breathability in a comfortable shell. Perfect for under a shell during the colder months. Learn More


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