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Bike Accessories

Bike Accessories

Bike Accessories

We stock a large selection of bike accessories designed to outfit your motorcycle no matter what you ride. Enhance your rig from headlight to taillight with goodies that improve safety, add versatility, protect your investment, boost comfort, and more! We strive to provide some of the best products from the most proven brands in the industry. Maximize your smiles per gallon with the best bike accessories available!

What We Offer: 

Motorcycle Gear Packages Brake Lines Centerstands Chainguards
Mirrors & Mirror Extensions Sidestands & Sidestand Feet Rear Huggers Exhaust Hangers
Fender Eliminators  Fender Extenders Frame Inserts  

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  1. SW-MOTECH centerstand for Kawasaki Versys 650 '09-'14

    SW-MOTECH centerstand for Kawasaki Versys 650 '09-'14

    The must-have accessory to ease basic chain maintenance, tire changes, parking, and bike cleaning. This centerstand includes a foot lever arm to aid in raising the bike off of the ground. Learn More

  2. R&G SpeedAngle GPS Lap Timer with Lean Angle

    R&G SpeedAngle GPS Lap Timer with Lean Angle

    The R&G SpeedAngle GPS Lap timer is a handy accessory for any rider heading to the track. The unit collects data to help analyze riding ability and style easily. This lap timer includes a super cool feature using Google Earth where you can replay a satellite view of your ride! Review your line around the track with a 3D mock up that includes bike lean and acceleration reporting. Virtually race your friends or foes using your own lap data! 

    • Lean angles up to R/L 69 degrees
    • Longitudinal G’s up to +/- 1.5G
    • Speeds up to 255 MPH (410 KMH)
    • 10 Hz GPS traces
    • Lap times down to 1/1000 sec

    Most often once you hit the track all you need is to power the unit on, race and have fun!

    Whoa, wait! There's more! You can also log the data from your captures onto video from your Gopro, Drift Ghost or Contour and more via some easy to use software available on dashware.net! 

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    $499.99 $432.95

  3. SW-MOTECH Centerstand for Kawasaki Versys 650 '15

    SW-MOTECH Centerstand for Kawasaki Versys 650 LT & ABS '15-'16

    This SW-MOTECH Centerstand for the Versys 650 is designed to support the motorcycle in an upright position with the rear wheel off of the ground for a stable alternative to the sidestand. Made from heavy duty tubular steel to sustain the weight of the motorcycle and powder coated in black for durability. This centerstand maximizes leverage to make lifting the motorcycle into position something even Grandma can do! Equipped with a dual retention spring to stay put in rugged terrain and in the event one spring is damaged to keep your adventure going until a repair can be made.

    Product note: The sidestand must be temporarily folded out in order to park the motorcycle on the centerstand or fold in the centerstand

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  4. HEX Code GS-911wifipro Professional Diagnostic Tool | Wi-Fi

    HEX Code GS-911wifipro Professional Diagnostic Tool for Motorcycles | Wi-Fi

    The HEX Code GS-911wifipro Professional Diagnostic Tool for Motorcycles is for reading and monitoring information from the electronic control unit or "ECU" on your fuel injected BMW motorcycle. BMW motorcycles have sophisticated electronics that ensure smooth operation within strict specifications. If you have a engine light active, the GS-911wifi can connect with your motorcycle to read the fault code and help you determine the source of the issue compatible using your PC or smartphone. 

    The fault code is stored in the ECU even if the problem is not present and the GS-911 is able read the information in the code so you are aware there was or still is an issue present. Monitoring information in real time is also possible to determine the status of a system. This diagnostic information allows you to pinpoint a fault so steps can be taken to correct the problem or replace the malfunctioning electronic sensor. The Wi-Fi capabilities allow on the road diagnostic readings using only your smartphone so you can correct the problem and get back to your adventure. 

    With the GS-911 you can also customize the service reminder to your own personal settings, adjust the way some information is displayed on your dash, and make accommodations for certain operating preferences depending on your model BMW. Give yourself the freedom to maintain your motorcycle without having to schedule a visit to the local dealer. The GS-911 should be in every BMW motorcycle owners toolbox!

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  5. R&G "Tail Tidy" Fender Eliminator License Plate Holder For Triumph Bonneville T120 '16

    R&G "Tail Tidy" Fender Eliminator For Triumph Bonneville T120 '16

    Clean up the rear on your Bonneville T120 by adding the R&G "Tail Tidy" fender eliminator. By replacing your big and bulky tag holder with the R&G "Tail Tidy" you're eliminating all the extra plastic on your back end and providing a more secure mounting solution for your number plate. This fender eliminator features two indicator adapters, providing you with the choice of signal position alongside the license plate or near the shorts for a more retro look.

    Manufactured using stainless steel and black powder coated for a durable and sleek looking finish. Choose between your original indicators or the lower profile R&G Incandescent Micro Indicators, R&G LED Micro Indicators or the R&G Aero LED Indicators. This license plate holder installs easily to your motorcycle and powers up via "plug-n-play" connectors providing a hassle free set-up. Give your motorbike a sportier, less clunky number plate holder and ride away leaving an impression with R&G.

    If your micro indicators end up flashing too fast or too slow, you can stop/prevent this problem by installing the R&G Resistors (RG.RGR0001 or RG.RGR0002).

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