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Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Pack Smarter. Adventure Harder.

An unexpected situation or mishap can make or break a ride, being properly prepared could help you carry on and continue your ride instead of waiting for a tow truck. Carrying travel essentials like flashlights, first-aid and tool kits, tire tools, extra fuel and water are highly recommended to address many unplanned stops. Well-seasoned two wheeled travelers prefer to pack shelter for complete independence and freedom. Check out our selection of travel essentials and unlock your inner explorer!


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  1. SW-Motech Foldable Flexpack Backpack 75D | Black - 30L Ripstop-Polyester, Waterproof

    SW-Motech Foldable Flexpack Backpack 75D | Black - 30L Ripstop-Polyester, Waterproof

    Collapsed, the SW-Motech Foldable Flexpack Backpack is no bigger than a human fist; easily stowing away in any tankbag. But don't underestimate this versatile little bag! In just moments the black flexpack backpack transforms into a 30 liter piece of luggage capable of holding all sorts of items and can even carry a motorcycle helmet! The tough little hand luggage also provides good weather protection with a 75D rip stop polyester material coated with polyurethane.

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  2. Givi EA109 Leg Wallet in black

    Givi EA109 Leg Wallet | 1L

    Increase storage capacity for small items and important documents that are always within reach using the Givi leg wallet. Made of durable 600D polyester PVC and available in grey, black, or black/grey with red trim . Each color features reflectivity for enhanced visibility. Adjustable straps allow this versatile leg wallet to be worn around the waist or thigh for quick access that doesn't get in the way while on or off the motorcycle. Use this smart little bag from Givi to keep your important possessions close without ever leaving them behind! Learn More

  3. SW-MOTECH Legend LA1 Accessory Bag - Motorcycle Luggage

    SW-MOTECH Legend Gear MOLLE Style LA1 Accessory Bag | 0.8L

    The SW-MOTECH Legend Gear LA1 Accessory Bag is designed to carry your goods in style while securely fastened to to other Legend Gear luggage. Create more storage space on using the Molle (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system in an elegant retro style. The LA1 is constructed using Solid Napalon synthetic leather and water resistant coated canvas with high quality fit and finish to keep your possessions secure while always remaining classy.

    The wax coated canvas protects against UV fading while repelling water and dirt. To maintain the like new look regular waxing is recommended with storage out of direct sunlight. For a vintage faded look, wax less often with increased exposure to sunlight.

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  4. Klim Duffle Bag

    Klim Duffle Bag

    This carry-on sized duffel bag by Klim delivers KLIM’s gear-bag toughness and style in a compact bag size. Learn More

  5. SW-MOTECH Legend LA4 Shoulder Strap | Luggage Accessory

    SW-MOTECH Legend Gear MOLLE Style LA4 Shoulder Strap | Luggage Accessory

    The SW-MOTECH Legend Gear LA4 Shoulder Strap is designed to assist in carrying your Legend luggage when away from the motorcycle. Each harness is adjustable in length from 35" - 59" and padded for optimum comfort. The versatile LA4 carrying strap incorporates the Molle (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system into the cushion of the harness while sturdy aluminum buckle hooks help to securely hold your bag whether your traveling on your motorcycle or on foot. The same solid vintage Brown Napalon synthetic leather used in the Legend Gear luggage is also featured in this piece with robust nylon webbing to look great while offering reliable durability. With this convenient shoulder strap your Legend Gear luggage serves double duty to carry your possessions in style both on and off the bike! 

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  6. Givi GRT704 Gravel-T Waist Bag | 3 Liter

    Givi GRT704 Gravel-T Waist Bag | 3L

    Givi GRT704 Gravel-T 3 Liter Waist Bag

    This is not your normal fanny pack! Givi manufactures this waterproof waist/shoulder bag out of a combination of 420D Nylon TPU and 840D Nylon double TPU. These materials make this bag durable, resilient and waterproof. It is designed to carry 3 liters of your stuff, perfect for cell phones, tablets, and travel documents. To make sure this bag is as waterproof as they can make it, Givi high frequency seals the seams.

    Using the strap and buckle the GRT704 Gravel-T bag can be worn around your waist, or upper body. The small size won’t hinder your riding movements, while the padded belt is comfortable and stays in place.

    With the Givi Gravel-T waist bag you can stash your electronic devices and important documents with confidence.

    Dimensions: Height 8.3” x Depth 3.54” x Width 10.23”

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  7. Givi EA113 Leg Wallet XL

    Givi EA113 Leg Wallet XL | 2L

    The Givi leg wallet xl allows you to keep your valuable information and personal devices within easy reach while on or off the motorcycle. Adjustable waist strap allows the wearer to carry goods around your waist and an adjustable thigh strap permits a more tactical style mounting that gives quick and easy access. Durable 600D polyester PVC with stiffener inserts makes a great place to secure your small items and features reflective trim to increase safety and visibility. Don't leave home without the convenient leg wallet from Givi!

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  8. Givi EA104B Easy-T Range Rucksack | 22 Liter - Black

    Givi EA104B Easy-T Range Rucksack | 22L Black

    The Givi EA104B Easy-T Range rucksack is an expandable backpack style bag that is your perfect companion on your motorcycle whether navigating to work or heading for a day out. This knapsack has all the amenities that a rider is looking for in a small bag that still packs a bunch of essentials. The EA104B features everything from handy inner pockets, key strap, and even an included helmet bag. If you’re looking for a little more room for an extra shirt or light rain jacket, no problem, this bag expands giving you that additional space. If the clouds decide to open up, Givi has you covered, they also included a handy rain cover so your laptop remains dry.

    Constructed out of 660D PU with polyester pockets, while the shoulder and back areas use a breathable mesh, this bag is not only durable, it is very comfortable. For extra strength and stability the back is reinforced by rigid plastic. Sling the Givi EA104B Easy-T Range rucksack on and ride away with what you need safely secured to your back. Learn More

  9. Givi EA104GR Easy-T Range Rucksack

    GIVI EA104GR Easy-T Range Rucksack | 22L Gray

    The backpack style GIVI EA104GR Easy-T Range rucksack is the perfect solution for the student or worker that commutes via motorcycle. This small but mighty bag features inner pockets, key strap, rain cover and helmet tote. Need to stuff a few more rider essentials inside? Don't worry; the expanding style of this backpack will give you a little more extra room. Constructed out of 660D PU with the shoulder and back areas using a breathable mesh, this pack is not only durable, it is very comfortable. For extra strength and stability the back is reinforced by rigid plastic. Throw the GIVI Easy-T Range Rucksack over your shoulders, snap the chest and waist straps and ride away knowing your items are organized and safely secured to your back.

    You can find the black version of this Easy-T Range Rucksack here.

    L 16.93in x W 5.51in - 9.44in x H 16.54in

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  10. GIVI UT801 Waterproof Dry-Roll Bag | 30 Liter

    GIVI UT801 Waterproof Dry-Roll Bag | 30 Liter

    The GIVI UT801 waterproof dry-roll bag - 30 liter has an elastic strap system to make attachment to your motorcycle a cinch while keeping your stuff dry in any weather. Heavy duty tarpaulin PVC construction is durable and water tight. This handy roll bag features reflective trim to enhance low light visibility and ergonomic handles to make transport comfortable. An IP 66 rating ensures dust and water will not be able to reach your gear, perfect for muddy and wet conditions experienced by the hardcore adventure & sport touring crowd. Pick up the GIVI UT801 dry-roll bag and enjoy peace of mind knowing that no matter what the weather or trail conditions, your goods will be dry! Learn More

  11. KLIM Nac Pak Motorcycle Backpack

    KLIM Nac Pak Motorcycle Backpack | 15L

    Stay hydrated and keep your motorcycle survival essentials where you need them with the KLIM Nac Pak. At eighteen inches tall, nine inches wide and six inches deep, this backpack is just the right size to carry the items you really need to survive and have within reach should you find yourself separated from your bike by something like a cliff, your ex, or a broken leg. A generous main compartment opens wide with heavy duty YKK zippers and features a pocket to keep your accessories organized as well as a detachable pouch for storing your goggles. The removable YKK zippered tool pouch sporting elastic tool organizing straps and a small parts stash pocket is perfect for carrying your knife, headlamp, water filter, EpiPen and storm proof matches. A lower back YKK zippered compartment is ideal for carrying waterproof layers, a small tarp or your first aid kit and cordage. For those using this pack in the snow, side slots and straps built in on either side are designed to carry a shovel handle and avalanche probe while an external strapped slot located in back is there to store a shovel blade. The included 3 liter KLIM Hydrapak stows securely inside the pack and allows routing and fastening of the drinking hose down the left or right shoulder strap allowing for easy drinking of fluids while you ride. The Air Flux back panel and adjustable shoulder straps with perforated padding provide comfort while the sternum strap and low profile waist straps work to keep your backpack in place no matter how rough the ride gets (or ends). Keep on adventuring no matter what your trip has in store for you, with the Nac Pac by KLIM.

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  12. KLIM Arsenal Tool Pack

    Klim Arsenal Tool Pack

    Be sure your motorcycle repair essentials are there when you need them with a Klim Arsenal Tool Pack. Large enough to carry enough tools to complete the job, yet small enough to stow easily on your motorcycle or backpack, this rugged kit will keep its contents organized no matter how rough your ride will get. Keep your tools at the ready and keep your adventure rolling with the Arsenal Tool Pack by KLIM. Learn More

  13. Givi EA108 Waist Bag: Black

    Givi EA108 Waist Bag 3L

    Keep your valuables secure and in reach when traveling with the Givi EA108 waist bag. Durable 600D polyester construction is trimmed with reflectivity for enhanced night time visibility. Zippered main and front pockets ensure quick access while keeping things organized with the internal organizer pocket. Don't ever leave home without the versatile waist bag from Givi! Learn More


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