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Gifts & Twisted Swag

Gifts & Twisted Swag

Gifts & Twisted Swag

Here is a quick list of great gift ideas for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life.


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  1. Motorcycle Rider Essentials Kit

    Motorcycle Rider Essentials Kit

    This collection of motorcycle must-haves will make your riding life safer, more comfortable, and offer delectable conveniences that you’ll hate to ride without. Our experienced motorcycle enthusiasts here at Twisted Throttle have been riding a long time on every kind of road you can imagine and in all weather conditions. We’re suckers for finding motorcycle solutions before the problems even appear, which is how we came to our Motorcycle Rider Essentials Kit - an easy, one-click gift for your riding friends and family. 

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  2. SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Drybag 80 Tank/Tailbag 8-Liter Dry Bag

    SW-MOTECH Drybag 80 Tank/Tail Bag Dry Bag | 8L

    The brand new Drybag 80 from SW-MOTECH was designed to be used as a tankbag, tailbag, crashbar bag or wherever else you might need small waterproof storage. Easily remove it from the bike and sling it over your shoulder and take it with you.

    Product Minute: SW-MOTECH Drybag 80

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  3. What's in the box.

    Doubletake Enduro Mirror - 1" RAM Compatible Ball (sold individually)

    The team at Twisted Throttle is proud to introduce the only mirror you will ever need - the Doubletake Enduro Mirror - 1" RAM Compatible Ball (sold individually)! With outstanding visibility from the convex shaped mirror glass, a virtually indestructible body, and the convenience of a RAM ball at the end, the Doubletake Mirror is the perfect choice for replacing or adding mirrors to your bike. Learn More

  4. Clear Lens

    AdMore Lighting High Output LED Light Bar with Running, Brake and Progressive Amber Turn Signals

    Share your intentions while you share the road with the Admore Lighting LED Light Bar.

    Designed to provide additional running, brake and signal visibility to your motorcycle, the Admore Lighting LED Light Bar is now 60% brighter. Available in clear or smoke lens, the 78, high-intensity, bi-color LEDs provide red running lights, bright red brake lighting and progressive amber turn signals. Built in brake modulation starts the brake signal with three bright flashes to help alert motorists to your intentions.

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  5. RAM Self-Leveling Cup Holder with 1" Ball and Sleeve

    RAM Mounts Level Cup Drink Holder with Koozie

    A favorite world wide, the RAM self-leveling drink cup holder will bring a smile to anyone’s face when they get it. Learn More

  6. R&G Workshop Mat 78" x 60"

    R&G Workshop Mat 78" x 60" | Large

    The R&G Workshop Mat is a luxurious way to park your motorcycle on display or as a comfortable workspace to wrench on. Abrasion resistant, anti-stretch, anti-crease, washable and quick drying properties allow you to perform maintenance without worrying about oil or other chemical spills. Every enthusiast should have this mat in their garage to enhance the wrenching experience and your rig also deserves a comfortable place to rest.

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  7. BestRest CyclePump Expedition Tire Inflator | Straight Chuck (What's in the box)

    BestRest CyclePump Expedition Tire Inflator | Straight Chuck

    The BestRest CyclePump Expedition tire inflator is an easy to use portable air compressor that is rugged and reliably designed for remote adventure touring. The main body is constructed of sturdy aluminum to preserve critical internal components and is protected by rubber end caps for even greater resilience against drops and abuse when traveling off-road. This high quality tire inflator features a heavy duty brass (straight style) air chuck for attaching and locking to the valve stem. There are four options for powering the unit; a cigarette or BMW style plug, a SAE plug and a set of alligator clips for connecting straight to any 12V battery. The Expedition tire inflator is hand built and bench tested for quality assurance and reliability so you can focus on traveling through remote areas with confidence. Unlike plastic units, the compressor is strong enough to stand on or even survive being run over! Each unit is made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty. Pick up a CyclePump Expedition tire inflator for your next adventure and don't leave home without it! Learn More

  8. SW-MOTECH Legend Gear LT1 Tank Bag | Black Edition 3-5.5 Liter Expandable & Magnetic

    SW-MOTECH Legend Gear Black Edition LT1 Tank Bag | 3-5.5 Liter Magnetic, Expandable & Water Resistant

    The SW-MOTECH Legend Gear Black Edition LT1 tank bag | 3-5.5 liter magnetic, expandable & water resistant adds convenient storage capacity with an unmistakable classic style. Premium materials are utilized for an elegant feel, durable performance and fashionable appearance. This handsome tank bag uses strong sewn in magnets to mount securely to most steel fuel tanks and comes with four optional accessory straps for additional fitment on non-magnetic tanks. Attractive Napalon synthetic leather and wax coated canvas construction provides reliable support for your gear with water resistance to keep things dry (a waterproof rain cover is included for added protection in heavy storms). 

    Internal volume can be increased from the standard 3 liters to 5.5 liters with a quick un-zip of the lower expansion panel. Versatility is further complimented with a MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) military fastening system that allows fastening of additional small item compartments or smartphone holders like the LA1/LA2 accessory pouch and LA3 smartphone case. This Black Edition tank bag is a special release from SW-MOTECH and is available in limited quantities. Fit and finish is top notch and characteristic of classic German engineering and design. Conveniently keep your goods within reach while enhancing the style of your motorcycle with the Legend Gear Black Edition LT1 tank bag!

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