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Hard Luggage

Hard Luggage

Hard Luggage

Looking for hard luggage to outfit your motorcycle?

Twisted Throttle can help you completely set-up your motorbike with hard luggage and be ready for your next adventure. We carry a vast selection of side and top cases to reach every rider from the dual-sport, adventure, sport or cruiser enthusiast. Choose from the best motorcycle hard luggage on the market from brands like DrySpec, Givi, SW-MOTECH and more!  Whether you are looking for a plastic or an aluminum case, small or large capacity to tote your rider essentials; we'll help you ride away equiped with great looking, high quality and durable hard luggage.


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  1. Shad SH-43 Sidecase Matte Black Finish

    Shad SH-43 Sidecases

    The Shad SH43 are a sturdy, large-sized 43 liter side case with interchangeable lid panels. Offered in Matte Black, Gloss Silver and Gloss Black finish. Learn More

  2. Shad SH-40 Cargo Top Case Matte Black Finish

    Shad SH-40 Cargo Top Case Matte Black Finish

    The Shad SH40 Cargo is a sturdy, medium-sized 40 liter topcase with an included cargo rack for additional storage capacity. Learn More

  3. Shad SH-45 Top Case Matte Black Finish

    Shad SH-45 Top Case Matte Black Finish

    The Shad SH45 is a sturdy, large-sized 45 liter topcase featuring red or clear lens. Learn More

  4. Shad SH-48 Topcase

    Shad SH-48 Topcase

    The Shad SH48 is a sturdy, large-sized 48 liter topcase that features an aerodynamic style and Dark Gray trim. Learn More

  5. Shad SH-49 Topcase

    Shad SH-49 Topcase

    The Shad SH49 is a sturdy, large-sized 49 liter topcase designed for the rider who likes to venture out for those extended weekend trips. Learn More

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5 Item(s)