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Luggage & Racks

Luggage & Racks

Luggage & Racks

Motorcycle Luggage & Racks

Mount saddlebags, panniers, top cases and top luggage bags to your street or adventure motorcycle to increase your touring ability. Twisted Throttle carries a large assortment of rear luggage racks and side luggage racks that are designed to work with your motorcycle as well as top cases, drybags, tail bags, bungee straps tankbags, saddlebags, side cases and hard case lighting kits. With motorcycle luggage and racks from trusted brands such as SW-MOTECH, DrySpec, Denali, AdMore Lighting, ROK Straps and Givi, Twisted Throttle will help you securely carry what you need for your next motorcycle journey.


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  1. SW-MOTECH Legend Gear LT1 Tankbag | 3-5.5 Liter

    SW-MOTECH Legend Gear LT1 Tank Bag | 3 - 5.5 Liter Expandable & Magnetic

    The SW-MOTECH Legend Gear LT1 tank bag attaches to any metal fuel tank to feature up to 5.5 liters of expandable capacity using luxurious yet durable materials with a high quality fit and finish. Chic retro styling is achieved using Napalon synthetic leather combined with water resistant coated canvas. The sleek LT1 mounts to any metal fuel tank using a powerful magnet that allows quick access to the fuel filler. The base of the bag features a full circumference zipper that swiftly expands capacity from 3 liters to 5.5 liters! This swanky tank bag is compatible with other Legend Gear accessories like the LA3 Smartphone Bag that mounts directly to the top permitting easy access to your device. Add instant versatility with dashing style by using the Legend Gear LT1 tank bag on your motorcycle!

    The cotton canvas is wax coated to protect against UV damage while repelling dirt and water. To maintain a like new appearance, wax regularly and avoid storage in direct sunlight. For a vintage faded look, wax less often with direct exposure to sunlight.

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    $136.95 $110.95

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    GIVI MT504 Metro-T Magnetic Tank Bag | 5 Liters

    GIVI MT504 Metro-T Magnetic Tank Bag | 5 Liters

    This tank bag uses three magnets that are stationed in the bottom of the bag, so it securely mounts to motorcycles with a metal tank.

    This 5 liter expandable tank bag will carry riding essentials like cards, phones, cameras, wallet or even some basic tools for the road. Securely store keys in the side pocket, and your cell phone is protected in its own separate neoprene pouch. The top shell of the MT504 encases another pocket for travel documents. An included rain cover joins the arsenal of features in the MT504 magnetic tank bag. By the way, if you combine the MT504 Metro-T magnetic with Power Hub accessories you can charge your phone as you ride. To electrify your bag, consider adding a Power Hub Kit  and a 12V Handlebar Outlet.

    GIVI thermoforms EVA, and covers this tank lock bag with Guzy600D and PU for a water, UV and stress crack resistant tank bag. The Metro-T is supplied with zippers that are lock ready, and a shoulder strap if you want to take it with you.

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    $119.00 $107.10

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    Givi EA112 Tablet Holder Tankbag | Magnetic

    Givi EA112 Tablet Holder Tank Bag | Magnetic

    The GiviEA112 tablet holder magnetic tank bag is a convenient way to access information from your personal device on your motorcycle while on the go. Four powerful magnets are secured internally to provide a positive connection to any metallic tank. Straps are also included for fitment on non-metallic tanks. This versatile tank bag is manufactured from durable 600D polyester PVC with reflective trim and an anti slip bottom. Accommodate up to 10" tablets with a large viewing window for maximum visibility. Enhance the cockpit of your motorcycle with this convenient tank bag from Givi! Learn More
    $72.00 $64.80

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    Givi EA102B Easybag Expandable Magnetic Tankbag | 25 Liters

    Givi EA102B Easybag Expandable Magnetic Tank Bag | 25 Liters

    The Givi EA102B expandable magnetic tank bag will carry 25 liters of rider essentials.  Keep items like a map, cell phone, wallet or sunglasses within easy reach of your finger tips.   If you need a little extra space, the EA102B expands upwards for an additional 4in of storage.  Attach this tank bag to your bike with the four super strong magnets located in lower pouches on the bag, or with the included mounting straps.  You can also use the TFS (tank fitting system) to mount this carryall to your motorcycle.  Easily take the Givi EA102B with you by attaching the included shoulder strap and use it as a rucksack.

    Givi uses a 600D polyester TPE material to manufacture this durable and water resistant bag.  An anti-slip textile is added to the base of the tank bag so it won’t slide all over your tank.  The transparent map cover keeps your map in an easy to read location, while plastic reinforced corners add additional protection for the goodies inside.  If the sky opens up just throw on the rain cover, it’s stored in a handy little front pocket.  This cover comes with a clear window so your map remains visible.  

    Dimensions: L 14.5” x W 11” x H 6.7”- 10.6”

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    $108.00 $97.20

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    Givi EA106B Easybag Magnetic Tankbag | 6 Liter

    Givi EA106B Easybag Magnetic Tank Bag | 6 Liter

    The Givi EA106B magnetic tank bag is designed to secure to motorcycles with metal tanks by using two magnets that are found in lower pouches on the bag. If you have a plastic tank you can use the four included straps or the locks to attach it to a TFS (tank fitting system).

    The Givi magnetic tank bag features a spacious 6 liter carrying capacity, and sports a pouch with a clear cover to keep up to a 7in mobile phone or tablet at hand and visible. Reflective accents on the bag adds extra visibility at night, while the included rain cover keeps rider necessities, and valuable gizmos dry.

    Givi uses durable 600D polyester that is TPE coated for water and UV resistance. This tank bag has many compartments to keep all your goodies organized and easily reached. There is even a clasp in the front pocket to secure keys. A shoulder strap, and carry handle allow you to take the bag with you when you leave your motorcycle, making this small but mighty bag a super handy travel companion that keeps your stuff safe.

    Dimensions: Length 12.2” x Width 6.3” x Height 5.1”

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    $65.00 $58.50

  6. SW-MOTECH Legend Gear LT1 Tank Bag | Black Edition 3-5.5 Liter Expandable & Magnetic

    SW-MOTECH Legend Gear Black Edition LT1 Tank Bag | 3-5.5 Liter Magnetic, Expandable & Water Resistant

    The SW-MOTECH Legend Gear Black Edition LT1 tank bag | 3-5.5 liter magnetic, expandable & water resistant adds convenient storage capacity with an unmistakable classic style. Premium materials are utilized for an elegant feel, durable performance and fashionable appearance. This handsome tank bag uses strong sewn in magnets to mount securely to most steel fuel tanks and comes with four optional accessory straps for additional fitment on non-magnetic tanks. Attractive Napalon synthetic leather and wax coated canvas construction provides reliable support for your gear with water resistance to keep things dry (a waterproof rain cover is included for added protection in heavy storms). 

    Internal volume can be increased from the standard 3 liters to 5.5 liters with a quick un-zip of the lower expansion panel. Versatility is further complimented with a MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) military fastening system that allows fastening of additional small item compartments or smartphone holders like the LA1/LA2 accessory pouch and LA3 smartphone case. This Black Edition tank bag is a special release from SW-MOTECH and is available in limited quantities. Fit and finish is top notch and characteristic of classic German engineering and design. Conveniently keep your goods within reach while enhancing the style of your motorcycle with the Legend Gear Black Edition LT1 tank bag!

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