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Tires & Tools

Tires & Tools

Tires & Tools

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  1. Hexcode-GS911 Wifi Enthusiast

    Hexcode-GS911 Wifi Enthusiast

    GS-911wifi Enthusiast BMW Diagnostic tool.

    Generation II

    Holds up to 10 BMW bikes


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  2. Hexcode-GS911 USB & Bluetooth Enthusiast

    Hexcode-GS911 USB & Bluetooth Enthusiast

    GS-911 USB & Bluetooth Enthusiast BMW Diagnostic tool.

    Generation I

    This product connects with USB only (no Blue Tooth), will work on up to 10 VIN's and includes the following:

    • 1x GS911-USB diagnostic interface
    • 1x mini-USB cable
    • Quick-start guide
    • One year free updates for the Windows™-based (Windows™ XP SP2, Windows™ Vista, Windows™ 7, and Windows™ 8) GS-911 software


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  3. Hexcode-GS911 USB Professional Diagnostics Tool

    Hexcode-GS911 USB Professional Diagnostics Tool

    GS-911 Diagnostic tool for BMW motorcycles

    This diagnostic tool offers a unique software and hardware combination that allows the BMW enthusiast the ability to communicate with the control modules in a safe and controlled manner. Turn your PC or mobile phone into a powerful fault-finding tool... In the true spirit of adventure riding, the GS-911 tool is also available with a Bluetooth interface, allowing you to use it with most modern mobile phones with no additional accessories required.

    Click Here to See the GS-911 Function Chart for New Updates!

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  4. R&G SpeedAngle GPS Lap Timer with Lean Angle

    R&G SpeedAngle GPS Lap Timer with Lean Angle

    The R&G SpeedAngle GPS Lap timer is a handy accessory for any rider heading to the track. The unit collects data to help analyze riding ability and style easily. This lap timer includes a super cool feature using Google Earth where you can replay a satellite view of your ride! Review your line around the track with a 3D mock up that includes bike lean and acceleration reporting. Virtually race your friends or foes using your own lap data! 

    • Lean angles up to R/L 69 degrees
    • Longitudinal G’s up to +/- 1.5G
    • Speeds up to 255 MPH (410 KMH)
    • 10 Hz GPS traces
    • Lap times down to 1/1000 sec

    Most often once you hit the track all you need is to power the unit on, race and have fun!

    Whoa, wait! There's more! You can also log the data from your captures onto video from your Gopro, Drift Ghost or Contour and more via some easy to use software available on! 

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