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Stebel Nautilus Compact Dual-Tone Motorcycle Air Horn, 12-Volt, Black or Chrome

Stebel Nautilus Compact Dual-Tone Motorcycle Air Horn, 12-Volt, Black or Chrome

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Dual-tone air horn from Stebel of Italy available in Black or Chrome. Loud enough to convince other drivers that there's a derailed freight train barreling down on them. Don't press the horn button in the garage, it hurts! At 114 dB it can be heard for almost 3 city blocks! YEEEOOOWWW!

Note: Stebel horns currently ship in packaging with FIAMM branding, do not be alarmed, they are the same product.

Includes a single M8 mounting bolt and nut, as well as a relay for providing a direct, high current attachment to the motorcycle's battery.

No wires, fuses, or bike-specific mounting brackets are included.

Need wiring help? Check out this horn relay wiring diagram. If you're still confused, you should probably buy our Plug-N-Play wiring kit for Stebel Compact Nautilus Airhorns.

Previously, I'd tried the stock (go-cart) horns on my Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom, then moved to dual FIAMM Highway Blasters with a dedicated horn relay, which were a significant improvement. Still, I felt like other drivers couldn't hear my horns very well on the highway.

With the Stebel air horn, there's no doubt that people can hear me. When I tried them outside of's warehouse, everyone in the warehouse (as well as two of our neighbors) came outside to see what was going on. These horns are really freakin' LOUD.

Michael, our former warehouse manager, affectionately calls them "People Deafeners."

You will not be dissapointed - just make sure you wire the included relay properly, as replacement horns used without a relay don't get enough electrical current to be fully effective.

Technical specifications:

  • Sound Output: 114 dB
  • Operating Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Absorbed Current: less than 18A
  • Fundamental Frequency: 530 Hz & 680 Hz
  • Weight: 0.6 kg (1.3 lbs)
  • Dimensions: Approximately 4.8"x4.5"x3"
  • Reaction time: less than 90 milli-seconds

In addition to this horn & relay, you'll need to pick up the following items from Auto Zone/Pep Boys/Radio Shack to complete installation:

MATERIALS (not included with horn):
- 14 to 16 gauge wire, 10 ft - 20 ft length (more than enough)
- 2 splice-in wire connectors (blue plastic variety)
- 6 female blade-style quick disconnects (Radio Shack 64-3049)
- 3 ring connectors for attachment to battery terminals
- 1 in-line fuse holder with 30 amp automotive fuse
- weather resistant electrical tape (or just use weather-sealed heat-shrink connectors)

Stebel Horn Vs. a stock horn on a Yamaha FJR1300

Also fits ATVs, scooters, cars, trucks, freight trains, airplanes, steamships, cotton gins, and any other vehicles equipped with 12-volt power.

Per the manufacturer, this horn should be mounted so that the cylinder is vertical (with the horn facing down). There should be no more than a 15 degree variance from the vertical position. If it is not mounted per these specifications, then the horn may cease to function after a period of time.

If you own a 2003-2005 Harley Davidson motorcycle and horn relays are repeatedly failing, please visit your local dealership to upgrade your horn button under the Harley recall.

Installation on the Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom:
To fabricate the mount shown on the Suzuki V-Strom pictured on this page, you'll need the following:
- one 20mm x 100mm x 2mm strip of aluminum or steel (to fabricate bracket)
- one metric M8 nylon locknut
(1) Drill a 6.5mm diameter hole about 10mm from one end of the metal strip, and drill an 8.5mm hole about 10mm from the other end of the metal strip.
(2) Place two 45-degree bends in the metal strip, each in opposite directions. The first bend should be about 20mm from the end of the metal strip with the 6.5mm dia. hole. The send bend should be 30mm further from the same end of the metal strip.
(3) Bolt the 8.5mm hole end of the metal strip to the horn using the M8 locknut.
(4) Bolt the 6.5mm-hole end to the bike using the stock radiator mount screw on the left side of the bike, facing the offset toward the center of the motorcycle.

Installation on other bikes may vary! If you've documented how to install the horn on your bike, send us the photos & instructions, and we'll post them for everyone!

Note: The horn model offered here is the Compact Stebel Nautilus model, which is produced in all black OR chrome with black trim. The Compact Nautilus is the smallest, loudest, most vibration-resistant model offered by Stebel, and is the most appropriate for use on motorcycles.

The Original Stebel Nautilus is a significantly larger (but not louder) horn model that is produced by Stebel in black, red, or chrome-plated plastic. It is prone to damage from motorcycle vibration, and the chrome-plated plastic version has a poor finish that chips easily. For these reasons, we do not offer the Original Nautilus model.


For the correct fitment on your bike, please reference the below chart

Horn Mounting Application Chart


SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
F650GS '09-'15  HMT.07.10200    
F650GS Dakar '00-'03  HMT.07.10200    
F650GS Dakar '04-'07  HMT.07.10200    
F700GS '13-'16  HMT.07.10000    
F800GS '13-'16  HMT.07.10000    
F800GS Adventure '14-'16  HMT.07.10000    
G650GS '09-'16  HMT.07.10200    
S1000XR '16   HMT.07.10600  
R1200GSLC '13-'16 HMT.07.10400   Compatible only with M6 Mounting holes. Consult product page for more details.
R1200RT '14-'16 HMT.07.10300    
K1600GT '11-'16   HMT.07.10500  
K1600GTL '11-'16   HMT.07.10500  

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
Multistrada 1200 '10-'14 HMT.22.10000    

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
Softail (w/ Evolution Engine, aka "EVO") '84-'00 HMT.23.10000    
Sportster (w/ Evolution Engine, aka "EVO") '86-'17 HMT.23.10000    
Sportster Super Low 1200T '03-'17 HMT.23.10000    
Sportster Iron 883 '07-'17 HMT.23.10000    
Sportster Super Low '03-'17 HMT.23.10000    
Touring (w/ Evolution Engine, aka "EVO") '84-'99 HMT.23.10000    

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
 CB500F '13-'15 HMT.01.10100    
 CBR1100XX '96-'07 See Notes For Fitment:
  SoundBomb Compact Horn can be mounted using L-Bracket (TWT-00-013-001) to the upper fairing stay 
 NC700X '12-'15 HMT.01.10000    
 ST1100 '90-'02 See Notes For Fitment   SoundBomb Compact Horn can be mounted to the radiator support inside the right side locking dash compartment
 ST1300 '02-'15 See Notes For Fitment   SoundBomb Compact Horn can be mounted under the front upper right hand side fairing
Indian Motorcycles

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
Scout '15-'17 HMT.25.10000    
Scout Sixty '15-'17 HMT.25.10000    

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
Concours 14 '08-'16 HMT.08.10000    Will not fit California emissions equipped models
KLR 650 '08-'16 TWT.HMT.08.004.100    
Versys 650 '10-'14 HMT.08.10200   Will not fit California emissions equipped models
Versys 1000LT '15-'16   HMT.08.10100  

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
1050 Adventure HMT.04.10000    
1190 Adventure '13-'16 HMT.04.10000    
1190 Adventure R '13-'16 HMT.04.10000    
1290 Super Adventure '15-'16 HMT.04.10000    

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
DL650 V-Strom '04-'11 HMT.05.10100    
DL650 V-Strom Adventure '04-'11 HMT.05.10100    
DL650 V-Strom '12-'16 HMT.05.10100    
DL650 V-Strom Adventure '12-'16 HMT.05.10100    
DL1000 V-Strom '02-'13 HMT.05.10100    
1000 V-Strom '14-'16 HMT.05.10200    
1000 V-Strom Adventure '14-'16 HMT.05.10200    

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
Tiger 800 '10-'14 HMT.11.10300   Not compatible with OEM crashbars
Tiger 800 XC '10-'14 HMT.11.10300   Not compatible with OEM crashbars
Tiger 800 XC '15-'16 Coming Soon!   Not compatible with OEM crashbars
Tiger 800 XCx '15-'16 Coming Soon!   Not compatible with OEM crashbars
Tiger 800 XR '15-'16 Coming Soon!   Not compatible with OEM crashbars
Tiger 800 XRx '15-'16 Coming Soon!   Not compatible with OEM crashbars
Bonneville '07-'16 HMT.11.10500    
Bonneville T100 '07-'15 HMT.11.10500    
Thruxton 900 '04-'15 HMT.11.10500    
Tiger Explorer 1200 '12-'14  HMT.11.10100    
Tiger Explorer ABS '15-'16 HMT.11.10100    
Tiger Explorer XC ABS '15-'16 HMT.11.10100    
Tiger Explorer XCa '17 HMT.11.10100    
Tiger Explorer XCx '17 HMT.11.10100    
Tiger Explorer XCx Low '17 HMT.11.10100    
Tiger Explorer XR '17 HMT.11.10100    
Tiger Explorer XRt '17 HMT.11.10100    
Tiger Explorer XRx '17 HMT.11.10100    
Tiger Explorer XRx Low '17 HMT.11.10100    

SoundBomb Compact
Bike Specific Mount

SoundBomb Split Horn Bike Specific Mount Fitment Notes
Bolt '15-'16 HMT.06.10100    
Bolt C-Spec '15-'16 HMT.06.10100    
Bolt R-Spec '15-'16 HMT.06.10100    
VMAX '08-'16 See Notes For Fitment:
  SoundBomb Compact Horn can be mounted using L-Bracket (TWT-00-013-001) behind the radiator on the right hand side
XT1200Z Super Tenere '11-'16 HMT.06.10000    
Warrior '02-'10 See Notes For Fitment:
  SoundBomb Compact Horn can be mounted using L-Bracket (TWT-00-013-001) to the right hand side factory horn mount


Customer Reviews
Review by Jeff
I've had it for 3 weeks now and love it and it sure will move someone over. (Posted on 5/30/2016)
Review by Sandy
This horn has been on all my bikes. This install would have been problematic but the website had detailed specific install and location I never would have found on my own ('09 Kaw 14 Concours). Wire kit made it a 15 minute install, not including the hour to r/r the fairing side for access to the location. Horn is goofy loud. One on my Rocket III has been operating for 10 years. Best safety tool is a good offense. You WILL be heard with this horn regardless of what the driver is of the car is doing. Use it often and preemptively... (Posted on 9/11/2015)
Review by kaber5150
Warning: This horn may give people heart attacks, but once deceased it will probably revive them.

I can't recommend this air horn enough, best $50 I spent on an aftermarket part for my Burgman ever. Even with my helmet on at 75mph it's painfully loud, and that's a great feature in a horn. (Posted on 9/2/2015)
Review by Vaclav
I installed the horn and it worked great for about one month weeks. Now the motor appears to spin but does not make any noise. I took great pains to isolate the air intake and used it periodically as recommended by others but the horn failed after one month. Since this is highly recommended by others on this and other sites I will purchase one again but this time will make a filter for the air inlet, maybe this will do the trick. (Posted on 7/15/2015)
Review by connie1
Bought this because my stock motorcycle horn didn't get any respect. But not anymore... The plug and play option was nice, just make sure you have it well grounded, the grounding point shown in the video didn't work for me. Small enough to tuck under my fairing, you don't even know it's there....'till I hit the switch! (Posted on 7/14/2015)
Review by mike71129
This is the second one I have had & they both will definitely wake you up. Put it on a Polaris Slingshot this time (Posted on 6/22/2015)
Review by BigJonGee
Gets the attention of the blind cage driver that continue to say I didn't see that motorcycle. Chromed Plastic is fairly poor quality but does not effect horn. I have had to replace the relay several times over the last couple of years is only other problem I have encountered. A note to those that think they do not have enough room to mount them: I separated the horn from the compressor and mounted compressor behind the side panel of Ultra and connected to horn via clear plastic tubing routed out of sight. (Posted on 6/13/2015)
Review by gmiller302
Bought this horn for my son's 2007 Triumph Daytona 675. Hard to find a place to mount. The bike has after-market exhaust and therefore the tag is mounted more forward than stock. Ended up mounting the horn behind the tag but had to turn it sideways rather than up and down. I wrote an installation "guide" for what I did but they wouldn't post it because I mounted it sideways. It's been 5 years now and no problem so far. Buying another one for my '67 Jaguar XK-E and another for my '68 Norton P-11. GREAT item. (Posted on 5/10/2015)
Review by Superfunkomatic
Just had this installed to replace the anemic stock horn on a BMW F800GS (2012). It was mounted on the right side facing downward to avoid it getting clogged with road bugs and debris. It's much clearer than the original horn and now more of a honk than a meep. I haven't had much time to try it out in actual traffic conditions yet. (Posted on 4/28/2015)
Review by Garyh
This is my 3rd Nautilus purchase. one had to be replaced when my horn button stuck in the on position and the horn fried after about 5 minutes of loud. ( I was on the freeway and couldn't safely pull over. ) Other than that they work great. (Posted on 3/18/2015)
Review by motodude62
I bought this and found it to really loud. Do not buy the wiring harness and brackets--- Its a waste for $$$$ Instructions are clear. But you have to be creative to do the brackets. (Posted on 3/10/2015)
Review by Moose
bought this so I can be heard on my bike and it definitely works great (Posted on 11/25/2014)
Review by Den
This is the second Stebel Nautilus horn I have purchased. The first went on my 2002 Aprilia RSVR. The second is going on my 2012 BMW K1300S. The horns that come on these bikes are apologetic; instead of a little "excuse me," you want a "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING IN MY LANE" kind of response. The Stebel is it. (Posted on 11/12/2014)
Review by magyver
Finally got my nautilus dual-tone air horn working.This thing is LOUD, however, I did test it with a meter and only got 132 db. Plenty of sound but quite a bit of difference between advertised sound and actual sound.. Would still give it 5 stars. (Posted on 9/27/2014)
Review by DJRFW
Whenever I buy a new bike, this is the first item I put on it. It is the best/cheapest thing you can do to increase your safety. Loud pipes help people hear you, but they are loud all the time and create too much animosity among non-riders. This is only loud when you need it to be. And it's much cheaper than new pipes.

The only problem I have ever had with this product is that I can't find a place to install it on my new Triumph Thruxton. I have installed one of these on a Honda ST1300, a Honda CB1000R, a Honda Shadow Spirit and a Suzuki Bandit. Never been disappointed in the performance. (Posted on 8/19/2014)
Review by Phil
I have been using the Stebel Nautilus horn on my '05 V Strom for about 6 years now....but not the first one I bought....that was about two horns ago. I mount mine on my SW Motec crash bars, in the proper position, ie. straight up and down. The vibration from the motor must be jarring the innards loose because they quit after about a year. Don't do much riding in the rain, so can't blame it on that. They just fall apart. They are great while they work though, real lifesavers. Will try using some rubber strips for padding and see if that extends the life any.To be continued. (Posted on 8/7/2014)
Review by Anonymous
This is not the same a the wooloo big boy horn that they sell at harbor freight! I have a buddy who has one of those and this one BLOWS that one away! (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Review by Anonymous
I purchased the horn and am glad I did as I now have a real hearable horn instead of the weak sounding one that comes with the motorcycle. Now I can be heard! (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Review by teebills
I installed the horn and it worked great for about 2 weeks. Now it spins and pumps out air but doesn't make any noise. It actually died on me while in use as a lady was coming over on me. Not a satisfied customer. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Review by Anonymous
Bought it for the bike, separated the compressor from the horn so it was easier to hide. Works wonderful! Now the "enemy" can hear me in traffic. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Review by Douglas
Seriously loud horn. excellent safety device. BMW '05 Dakar has a tiny horn. get this and save trouble. old horn was in beak of bike, plenty of places to hide wires behind things and keep it neat. use old horn wires to activate new relay. buy the wiring kit for this, save time. (Posted on 9/23/2013)
Review by dana
I live in Boston and regularly ride through the Big Dig tunnel - over two miles of impatient, distracted commuters and trucks, with several turns and lane drops and additions on both sides.

Mounted inside the cowling of my 2009 DL650A. I used the included relay powered by the stock horn and power leads back to the battery.

If you give a quick hit of the horn button, the horn emits a short "bleep" - hold it down and you get the full volume.

For some reason, motorists do not react aggressively to this horn the way they do to standard diaphragm horns. So you can use it whenever there is a potential threat without irritating everyone around. I've even seen people smile at the sound!

Recommended for all cyclists and I may even put them on my eBike!
(Posted on 9/1/2013)
Review by Paul
Mounted surpisingly easy in the same location as stock horn. Doesn't always work at idle but when I'm on the freeway dealing with the texting cagers, I feel like Dirty Harry with a locked and loaded .44 Magnum. "Go ahead, make my day!" (Posted on 6/20/2013)
Review by arturo
I used for more yhan a year, but unfortunately I did not add the air house and in a trip to a sandy road, te horn blower got too much sand and it got a sore throat. It now sounds when its hot< and did not performed well. So I open it up to fix it and it worked for two days, so Im getting a new one it is worth every penny (Posted on 6/12/2013)
Review by James
It was a little tricky finding a spot to install this on my wife's Spyder, but it did snuggle up next to the ignition coils/box on the upper left side of the engine bay. Even with the body work on, the horn sounds like a train coming down the tracks. The optional wiring kit was used to make the install easier. I wired directly off the battery with the relay mounted under the seat towards the rear where the battery + post comes through. I did leave the stock horn in place and tied in to the Steibel . . . just because more is better in this case. There should be no reason a car won't be able to hear you now! The only reason I wouldn't give this a 'five' is because I think a couple of more mounting points on the horn could have made this job easier. The wife loves it! DO NOT COME UP BEHIND A LITTLE OLD LADY PUSHING HER SHOPPING CART AND BLAST HER . . . . SHE COULD BE ON HEART MEDS. (Posted on 6/9/2013)
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