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SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack Toprack to fit TraX, Givi & Other Topcases for Yamaha FZ1 Fazer '00-'04 & FZR1000 '00-'04

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The SW-MOTECH ALU-RACK is a clean looking, stand-alone base system that allows Quick-Release fitment of TraX, Givi and other Topcases, SW-MOTECH luggage racks, or SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Quick-Lock Tankbags to keep your motorcycle as versatile as you are.

ALU-RACK Topracks are a sturdy and elegant solution for mounting your topcase. Constructed from high-strength, lightweight aluminum for durability, they are bike-specific and shaped to accentuate the lines of your motorcycle. Three mounting points for Quick-Lock fasteners in the center of the ALU-RACK allow attachment of removable adapters to fit most Topcases, an SW-MOTECH Quick-Release Soft Luggage Carrier, or an SW-MOTECH ALU-RACK QUICK-LOCK Tankring for fitting flat-bottom SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Tankbags such as the QUICK-LOCK EVO Sport Tankbag or the QUICK-LOCK EVO Daypack Tankbag.

Adapter plates are available to fit the following Topcases

  • Givi Monolock
  • Givi Monokey
  • TraX ALU-BOX
  • Pelican
  • DrySpec
  • Shad SH26, SH29, SH32, SH33, SH37, SH40, SH42, SH45 & SH46 (not SH48, SH49 or SH50)
  • Kappa
  • Hepco-Becker
  • Coocase
Above photo courtesy of Alan LaRue,

Silver03, an FZ1 Owners Association member, said:
Is it a lot of luggage for running around town? Yes. Does it strip down to a set of rails? Yes! Once everything is set up, it takes less than 5 minutes to go from bare bike to all racks and bags in place. It takes a lot less than 5 minutes. But if I told you that, you wouldn't believe me!

Adam Powell, an FZ1 owner, wrote to us on April 11, 2005:
I just wanted to let you know that I received the Alu-Rack and Quick-Lock sideracks and it all went together really easily - a really well made product! I look forward to getting years of use out of them. Thanks for the excellent service and super fast delivery. Thanks again!

Larry Kloker, owner of a 2002 Blue FZ1, wrote to us on April 26, 2005:
The SW-MOTECH Alu-rack just came in and I got it installed. I experienced no problems at all with the rail holes lining up. It all fit perfectly. Never thought I'd be sayin' this to a guy, but "Nice Rack!"

Installation notes from Twisted Throttle (March 30, 2005):

We've installed this product on the FZ1 several times in our shop, and we've found that there are a few tricks to easily installing the product on your first try. Not following the steps below may result in mistakenly concluding that the product doesn't fit properly.

First, it's important to point out that the holes drilled in the left and right Alu-Rack support rails are not symmetrical. Don't worry! This is intentional and necessary to fit the bike properly.

Second, before attempting to install the Alu-Rack, loosen all screws holding the rear plastic fairing to the frame of the motorcycle. This will allow you to shift the fairing a bit if necessary during installation.

Third, install the Alu-Rack. Once all screws are loosely in place, tighten each a little at a time until all screws are tight. Don't fully tighten each screw one-by-one, as this may shift the alu-rack out of its normal flat position. Instead, tighten all screws a few turns at a time until all are tight. Use of medium-strength liquid threadlocker is recommended.

Fourth, re-tighten each of the screws holding the rear plastic fairing to the frame of the motorcycle. Don't fully tighten each screw one-by-one, as this may shift the fairing out of place. Instead, tighten all screws a few turns at a time until all are tight.

If you follow these steps for installation and the Alu-Rack still doesn't appear to fit correctly, please give us a call!

- The Twisted Toprack Torquer

The Alu-Rack positions larger Givi topcases so that a portion of the topcase's front edge may be approximately 1 inch further forward than the rear edge of the passenger seat. We do not recommend use of an add-on passenger backrest when using Givi topcases on this rear rack, as a backrest may further reduce passenger clearance.
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