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SW-MOTECH 12V Cigarette Socket with Wiring Harness and In-line Fuse

SKU: EMA.00.107.10200

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The SW-MOTECH 12V Cigarette Socket with Wiring Harness and In-line Fuse allows the use of external electronic devices.

The Cigarette-style socket and harness are completely isolated due to rubber seals making them weatherproof.

Kit includes:

  • Cigarette-style socket
  • Cable harness
  • 15A (amp) fuse
  • Mounting material
  • Measures 65" in length
  • Mounting instructions
Customer Reviews
Review by Rob
This unit looked impressive when I first received and mounted it. I had high hopes. The wiring appeared very solid and well designed. The bracket fit the handlebar mount perfectly. It was solid and did not move. Unfortunately, when I started to use it, I found the socket itself seemed to be too big for its purpose. Anything I plug into it vibrates loose while riding. When it does, it loses electrical contact and the accessory being powered (e.g., my phone, GPS) loses power. I have to continously reach down and wiggle the plug in the socket to re-establish contact. Its a royal pain. I will be replacing it. (Posted on 9/10/15)
Review by Beiter01
This 12v socket is higher quality than most. The wire gauge and jacket make for a professional and OEM looking install. I would buy one of these again. No flimsy pvc jacketing here! (Posted on 3/31/15)
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