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SW-MOTECH Handlebar risers for Select Triumph Explorer & Tiger 800 Models | 20mm rise

SW-MOTECH Handlebar risers for Select Triumph Explorer & Tiger 800 Models | 20mm rise

SKU: LEH.11.039.10000.S

In stock


For use with original top clamp. Adds an additional 20mm of rise to the bar height without changing of control cables, wiring, or hoses. However, the installer should always check for adequate cable/wiring/hose slack during installation. Available in polished silver finish.

Includes two M10x1.25x110mm bolts.


  • Triumph Explorer 120 '12-'15
  • Triumph Explorer 1200 XC '12-'15
  • Triumph Tiger Explorer XCx '16-'17
  • Triumph Tiger Explorer XCa '16-'17
  • Triumph Tiger Explorer XR '16-'17
  • Triumph Tiger Explorer XRx '16-'17
  • Triumph Tiger Explorer XRt '16-'17
  • Triumph Tiger 800 '11-'14
  • Triumph Tiger 800 XC '11-'16
  • Triumph Tiger 800 XCx '15-'16
  • Triumph Tiger 800 XCa '15-'16
  • Triumph Tiger 800 XR '15-'16
  • Triumph Tiger 800 XRx '15-'16
  • Triumph Tiger 800 XRt '16
Manufacturer # LEH.11.039.10000/S

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Customer Reviews
Review by jim
It makes it a little more comfortable as others said .It's worth it . (Posted on 7/31/2015)
Review by Superfunkomatic
The only reason it is not 5 stars is I struggled with the price. In saying that, the part is very well made, fits well, and was very easy to install. It is a far superior design to the other versions I considered as they were mounted between the stock riser and bars and were too noticeable. These mount below the stock risers and are very subtle. A much cleaner look for the same end result. (Posted on 5/29/2015)
Review by ls6777
Easy to Install, brought up the handlebars to a better position for me. Completely satisfied, although it seems like a lot of money for 2 pieces of metal and 2 bolts. (Posted on 5/21/2015)
Review by Tiger
After first ride with the risers installed, very clear difference. Arms are in a more relaxed position. Installation was only 10 minutes. Great product for the price. (Posted on 5/12/2015)
Review by CC12
I bought these looking for some fatigue relief on day rides. I can say after two trips that there has been an improvement, not as tired or sore at the end of the day. Still need to invest in new seat to complement the more up right seating position. (Posted on 11/13/2014)
Review by Dave
I had problems with cramps and numbness in my hands on my '14 tiger explorer. Problem solved with these risers. Clear instructions and easy to install. Although the rest of the cables were plenty long, the stock clutch cable was just long enough, so at least for my bike, anything longer would require changing the clutch cable.

The finish is very close the stock finish on my bike. I think it looks fine, and probably nobody would notice the difference unless you pointed it out, but then I'm not a fanatic about how the bike looks. (Posted on 11/10/2014)
Review by Jack
The risers add just enough elevation to the bars for a much more comfortable posture when standing on the pegs. A must for offroad excursions ! (Posted on 10/22/2014)
Review by Backroader83
These are SW-Motech brand. Nothing special, just a couple of metal blocks to rise the handlebar. I wish I had bought Rox risers, which can be rotated towards the rider. I still feel like I'm leaning forward with these. Better than stock I guess. Also, I needed a rubber mallet to install the risers. (Posted on 10/4/2014)
Review by fenceman
Stock bars were a little too low for all day comfort on my 800 Tiger.
These risers did the trick, adding just enough height to make the ride that much more comfortable. It took all of 20 min. to install. (Posted on 10/1/2014)
Review by Purple6
They bring the bars back just the right amount for me. Quality part. (Posted on 8/29/2014)
Review by borisdoc
Quick delivery, very good product, good quality and easy installation. (Posted on 7/23/2014)
Review by Raja
It was surprisingly easy to install these. I was able to install the risers and reposition the bar to my liking in 20 minutes, and go for a ride!

I was worried about the mismatch of colors/metallic finish, but its barely noticeable unless you're really trying to pay attention.

I'm 6 ft and my riding position is a lot more comfortable thanks to these risers. (Posted on 7/15/2014)
Review by ToeKnee
I tried to order these risers on a Tuesday and they were showing as back ordered so I called to be sure. The young man that I spoke with encouraged me to order them even though they were back ordered because he showed that they would be in stock and shipped "by the end of the week". I blindly trusted the Kid and came to the website to order them. Well wasn't I surprised to get an email 3 days later (Friday) that the risers were IN STOCK and already SHIPPED to me. (Just as the "Kid" said the would) I was fully expecting that the risers would get to me the following week but they actually arrived in LESS THEN 24 HOURS!!!!! Needless to say, I'm very please with my first purchase from Twisted Throttle.

I've already installed the risers which took 30 mins INCLUDING set up and clean up. Yes they are a buffed finish while the rest of the risers are grayed out but I think they do that so that they will stand out. I like that look. Also, they are now engraved with the "SW-MOTECH" logo which gives it an added bling factor. I have not ridden the bike yet but I am very happy with the slight up and back position that these provide. Do I recommend? YES! (Posted on 7/15/2014)
Review by Anonymous
Dont buy a generic version if you can get these for your Tiger. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Review by Anonymous
I bought this risers a few weeks ago I just installed yesterday and i am very happy with the comfort (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Review by Anonymous
Easy install, great fit! Did not need to fiddle with cables at all. These were installed on a 2014 Triumph Tiger Explorer XC. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Review by David
Installed these handlebar risers on my Tiger 800. My observations are similar to others - the risers do a good job of getting some of the weight shifted off of your wrists, making you slightly more upright, and improve how it feels to stand-up on the bike (I am 5' 10" tall). I noticed less fatigue for both long distance freeway miles and aggressive back-road riding. I am very happy with the risers and would recommend them to anyone with similar goals in mind. (Posted on 12/28/2013)
Review by Brandon
Put these on my 800xc, they are just perfect for standing up and they help me sit up a little straighter while sitting. Solid build quality easy as pie to install only took about five minutes. For reference I am 6'3" with a 30" inseam, and I'm super comfortable. (Posted on 9/11/2013)
Review by Michael
Nicely crafted product! Easy installation. Looks great, too. The increase in height of the handlebar has significantly improved the comfort quotient on my Tiger 800! Now....about that seat. (Posted on 7/7/2013)
Review by Lloyd
I installed this on a '12 TEX. Previously I had my seat custom shaped for comfort. The handlebars were a bit too low. This solved the problem. Just unscrew two bolts and pull out the factory riser which is held in place by tension. This fit me perfectly. (Posted on 3/18/2013)
Review by Ed
These are very well made , but they do not color match. Perhaps the next batch will color match the bike. If not, take them to a local machine shop with a commercial sand blaster and have them sand blasted. Then spray a clear coat on them and they will look very close to the oem. (Posted on 2/3/2013)
Review by Daniel
Super easy to install. The instructions call for using threadlock. I agree that it should be used on the big bolts for safety but I wouldnt thread lock the small oem tension bolts if you plan on installing anything else or ajdusting the bar position after the install. There is still plenty of brake and clutch cable. The height increase is noticable and is awesome! Price is good but the standard shipping cost is really lame! I checked with the post office and it would have cost about half what was charged for shipping here. (Posted on 12/14/2012)
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