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SW-MOTECH Micro USB Charging Cable with Convertible Cigarette / Euro Socket Style Plug

SKU: EMA.00.107.11400

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This adapter is for charging / using the most popular GPS's, PDA's, digital camera's, smartphones, and other electronic devices with a Micro-USB plug. Equipped with a flyback converter and integrated protection against short circuit, polarity reversal and overload. Compatible with cigarette-style & powerlet-style sockets.


  • 12V (volt) - 24V (volt) plug
  • 5V (volt), 2000 mA (milliAmp) output


NOTE: This device has power consumption with no load and will drain a small motorcycle battery in as little as three to five days if connected directly to the battery. It is recommended that this device be connected to a switched power source or a device such as the Denali PowerHub2 to prevent battery drain when the motorcycle is not running. 

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