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Tire: Mefo Explorer - front. DOT dual-sport 2.75-21, CRF230L, KL250G Super Sherpa, ‘00-’09, XT250 & others


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This MFE 99 Explorer is a tube-type DOT-approved front tire with a load and speed rating of 45P.

Note: MEFO recommends at least 30.5 PSI in this tire for best performance and wear on motorcycles with an engine displacement of 650cc or less, and at least 35 PSI on motorcycles with an engine displacement of greater than 650cc.

The MEFO Explorer is the long distance professional dual-sport tire. Customers have reported to us that a set of Explorers can routinely take about 7,000-9,000 miles of use under the harsh adventure-touring conditions of Alaska. With secure, stable handling on dirt or wet pavement and high mileage performance, the Explorer has excellent all around versatility. Recommended for 50% street and 50% dirt riding. A great tire that will go anywhere and get you home again! DOT-approved.

Honda CRF230L
Kawasaki KL250G Super Sherpa, ‘00-'03 & ’09-
Yamaha XT250

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RI to South America on Mefo Explorer tires - A Twisted Throttle interview with MotoAdventureGal

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