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AdMore Lighting High Output LED kit for GIVI V47 Top Cases | Red & Amber

AdMore Lighting High Output LED kit for GIVI V47 Top Cases | Red & Amber


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You and your motorcycle will be more visible to other motorists with the AdMore brake, tail & turn signal LED lighting kit for GIVI V47 top cases. Now with Common Ground technology, this updated AdMore LED light features improved compatibility with CANbus motorcycles and a more robust design capable of withstanding voltage spikes and vibration.

Simple to install with basic tools, this red and amber light upgrade includes waterproof connectors that will not hinder your ability to remove your top case with ease and includes LED arrays that are designed specifically to fit inside the GIVI light cut-outs without modifications. The AdMore's power harness includes a configuration module with miniature "dip" switches to control brake light modulation (on or off), LED brightness (high or low), and whether the strips act as tail lights (on or off).

The AdMore brake, tail & turn signal LED lighting kit for GIVI V47 top cases will provide the degree of safety that you require on your sport-touring motorcycle.


  • Increases safety and ability to be seen 
  • Provides brake light, tail light and amber turn signals 
  • LED arrays fit perfectly in stock GIVI light cutouts 
  • Adjustable brightness, tail light and brake modulation 
  • Amber turn signals with red tail and brake lighting 
  • Waterproof micro connectors for easy and quick top case removal 
  • CANbus compatible


  • Configurable power harness 
  • Mating case harness 
  • 2 high intensity red/amber LED arrays 
  • Premium wire tap connectors 
  • Detailed installation instructions


Motorcycle Wire Identification Guide
This information is to be used as a guide only.
Always consult the factory wiring diagram for your particular motorcycle model year before attempting any installation.
If your motorcycle is not listed below, check out our article on Determining Your Motorcycle's Brake, Tail & Turn Signal Wires.

Tail Lights* Gray with Black stripe* or Blue with Gray stripe* or Black with Gray stripe* or Red, Yellow and Gray*
Brake Lights* Yellow with Gray stripe* or Gray with Black stripe*
Left Turn Signal Blue with Red stripe
Right Turn Signal Blue with Black stripe
High Beam Headlight White
Low Beam Headlight Yellow
Ground Brown
*Note: BMW wiring varies drastically on Tail Lights and Brake Lights. Single wire Tail Lights will vary even more. 
Can-Am Spyder
Tail Lights Orange
Brake Lights White
Left Turn Signal Gray and Pink
Right Turn Signal Brown and Yellow
Ground Black
Harley Davidson
Tail Lights Blue
Brake Lights Red with Yellow stripe
Left Turn Signal Violet
Right Turn Signal Brown
High Beam Headlight White
Low Beam Headlight Yellow with Black stripe
Ground Black
Tail Lights Brown with White stripe
Brake Lights Green with Red or Yellow stripe
Left Turn Signal Orange
Right Turn Signal Light Blue
High Beam Headlight Blue
Low Beam Headlight White
Ground Green
Tail Lights Red
Brake Lights Blue
Left Turn Signal Green
Right Turn Signal Grey
High Beam Headlight Red with Black stripe
Low Beam Headlight Red with Yellow stripe
Ground Black with Yelow stripe
Tail Lights Grey
Brake Lights White with Black stripe
Left Turn Signal Black
Right Turn Signal Light Green
High Beam Headlight Yellow
Low Beam Headlight Black with Blue stripe
Ground Black with White stripe
Tail Lights Blue
Brake Lights Yellow
Left Turn Signal Brown
Right Turn Signal Green
High Beam Headlight Yellow
Low Beam Headlight Green
Ground Black

Manufacturer # LED-V47-T-TS (CG)
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I love this setup. It has better features than the Givi brand by incorporating turn signals. Highly visible even in daylight. Love it! (Posted on 3/7/2018)
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