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AdMore Lighting High Output LED Large Light Bar with Running, Brake and Progressive Amber Turn Signals

AdMore Lighting High Output LED Large Light Bar with Running, Brake and Progressive Amber Turn Signals

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AdMore Lighting LED Light Bar (Large) with Running, Brake and Progressive Amber Turn Signals - Clear 2
AdMore Lighting LED Light Bar (Large) with Running, Brake and Progressive Amber Turn Signals - Smoke 2

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Share your intentions while you share the road with the AdMore Lighting LED Large Light Bar.

Designed to provide additional running, brake and signal visibility to your motorcycle, the AdMore Lighting LED Mini Light Bar is now 60% brighter. Available in clear or smoke lens, the 96, high-intensity, bi-color LEDs provide red running lights, bright red brake lighting and progressive amber turn signals. Built in brake modulation starts the brake signal with three bright flashes to help alert motorists to your intentions.

  • Black polycarbonate case.
  • Available with Clear or Smoke lens.
  • 96 high-intensity LEDs.
  • Bi-color Amber and Red lighting.
  • 3 second brake modulation flashes Red brake signal.
  • Amber turn signals pulse in direction of signal.
  • Provides day and night visibility.
  • Surface mount design.
  • Universal black powder-coated bracket included.
  • Measures 10-3/4in by 1-5/8in by 1in.
  • Flush mount or bracket mount options.
  • Simple installation.
  • Mounting instructions, harness, and posi-tap connections included.

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Motorcycle Wire Identification Guide
This information is to be used as a guide only.
Always consult the factory wiring diagram for your particular motorcycle model year before attempting any installation.
If your motorcycle is not listed below, check out our article on Determining Your Motorcycle's Brake, Tail & Turn Signal Wires.

Tail Lights* Gray with Black stripe* or Blue with Gray stripe* or Black with Gray stripe* or Red, Yellow and Gray*
Brake Lights* Yellow with Gray stripe* or Gray with Black stripe*
Left Turn Signal Blue with Red stripe
Right Turn Signal Blue with Black stripe
High Beam Headlight White
Low Beam Headlight Yellow
Ground Brown
*Note: BMW wiring varies drastically on Tail Lights and Brake Lights. Single wire Tail Lights will vary even more. 
Can-Am Spyder
Tail Lights Orange
Brake Lights White
Left Turn Signal Gray and Pink
Right Turn Signal Brown and Yellow
Ground Black
Harley Davidson
Tail Lights Blue
Brake Lights Red with Yellow stripe
Left Turn Signal Violet
Right Turn Signal Brown
High Beam Headlight White
Low Beam Headlight Yellow with Black stripe
Ground Black
Tail Lights Brown with White stripe
Brake Lights Green with Red or Yellow stripe
Left Turn Signal Orange
Right Turn Signal Light Blue
High Beam Headlight Blue
Low Beam Headlight White
Ground Green
Tail Lights Red
Brake Lights Blue
Left Turn Signal Green
Right Turn Signal Grey
High Beam Headlight Red with Black stripe
Low Beam Headlight Red with Yellow stripe
Ground Black with Yelow stripe
Tail Lights Grey
Brake Lights White with Black stripe
Left Turn Signal Black
Right Turn Signal Light Green
High Beam Headlight Yellow
Low Beam Headlight Black with Blue stripe
Ground Black with White stripe
Tail Lights Blue
Brake Lights Yellow
Left Turn Signal Brown
Right Turn Signal Green
High Beam Headlight Yellow
Low Beam Headlight Green
Ground Black


For installations on motorcycles with an LED Tail Light such as the BMW R1200GS LC '13-'14, it is recommended that the RED wire be connected to the positive circuit of the motorcycle’s Auxiliary Power Supply socket or accessory. With this installation, the BLUE wire continues to be connected to the Tail Light wire.

Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
So you are fast, and can reduce your speed better than most other vehicles. And you’re more agile! Let them know! There’s plenty of destructions for drivers give yourself a break it may save your bacon. (Posted on 1/23/2019)
Review by Guest
I purchased an AdMore High Output LED (10" model) which has pre-programmed built in brake modulation, which cannot be shut off. Even running through an Ezcan the brake light pulses. Since there is no way to disable that feature I am considering return of the product. That feature alone in my view is not suitable for my purposes. That is why I gave the Features rating a 1 star. (Posted on 2/18/2018)
Review by Guest
relatively easy to install. Wiring diagram messed up a little but easy to fix. It defines where I'm going to everyone behind me and the flashing wakes them up. (Posted on 7/10/2017)
Review by Guest
Hooked everything up per instructions and lights work great visible like it says in the sales propaganda but left connected to the bike more that 2 weeks battery dead. (Posted on 10/9/2016)
Review by Atul
The electronic gadgetry is okay but probably it's not designed for bike and durability. Bought mine and was informed by a passerby that the same was hanging disassembled with single screw hold broken from its housing. Cheap and should not be sold under the Emblem of twisted throttle (Posted on 3/18/2016)
Review by Gary
This is my 2013 BMW K1600GT. Factory rear lighting is mediocre. I added all these lights and now feel very comfortable that I can be seen when braking and sitting at an intersection. Great group of folks at Twisted Thottle and Admore Lighting! (Posted on 9/7/2015)
Review by Gary
This is my 2013 BMW K1600GT. Factory rear lighting is mediocre. I added all these lights and now feel very comfortable that I can be seen when braking and sitting at an intersection. Great group of folks at Twisted Thottle and Admore Lighting! (Posted on 3/17/2015)
Review by Mick
I bought and installed this on a DR650, which I use for commuting. Within 3 DAYS one of the LED bulbs went out. I looked inside and saw the solder joint for that LED bulb was badly burned, and the secondary circuit board was mis-installed on the primary circuit board. AdMore said I'd need to pay to send it back to Canada for inspection, so I decided to just ignore it. A few months later, the left side turn signal system stopped working. I looked inside and found that 3 of the wires had broken off the main circuit board from vibration. Admore told me I had to pay to send it to Canada for AdMore to look at it... once they got it, their answer was "did you remove the lens?" and to ask me if I wanted to spend 50$ to upgrade to their "more reliable" light and return shipping.
So, I've already blown 130$ for a defective light, and then spent money to ship it to Canada of all places, and now they want more of my money to fix the problem with their defective light?? I'm awaiting their reply with a "better suggestion", but you can rest assured I'll not buy any of their products again, nor will I recommend them to anyone else.
I don't know if everything they make is this sloppy, or if all their Customer Service policies are this bad, but I'm not willing to take the risk with them again. Even if they send me a new light at no charge (which they should have done right off, given the pictures I sent to them of the failed internal components), I figure it will just be a matter of time before that one also fails. So, in the end, no matter what happens, it was a waste of time and money, neither of which any of us has to waste.
A very disappointing product from a disappointing company. I will post an update when I get their next response. (Posted on 12/9/2014)
Review by kaber5150
I'm very happy with my purchase. Even with the plastic case I haven't had any problems with it, I wash my bike a lot and ride in the rain once in a while. The LEDs on it are a lot brighter then my stock tail/brake lights and turn signals. I'm going to switch my stock blubs to LEDs after seeing how brighter LEDs are. (Posted on 10/1/2014)
Review by Acesrg
I bought these recently and was deciding whether to keep it or not. I felt that the casing for the light is cheap looking for a 139$ lightbar. And the wiring from the light casing out, the end of it looked like someone soldered off and smeared it right there at the exit.
Having said that, installation was easy, just figuring out the wires in the bike took some time. Installed the light bar on the regn plate bottom in like the pic on here.

lights are nice, working as advertised. (Posted on 9/6/2014)
Review by Scott
Very nice set-up, I was not particularly creative and just attached it to the license plate rack. It attached fine. The harder part was wiring which took a little while, although if your bike is a common bike customer support can tell you exactly which wires on your bike marry-up to the ones on the light. I spent an hour trying to figure it out myself. Then it took me ten minutes on the phone with the tech guy to actually get it up and running. I feel much safer having it on my bike, its bright and the turn signal incorporation is really good. If I really want to be seen I just turn on the hazards and the light bar is really visible. (Posted on 9/17/2013)
Review by Scott
I saw this light on a bike while I was sitting in traffic one day and was really impressed by how eye catching it is. Will it cause the soccer mom in the Escalade to put down her iPhone and not run into me? Hopefully but I'll let you know.

The light comes with everything you need, although the instructions are a one-page piece of paper, printed on one side. I struggled with the wiring for an hour or so and got tired and called Admore. They were incredibly helpful and had the lighting schematic for my bike on hand. They went through the color pairing combinations and it took me about ten minutes after that to hook the whole thing up. Probably could have called Twisted as well but didn't think about it. Anyway, great support and good product. (Posted on 9/6/2013)
Review by Rick
Mounting creativity will be needed and the wireing will need to be figured out for your model. However, this product is well built. I have been through a couple of strong rain storms with it and I continues to work perfectly. It is one of the brightest ad on light sets I have seen. (Posted on 5/10/2013)
Review by Chris
Great look but you really need to be individually creative about how and where you want to mount this on your bike. Also you need to know the exact color wires that you need to posi-tap into and where on your model. The instructions are generic. If you can find the other information from your favorite bike forum, you'll be fine. Makes the bike that much more visible, especially with all my side luggage on. (Posted on 1/17/2013)
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