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SW-MOTECH Non-Electric QUICK-LOCK EVO Replacement Top Ring for SW-MOTECH Tank Bag Mounting Systems

SW-MOTECH Non-Electric QUICK-LOCK EVO Replacement Top Ring for SW-MOTECH Tank Bag Mounting Systems

SKU: TRT.00.640.10200.B

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Replace the Topring on your SW-MOTECH tank bag to work with your SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO Tank ring.

SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK Top ring is used in conjunction with SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO tank bags and SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO Tank rings. This product is for use as a replacement part for pre-existing SW-MOTECH tank bags, any other use voids warranty and is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer # TRT.00.640.10200/B
Customer Reviews
Review by Lazer
Mine snapped by one of the bolt holes. So it was good to see they updated it with a metal backing ring. Obviously they new it was an issue. (Posted on 1/20/2016)
Review by 633squadron
If you're not using an SW-Motech tank bag, you're missing out...

The Bags-Connection Quick-Lock Topring provides a quick, reliable, and robust way to connect your SW-MOTECH tank bag to your bike. When attached to your bag, the Topring snaps into the tank adapter quickly and smoothly with almost no effort. The result is a tankbag that is locked on *hard* to your bike, but easily removed without the hassle of snaplocks or the risks of a magnetic attachment.

Although this Topring is designed to replace the identical part in a previous QUICK-LOCK EVO installation, you can also use it with the new tank adapter ring to upgrade a SW-MOTECH bag that had the old-style connection.

The old style used an aluminum tank adapter ring (usually attached to the gas cap ring) and an aluminum topring with a single spring-loaded pin. This design worked fine, but it wasn't lockable. The new style uses a hard plastic tank adapter and a much beefier plastic topring. By inserting a pin through the bag into the topring, you can "lock" your bag to the bike. The pin is a separate but inexpensive part.

You can also use this locking feature with older bags designed for the old style. You'll have to remove the old topring and tank adapter and install new parts. You'll also have to drill a new hole through the bag for the locking pin, but since you had to drill holes to mount the *old* topring, this shouldn't be a challenge.

I found that the locking pin for the new style topring is too short to work with my old SW-Motech bag, so I used a long machine screw instead. All you need is a metal rod that is the right diameter for the hole and long enough to engage in the locking mechanism in the topring. (Posted on 10/7/2014)
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