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Barkbusters VPS Handguard Kit for 7/8in Handlebars | BHG-151 Multiple Colors

Barkbusters VPS Handguard Kit for 7/8in Handlebars | BHG-151 Multiple Colors


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Keep your hands and controls protected from the wind and impact with Barkbusters VPS lever and wind protection handguards. Designed specifically for motorcycles with 7/8in handlebars, the heat treated aluminum backbones with two mounting points of these handguards provide the strength needed to prevent a tip-over from ending your motorcycle ride. Impact resistant deflectors, available in multiple colors, provide protection for your hands from the wind and brush. Ride longer, more comfortably with Barkbusters VPS lever and wind protection handguards.

Barkbusters Motorcycle Handguards Explained



  • Two mounting points provide secure protection
  • Full wrap guards
  • Heat treated aluminum backbone bars
  • Includes VPS left and right plastic deflectors
  • Easy installation
  • Fits 7/8" (22mm) straight handlebars
  • Compatible with all Barkbusters JETVPSSTORM or CARBON deflector guards
What's in the box:
  • Left and right aluminum backbone bars
  • Inner and outer handlebar mounting hardware for both sides
  • Left and right VPS plastic deflectors
  • VPS deflector fastening hardware
  • Left and right adjustable position wind extension deflectors
  • Installation instructions
Please Note: If you want to convert your 7/8" Barkbusters handguard kit to accomodate a larger 1­­-1/8in tapered bars, use the Barkbusters replacement bar mounting saddle clamp set BB.BSS-00


Barkbusters Handguard Kits
Designed and manufactured in Australia since 1984, Barkbusters' superior design and quality are world renowned. Multiple, single and two point mounting systems are available as well as a variety of guard designs providing Barkbusters Handguard Kits that fit most motorcycles and meet your exact needs.

JET for Dual Sport, Enduro and Trail motorcycles

JET Handguard Kits feature impact resistant replaceable plastic guards as well as two-point heat treated aluminum mounting backbones for superb impact protection or single point bar end mounts to provide weather protection.

245mm (9.6in) wide and 110mm (4.3in) tall, JET guards are interchangeable with VPS, STORM and CARBON guards, and are available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White or Yellow.

If purchasing backbones and guards seperately, here are the JET Guards a-la-carte. 

VPS for Adventure, Enduro, Motocross, Street and Supermoto motorcycles 

VPS Handguard Kits feature high-impact resistant replaceable plastic guards as well as heat-treated two-point aluminum mounting backbones for superb impact protection or single point mounts to provide weather protection. VPS-MX Handguard Kits are open ended guards specifically designed for competition motocross.

250mm (9.8in) wide and 105mm (4.1in) tall or 130mm (5.1in) tall with deflector, VPS guards are interchangeable with JET, STORM and CARBON guards, and are available in Black, Black on Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Silver, White or Yellow. 

If purchasing backbones and guards seperately, here are the VPS Guards a-la-carte.

STORM for Adventure, Cruiser, Scooter and Street motorcycles

STORM Handguard Kits feature replaceable large guards that provide extra wind and element protection as well as heat treated two-point aluminum mounting backbones for superb impact protection or single point mounts for weather protection.

275mm (10.8in) wide and 170mm (6.7in) tall, STORM guards are interchangeable with JET, VPS and CARBON guards, and are available in Black.

If purchasing backbones and guards seperately, here are the Black Storm Guards and the White Storm Guards a-la-carte.

CARBON for Street motorcycles
CARBON Handguard Kits feature genuine hand laid carbon fiber guards as well as heat treated two-point aluminum mounting backbones for superb impact protection or single point mounts for weather protection. CARBON Handguard Kits are not recommended for off-road applications.

250mm (9.8in) wide and 120mm (4.7in) tall, CARBON guards are interchangeable with JET, VPS and STORM guards, and are available in Black Carbon Fiber.

If purchasing backbones and guards seperately, here are the Carbon Guards a-la-carte.

EGO for Enduro, Trail and Mini motorcycles

EGO Handguard Kits feature high-impact resistant replaceable plastic guards coupled with a heat treated two point aluminum mounting backbones to produce one of the world’s toughest and most durable handguards. The compact curved profile of the bars and guards provide added strength and also allow for tighter trail riding. EGO Mini Handguard Kits are 20mm shorter making them ideal for small motorcycles.

EGO guards are available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow.

EGO guards are not compatible with standalone Barkbuster Backbone Aluminum Handguard kits.

BBZ for Adventure, Cruiser, Scooter and Street motorcycles

BBZ Handguard Kits feature large fabric guards lined with a waterproof and windproof membrane that provide excellent foul and cold weather protection. BBZ handguards have a universal mounting system that can be fitted over existing Barkbusters Handguard Kits or independently to most motorcycles.

325mm (12.8in) wide and 170mm (6.7in) tall, BBZ guards are compatable with most motorcycle handlebars.

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Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
Great quality. Fit perfect. The red plastic hand guards DO NOT match 2017 Honda crf250l red plastics. At all. Not pleased about that. If I had known I would have chosen plain white. In fact, wish I did. It would have looked a lot better. Other than that I would have given them 5 stars. Hope this helps someone. (Posted on 9/17/2018)
Review by Guest
Just installed these on my klr and they look awesome. Not hard to figure out how to install them. Instructions kinda suck though. (Posted on 9/12/2018)
Review by Guest
Placed on the factory stock handlebars with 1" risers on a 2107 Honda CRF250L Rally: 1.) Easy Installation 2.) Look Great 3.) Seems like they will Protect Well both for brush/limbs and a dreaded fall. These are a good upgrade for this bike. (Posted on 4/24/2018)
Review by Guest
These are well worth the money .they protect your hands ver well from wind and brush. (Posted on 4/19/2018)
Review by Guest
These seem like sturdy units. They installed quickly and went together easily. The only nit I can pick is that the colored plastic piece is held on with only a couple of sheet metal screws. I've got another brand of handguard on my other bike, and those have plastic pieces that clamp around the aluminum bar, which seems to be much sturdier. However, those plastic pieces shattered when I crashed, so maybe the screws on these Barkbusters is a better option. I haven't tested them yet... Overall, these seem like good quality hardware. (Posted on 4/11/2018)
Review by Guest
After trying a different brand for my DR that did not work I tried these and perfect fit. (Posted on 3/25/2018)
Review by Guest
I have these on all of my dual-sport bikes. They have paid me back in unbroken levers many times. Also help keep the hands warm in colder weather. (Posted on 11/2/2017)
Review by Guest
Install on the Klr required some modification to the handle bar cable bracket ,other than that is pretty straight forward. I like the lower profile of the vps and they look good on the bike but more importantly there really tuff and durable downed the bike several times last ride and bent the mirrors over but no damage to my levers. Would definetly recommend! (Posted on 10/17/2017)
Review by Guest
I like the Barbusters for having that big and tough aluminum bar. The plastic in these kits isn't the best for wind protection, but I get them for the crash protection. Multiple tip-overs off-road and at most, the end of the aluminum gets a little scratched. Highly recommend for the protection. (Posted on 6/22/2017)
Review by Guest
Put these on my DR350 recently. Been down a few few times with them and into a hillside pretty hard once with them. All scratched up now. No broken levers or fingers. Very happy about that. The only thing I think could use improving is the boss that fits into the handle bars. Not quite deep enough to really square up with the bar ends. Fairly minor issue though, I have another brand (cheapies) on a different bike and the Barkbusters are much more durable. (Posted on 6/11/2017)
Review by Guest
Fit my 91 Honda XR250L perfect! I would highly recommend. (Posted on 6/2/2017)
Review by Guest
I ordered these for my 2006 Suzuki dr 650. Wow! What an easy and quick install! Such a huge improvement from stock (Posted on 3/13/2017)
Review by Guest
Instructions are lacking but can figure it out eventually.
The clamps onto the handbars comes very close to the crossbar support but can fit. The plastic ties for the electrical wires have to be removed to move the wiring out of the way. The metal loop that the choke cable runs through is also very tight to the clamp. I had to cut the loop so I could move the choke cable to give enough clearance to clamp to the handlebars. Alienment with the clutch and brake levers is a bit of a comprimize as it will depend upon where you prefer to set the angle of your levers in relation to the grips. Very tight fit when turning the handlebars to the max. either way as, depending upon your handlebar and lever set-up the barkbusters will hit the front fairing. Not good as the fairing is very expensive and will break during a crash.The antivibration weights on the end of the handlebars don't fit with the existing bolts and longer ones aren't provided. If you have anything else mounted to your handlebars( GoPro,GPS, temp.contoller, etc.)there may not be enough room for all. Rating based on lack of information about the limitations of the mounting. Haven't "tested" them yet but if I have too they do look sturdy enough to handle the crash. (Posted on 9/22/2016)
Review by AE5X
Received yesterday and installed this morning, in about an hour. Quite simple, even for a non-mechanically inclined person like myself, and seems as solid as I was hoping it to be. (Posted on 2/14/2016)
Review by Oathkeeper7
I saw the reviews the guys posted with their weird set ups on their bikes and how they gave them 4 stars, so I had to write a real review. I installed a set on my CRF250L May 2013, after bending the stock bars and replacing with Renthal RC High bars. I had no problem putting them on, they make the bike look so much better, the plastics match the Honda red perfect, and they're rock solid. This bike has taken a beating in some serious off roading crashes, tree smacks, and even a road crash, and the bars never bent (they took some good hits). Now, last month (May 2015) I really wrecked my bike hard on a rock path, so this time the bars finally bent. But the Barkbusters were fine and bolted right back onto the new bars with no problem. After my best friend broke his handguards, we upgraded to these bad boys on his KLR250F and boy did they really make his bike look a lot better. Buy these with confidence!

Oh and if you've ever taken a motorcycle course through the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation), chances are every bike there had Barkbusters on it. There's a reason for that. (Posted on 6/17/2015)
Review by KF7JA
The clearances for the 2009 stock bar are very tight. The Kaoko kit as shown in the order form and described in the packed instructions show a bar end weight. The weight is not included! These fit well on the stock threaded bar when combined with the Barkbuster handguards. The threaded end means you do not need the expansion fittings. The stock bars have a 1/2 inch threaded extension past the end of the grips. When using the Barkbuster hand guards the extension shows on the left side while it is covered on the right with the Kaoko kit. It fits fine, but leaves an unfinished look. I used a piece of black pipe on the left to fill the gap for a better look. Everything would install better on aluminum aftermarket bars.
Consider getting the bar end weights. (Posted on 3/21/2015)
Review by mike
The pictures in the product display has no clutch or front brake levers. The instructions are not KLR specific and mostly didn't apply. I guess it's a KLR handlebar in the pic? But the factory handlebar has a 'D Ring' or wire loop on the clutch side, that wires and the choke cable reeve thru, IN THE WAY of clamping onto the bar, below the crossbar, so I bent mine. There wasn't the 2 LONGER bolts needed to use the existing Kawasaki weights with the Barkbusters. I tried everywhere to find those, no luck. Prolly if you buy the $50 weights offered? So I ended up using 1 each 1/2" spacer of the matching diameter between the barkbuster rib and the handlebar end, on each side, total 2 needed. To far away from the center of the bar, the clamp ends up on top of where the crossbar meets or too close in offsets the alignment of that clamp to where the rib is too low below the lever, even if you reverse the 2 sides, flip right to leftside instead. There is a very narrow spot to where all this will work. Thats why only 4 Stars. (Posted on 10/22/2014)
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