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Are you interested in having Twisted Throttle sell your products?

What can Twisted Throttle do for you?

  • We know what our customers are looking for, let us handle selling your product to the customer base that we know best!
  • Twisted Throttle features a diverse product range that is designed to offer an array of complementary options while minimizing competition between suppliers, contact us to discuss how a relationship can be mutually beneifical.

Tell us about yourself!

Considering the following when submitting the form below.

Distribution strategy

    • Who do you want to reach? Dealers, direct to consumer or a combination?
    • Are you seeking an exclusive or non-exclusive partner?
    • Would you like distribution in the USA and/or Canada, farther internationally?
    • Are you interested in a distributor who will market your products, provide distribution infrastructure or both?
      • If marketing is in your distribution plan, what types of marketing avenues are you interested in and what types of support will you provide toward building your brand? NOTE: All costs associated with submitting product(s) to media for review are the responsibility of the supplier.
    • What are your current USA and Canadian sales?
    • What are your growth goals for each of the next 3 years?
    • Present us with complete product and application information by completing all details of the New Item Excel Document.
    • We ask that you include allowances within your program that will help facilitate a program change and any product turnover we may require in order to make a seamless transition to providing your offerings.

Data Requirements

We require the following data. Where provided, please use the example data formats below:

    • Item list including all fields in the example item list.
    • Application list to match all products with the bike(s) they fit, please be as specific as possible in regards to models and year ranges; please use this example application list.
    • Each piece of marketing materials (catalogs, hats, stickers, keychains, etc.) should be assigned a part number and treated as an inventory item in the item list.
    • Vector graphics (AI or EPS) of logos and promotional materials should be provided via FTP, Dropbox or other digital file sharing route.
    • Professional images with a clean white background of each product including:
      • Image of the package.
      • Image of everything that is included in the box.
      • Multiple detail images of the product installed and in use from various angles.
      • For bolt-on accessories, a zoomed-out image of the whole bike with the product installed.
      • For apparel, a zoomed-out image of the whole person wearing the product.
    • Installation instructions in PDF format for each item.

Quoting Costs

We require that you provide the following price quotations when submitting your program:

  • Cost with Prepaid Freight
  • Cost with Collect Freight

A complete drop shipment pricing program should also be quoted.

Product Testing

The Purchasing Manager may require testing of your product(s) for quality assurance and product performance measurement. The vendor is responsible for reimbursing Twisted Throttle LLC for any and all costs associated with product testing. Any product samples you wish to send become the property of Twisted Throttle LLC. If you need samples returned, please enclose a prepaid shipping label with your proposal.


  • What are the complete terms of your current warranty policy? 
  • In the USA and Canada, what warranty length and coverage do you intend to provide?
  • Will you administer this program in the USA and Canada, or will you reimburse Twisted Throttle LLC for the cost of providing the product and labor to handle such claims? 
    • Reimbursement for warranty items serviced by Twisted Throttle should be via credit note.

Payment Terms

Twisted Throttle LLC's high credit rating and tradition of no long term debt provides vendors the confidence to extend the most advantageous payment terms.

MAP Policy

  • What is your minimum advertised price policy? 
  • Are sales via 3rd party marketplaces (Amazon, eBay) regulated?


The standard method of receiving rebates is to allow the rebate payment as an invoice payment deduction. This deduction percentage would be in addition to the normal payment terms discount percentage.

Co-op Advertising Programs

Twisted Throttle LLC promotes products through a variety of advertising components throughout the year. Please provide the specific details about the advertising funds available for this use.

Contact Information

Please include your contact information including an email address and phone number.

Please send any samples to our corporate office:

Twisted Throttle LLC
ATTN: Purchasing Director
570 Nooseneck Hill Rd
Exeter, RI 02822

Please submit contact information and required data via this online form:

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