Which Motorcycle CANBUS Controller Do I Choose?

DENALI Electronics CANsmart versus Hex ezCAN

The DENALI CANsmart and Hex ezCAN units are physically nearly identical, but their software and what is included in the box is significantly different.

The DENALI CANsmart controller includes four complete wiring harnesses, two for DENALI auxiliary driving lights, one for a DENALI Soundbomb horn, and one for the DENALI B6 brake light. These harnesses are all plug-n-play with DENALI products: no electrical tools or cutting/splicing/soldering/heat shrink is needed  when installing DENALI products onto the CANsmart.

The Hex ezCAN comes with no wiring harnesses at all and utilizes 4 pigtails for 4 circuits (i.e., two bare wire connections per pigtail). The customer is required to build their own wiring harness for each circuit, and in most cases, cut and solder the correct plug ends to connect to the accessories they wish to install.

The DENALI CANsmart comes with the software already configured to manage all four DENALI accessories with all features turned on. The Hex ezCAN requires manual “tweaking/setup” via a USB-connected computer to be ready to use with custom-selected accessories, and is far more time consuming to use installing DENALI accessories.

We recommend the DENALI CANsmart as the easiest, fastest way to install DENALI accessories. We recommend the Hex ezCAN for customers installing accessories from 2 or 3 different manufacturers that would need to build custom wiring.

For more information regarding your specific install our customer service team is always ready to help!

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18 days 18 hours ago

Do I need a gizmo like this if i’m charging my gps and phone? I heard that the hertz and voltage fluctuate on motorcycles, destroying electrical equipment. How would I protect my devices?