Which Controller Do I Choose?

Denali Electronics CANsmart versus Hex ezCAN

The CANsmart product includes 3 complete wiring harnesses, one for the lights, one for the horn, and one for the brake light. These are all plug-n-play with the Denali components which include B6 brakelights, the Soundbomb horns or any of the Denali lighting options.

The Hex EZ Can comes with no wiring harnesses at all utilizing 4 pigtails for 4 circuits. The customer is required to source their own harness for each circuit and in most cases cut and solder the correct plug ends to connect to the accessories they wish to install.

The Denali CANsmart comes with the software already configured to manage the accessories. EZ Can requires manual “tweaking” to be fully functional.

We typically recommend the Hex EZ Can when a customer is installing accessories from 2 or 3 different manufacturers and would have to configure custom wiring.

For more information regarding your specific install our customer service team is always ready to help!

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