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Oxford Heaterz Premium Adventure Motorcycle Heated Grips (Available in Canada only)

Oxford Heaterz Premium Adventure Motorcycle Heated Grips (Available in Canada only)


Sorry, but this item is no longer available.

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The Premium line is Oxford's latest generation of heated grips. The Adventure version fits standard 7/8" handlebars and has ergonomically engineered grip pattern to optimize riding performance. Thicker rubber in areas of maximum wear; 5² block siped tread patterns for high levels of grip and feel; diamond tread pattern where maximum grip is required and a waffled area for finger-grip control.

Oxford Heaterz Heated Grips Installation


Intelligent heat controller features:

  • 5 heat settings (30%, 40%, 50%, 75% and 100%) with LED lights to indicate heat setting
  • Sealed-for-life welded case for long-term durability and weather proofing
  • Battery Saving Mode turns grips off if you forget or if battery voltage falls too low
  • Raised and tactile silicone buttons for use with gloved hands

What's in the box:

  • Throttle and clutch side adventure pattern grips
  • Intelligent Heat Controller
  • Metal bracket and hardware for mounting controller
  • Wiring harness with 5 amp mini-blade fuse, zip-tys and grip glue
  • Instruction booklet and 2 year warranty card

Technical Specs:

  • Fits 7/8in (22mm) handlebars and tapered bars with 7/8in ends
  • Standard length 5.2in (132mm) but trimmable to 4.8in (122mm)
  • Grips are open ended to allow for bar-end weights and/or handguards
  • Current drain: Average 3.6 amps per pair (up to 2.0 amps each - 28-30 watts)
  • Fuse: 5 amp mini-blade (available in most auto parts stores)
  • Intelligent Heat Controller draws only 71 micro amps (0.071mA) in standby mode

Installation notes:

Requires only standard tools. No splicing, crimping or soldering needed. Connects direct to battery with ring terminals.

Also available: Oxford Premium Sports Heaterz and Oxford Premium Touring Heaterz

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Customer Reviews
Review by Circus Bear
This is probably the 7th motorcycle I have installed Oxford heated grips on and the product has worked great on every bike. Easy installation and the price can't be beat. (Posted on 6/2/2016)
Review by Whittaker
Installation was clean and simple. Just test fit and mark first. Mounting plate for controller is not cool. Find some scrap aluminum and make your own. Temp control works very well, grips feel nice and look nice. (Posted on 4/25/2016)
Review by anyland
I've had them installed for a little while now. The install went pretty well on my 2007 vStrom DL1000. I did have to physically change my throttle tube to make it fit. There are two lips that need to be ground down, or razored off of the throttle tube so the grip fits over top. That was a bit much to do, but really it wasn't too bad. (Posted on 4/12/2016)
Review by Tommy Gun
I bought these grips about a month ago. The auto shutoff feature works great and make the installation a lot simpler because of no need to add a extra relay in the wiring harness. (Posted on 1/25/2016)
Review by Squawk
The BMW F700 and likely all F series have an inner sleeve on both sides which are about 26mm so you need to sand and shape and use the 25mm Oxford throttle grip on both sides. Hairspray works great to glue on grips. You also need to use Dremel with ball cutter to cut inside slots/contours to fit on left side. Love controller and grip texture. (Posted on 11/9/2015)
Review by Rusty
These grips work perfectly. They heat up quickly, and the controls are easy to use, and work exactly as described. Aside from that, the production quality is excellent. I installed these on a 2014 VStrom 1000 Adventure. FYI, the factory throttle grip has ribs and a lip on the inner end designed to hold the stock grip in place. The Oxford instructions recommend sand paper to remove this kind of feature, but I found that a dremel tool with a sanding wheel and cutting disc to be the perfect tool for the job. I like the relative small size of the control pod, and it really is water proof. (Posted on 10/22/2015)
Review by Payne
I am very impressed with the quality of this product. The packaging and instructions are very good. Installation was straightforward and easy; the good design really eases installation. The grips look, feel, and work great. The controller is easy to use and looks good mounted on my clutch lever using the included bracket. If your throttle sleeve has ridges that need to be removed (covered in the manual), a Dremel tool makes that chore a breeze. Have a heavy hammer at the ready in case the grip stops moving while you're pushing it on - you only get one shot. (Posted on 10/20/2015)
Review by Superfunkomatic
Quite possibly the best motorcycle add on ever! Purchased these just in time for the fall riding season. The install was very easy and they look OEM. Anything above 50% is too hot to hold on. The auto off feature is a wonderful idea. Well done Oxford! (Posted on 10/20/2015)
Review by kingting
Did a 400 mile day in Wisconsin with the temps in the upper 40's lower 50's and overcast. These grips make a huge difference in the comfort on the bike keeping my hands warm. They were easy to install and took very little time. (Posted on 10/14/2015)
Review by ullmannp
I had a pair of these heated grips on another motorcycle with out the smart controller and they worked extremely well. So when the O.E.M heated grips failed I didn't have any reservations about buying the updated version of the Oxford adventure grips with the updated controller. The installation took only a half hour and they function perfectly. (Posted on 4/26/2015)
Review by Akjohn62
I bought the adventure Oxford Grips for my dr350s. They work well and feel great. Two suggestions: if you buy new bars or throttle tube as I did, be aware that the grips will not slide over the knurling which is common on new stuff. I had to grind and sand the knurling down to slide them on. I have read reviews of folks beating them on with a 2x4. Can't recommend that. Also found the grips were about 3/4" long for my bars so I used a brass bushing on each side to extend the bar. I used a set of Zeta racing bar ends. They have a flat profile and the 35mm version matches the grip ends nicely. (Posted on 4/24/2015)
Review by 11KLR
I have had the Oxford grips on my 2011 KLR650 for about 3 weeks now.
They heat up fast and even. Take your time putting them on the dry fit is very important to make sure you have them cut to the proper length.(if you want to keep the handlebar weights) I wish I had bought them sooner. (Posted on 2/17/2015)
Review by 11KLR
I have had the Oxford grips on my 2011 KLR650 for about 3 weeks now.
They heat up fast and even. Take your time putting them on the dry fit is very important to make sure you have them cut to the proper length.(if you want to keep the handlebar weights) I wish I had bought them sooner. (Posted on 2/6/2015)
Review by KerrvlleBob
Easy to install, controls are great and your hands are kept warm. Can't be much better. (Posted on 1/21/2015)
Review by Scott
Installation was easy but wires came undone on 1st. (Posted on 1/19/2015)
Review by John
I put these grips on my vstrom. I have rode year round for the past 25+ years. Wish I would have discovered these grips years ago. Work great, heat up quick. (Posted on 1/6/2015)
Review by merway
I just couldn't see shelling out $250 for triumph grip heaters and decided to give these a try. They work as advertised and a whole lot cheaper. Hardware is top quality and looks good. It took about 3.5 hrs. to install. about 2 hrs. filing off the ridges on the throttle sleave. (Posted on 11/24/2014)
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