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INTERPHONE F5S Bluetooth Motorcycle Communicator | Head Unit Only (Discontinued)

INTERPHONE F5S Bluetooth Motorcycle Communicator | Head Unit Only (Discontinued)


Sorry, but this item is no longer available.

Note: The INTERPHONE F5S Bluetooth Motorcycle Communicator | Head Unit Only has been discontinued and is no longer able to be ordered.

The Interphone F5S Bluetooth® Motorcycle Communicator offers full-duplex communication for groups of up to 6 riders. Effective maximum range starts at 0.8 miles between a pair of riders and increases to 1.5 miles for a group of six riders. The full-duplex communication allows all six people to talk at once.

Bluetooth 3.0: Provides faster data transfer for better range, more reliable connectivity, and improved battery life of up to 11 hours of talk or streaming time and 700 hours at standby. 

Text to Speech: 
The Interphone F5 has advanced features, including Text-to-Speech (TTS) for listening to text messages. Voice guidance commands and status updates are used to make setup and function selection much easier with no guessing about what function you have selected. 

Pair with your mobile phone for hands-free mobile communication. Text to Speech tells you when you have an incoming call and who is calling. Answer by saying "hello" or by pressing the center button. Dial by saying the name of a stored contact. 

Navigation messages can be received from Bluetooth motorcycle GPS units. 

You can pair up to 8 devices. Each will remain in memory even after powering down. See instructions for complete pairing information. 

Pair with any mobile phone or music player using MP3 Bluetooth or A2DP stereo. Enjoy broadcast music using the built-in FM radio with 8-function memory and station scanning.

Full list of F5 Features:

  • A2DP stereo Bluetooth for HD audio
  • Certified IP67 waterproof and dustproof*
  • Provide clear audio up to 110 mph
  • Bluetooth® wireless music/GPS/phone calls
  • Automatic intercom muting during phone calls
  • 11 hour talk time or music streaming, 700 hour standby
  • 5 independent buttons: volume up, volume down, next track/station, last track/station, and function
  • Buttons have a pointed shape that provides ease-of-use, even with thick gloves
  • LED function lights
  • Automatic volume adjustment
  • Head unit responds to voice commands
  • Voice guidance commands simplify function selection and setup
  • Text-to-speech capability (listen to text messages)
  • FM radio (8 station memory and station scan function)
  • Backwards-compatible with F4 head units

Dimensions: 3.54" x 1.75" x .78" 
Weight: 1.94 oz. (55 grams)

Watch how easy it is to pair two Interphone F5s headsets. 

Watch how to pair up to 6 Interphone F6s headsets.

Watch how to erase Bluetooth information from the F5s.

INTERPHONE F5S Bluetooth Motorcycle Communicator 

* Special Note
 To guarantee that the F5s stays waterproof you must apply a thin layer of silicone gel around the microphone connector. 

Need two headsets? Save money and speed up installation by purchasing a F5s Twin Kit. Twin Kits provide two factory-paired head units, two mic/speaker kits for full face helmets, and two mic/speaker kits for modular/open face/full face helmets.

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