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R&G Exhaust Header Pipe Grill for Yamaha YZF-R3 '15-'18 | Multiple Colors

R&G Exhaust Header Pipe Grill for Yamaha YZF-R3 '15-'18 | Multiple Colors

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R&G Downpipe Grill for Yamaha YZF R3 '15-'16 | Black 1

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The R&G Exhaust Header Pipe Grill is designed to prevent damage by deflecting stones and debris thrown by the front tire and other vehicles in front of you. Lightweight aluminum mesh is surrounded by a seamless frame that will safeguard against damage without decreasing airflow. Keep the vulnerable and expensive headers safe with this must-have grill from R&G. Available in powder coated black, dark blue, red and anodized titanium.


  • Protection for the exhaust header
  • Deflects stones & debris thrown from front tire
  • No loss in cooling efficiency
  • Simple & easy to install
  • Powder coated finish
  • Lightweight aluminum mesh with a seamless frame
  • Available in black, dark blue, titanium or red


  • R&G Downpipe grill
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions

 General Fitting Video

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Customer Reviews
Review by Jemtec
I installed this down pipe protector on my 2016 R3, and found it to be very well constructed, much like the "companion" R&G radiator guard I bought a couple months back from Twisted Throttle.
Powder coated black, with decent materials, but still lightweight.
It should block most road debris (bugs, rocks, etc) with ease.
Decided to put these guards together for a complete package.
I suppose I better add some cons first:
The instruction sheets are average, as the photos are small, and not in color.
The instruction sheets should have an amended photo for installation of their companion radiator guard with is obviously a perfect match with the down pipe guard, but requires some "modifications" to hardware.
The stock radiator bolt is long enough to use either product by themselves, WITH the large flat washer that protects the rubber grommet and collar.
You cannot use the bolt/ large flat washer with both products at the same time!
You either get slightly longer radiator mounting bolts, or you just omit the large flat washer altogether and use the radiator guard mount and down pipe guard mounting flange which do fine as a replacement flat washer.
That is the only way you can use the "stock" bolts, otherwise, they are too short to engage the speed nuts.
If I had only installed the down pipe guard, it would have been a easy mount.
Second quibble.. the lower mounting bolts you use to replace the factory screws, utilizing 2 nyloc nuts, 2 bolts and 4 washers that come with the kit are also too short.
If you were to add maybe 1/4 inch to them (4 or 5 threads) 5-6mm, it would make installation MUCH easier, and there is PLENTY of room on the R3 for slightly longer bolts!
The angles you are working with tend to make the mount very secure, but also they are hard to get the bolts lined up, and have them stay in position while installing the flat washers and nyloc nuts.
There are only 2 of these, but im dreading having to remove them again when I need to remove my fairing in the future.
They were a real bear to install with how short they were.
Lastly, I think the down pipe guard itself could be a squeak cheaper.
I could see these as a solid value at around $60.00 USD with the current packaging of the kit.
There is quite a bit of fairing removal, so if you aren't experienced, I suggest getting someone with experience to install this down pipe guard.
Im not marking down fit or finish, but I am marking down the hardware, and average instructions where it would be nice to have either a good step by step video online and forget the instructions in the kit, or make the instructions clearer, in color, and with better detail.
Model specific is far more personal, and far more useful to a backyard mechanic, even though I have plenty of experience, a good tech video is always welcome.
Otherwise, this is a well made product, and I recommend it if you want the additional protection, and nice looks for your bike. (Posted on 7/2/2016)
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