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Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control For Indian Scout '15-'18 | Chrome

Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control For Indian Scout '15-'18 | Chrome


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Give your wrists a well-deserved break by adding a Kaoko throttle lock cruise control device. The throttle lock will stabilize the RPM, provide speed control, enhance smooth riding over bumpier roads and alleviate pain and fatigue. This intelligently designed product is intuitive and extremely simple to operate, just roll the adjustment wheel back with the throttle to adjust the amount of hold. Rolling off the throttle loosens the lock and allows for normal throttle response. When you’re on the open road set your throttle with a Kaoko throttle lock cruise control and enjoy the ride.

Why You Should Have a Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control



  • Compatible with OEM handguards
  • Adjustable tension
  • Intuitive operation
  • Maintains and stabilizes throttle input on bumpy roads
  • Easy to grip adjustment wheel
  • Safety feature allows throttle closure by rolling forward on the grip at any time
  • Set the throttle for hands-free operation
  • Enhances comfort during long distance riding
  • Provides relief to stiff right hand, wrist, arm and shoulders
  • Often results in improved fuel economy
  • Simple & easy to install

What's In The Box:

  • Kaoko throttle lock
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions

The black version of this device is available here.

Kaoko Throttle Locks

Kaoko Safety Warning: The Kaoko Cruise Control is an aftermarket accessory. Any misunderstood, abused or incorrectly installed motorcycle accessory is a safety hazard that could cause injury or death. It’s the rider’s responsibility to understand the operation and purpose for which the Kaoko Cruise Control is designed, namely, for cruising, only when safe to do so. At all other times the control should be disengaged. The Kaoko Cruise Controls are to be used only by experienced and responsible riders.

<2015-2018 Indian Scout

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